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HEY! angel here! i decide to add more stuff to my profile, so, those of u who r actully coughintrestedcough in trying to find out some stuff bout me, well, heres some imformation then!

name: Meaghan (Well, some of my friends already know my name, might as well tell it to you peoples!)

age:11 through 13...guess ppl! (send me ur guess in a message to me)

gender:well, heres a hint, why would a BOY be named angel?

Location: In a perdy place shaped like a mitten

Current Fav Song:" Lips of An Angel" by Hinder.

Current thing I'm beginning to like: Fruits Basket

My Goals: 1. I'm going to write many, many fanfics until I'm out of highschool. (which is not going to happpen for 6 years, xD.)

2. Becomeing a best-selling author. (I already have a few ideas!)

3.Get straight A's on my report card in school.

4. Become one of my school's best cross country runners.

5. DON'T BE LAZY! (except on vacation...)


fav singers/bands/groups:Kelly Clarkson, Green Day, Mariah Carey, Rihanna, Shakira (only for a couple of her songs), Nelly (what's her last name again? It starts with an 'f''...),Panic! At the Disco, K.T Tunstall, and Hinder.

fav sport (s): Cross country (Ha ha, the girls in my gym class call me crazy because I love running.), tennis (I am nowhere near good at it, but I just started playing it, and it seems so much fun!) , and volleyball. (I'm not on any team or anything, but I have played it before and I LOVE it! I plan on going to volleyball camp this summer.)

fav genre's (in stories, t.v, etc.): Romance (!), drama (it's so exciteing!), humor ( I love to laugh! (sometimes I laugh too hard I end up collapseing on the , and sometimes horror (I don't like the violence or anything. It's just so dramatic and exciteing!).


Full House

Inuyasha(i only saw 1 episode though!lol)

Hamtaro ( I will only say this once, I only love the Hamtaro FANFICS. Nothing else, just the fanfics.)

Family Guy



Family Matters

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

The Suite Life of Zack and Cody

Drake & Josh

fav videogames:Harvest Moon, Mario,Halo, Tales of Symphonia (I'm not sure thats how you spell it, but oh well! Ok, I only started playing this game yesterday, so, I only know a few characters, but still, I love the game so far!Even though I'm still in the very beginning of it...)

fav books: Clique, The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, TTFN (Just read TTYL, and it was hillarious!)and much more (but the three I mentioned are my ultimate fave books)

fav author (er..authorettes.): Lauren Myracle, Lisi Harrison, Ann Brashers, J.K Rowling. (All four of these authorettes are all GENIOUSES!)

fav movies: Pirates of the Carribean (I just saw the second movie two days ago and holy crap was it good! Ha, I'm such a fan of the series now...), Grease (3 words: Best.Musical.Eva!), and Harry Potter. (The 4th one is the best!)

Wanna know about why I like these certain T.V shows, video games, and books? Look below, and find out!


Fav HM Girl(s): Karen, Ann, Celia

Fav HM Boy(s): Jack,Cliff (Cliff is my fav guy to marry!), Joe (from HM: Magical Melody. For some reason, I think hes kinda cute...)

Least Fv HM Girl: one?

Least Fav HM Boy:same thing with fav HM girl.uuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhh... no one really

1# Fav HM couple: Jack+Karen! (GO J+K! GO J+K! I know, I said Jack goes good with any HM girl, but Karen is my fav girl, so..GO J+K!)

All-Time Fav HM couples: Jack+ Every HM Girl (what? in the games, when u play jack, u get to choose your own girl to marry, so he belongs to every girl really)Jill+ ( i think thats the main HM girl characters name) + Every HM Boy (same thing with Jack)

(trust me, there are wwwaaaaaaayyyyyyyyy to many fav HM couples to put on here)

Couples I Hate: er, is there really a HM couple thats bad?

ok! time to move on!


Fav Mario Girl: Daisy! Peach, Toadette (she is so adorable!)

Fav Mario Boy: Yoshi! Baby Mario, Baby Luigi (all those characters are so cute!)

Least Fav Mario Girl: well, there really isn't any girl i hate..)

Least Fav Mario Boy: Bowser (will he just give up already on kidnapping Peach!still, u do gotta admit, without Bowser,the Mario games would be kinda boring, not totally boring! just a little boring) Wario ( he freaks me out! especialy with that grin of his, and that stupid laugh!) Waluigi ( i hate him for the same reasons is Wario!)

1# Fav Mario Couple: Mario+Peach

All-Time Fav Mario Couples: Luigi+Daisy, Toad+Toadette ( awww!I can't believe I once thought these 2 were just friends!)

Couples I Like: Yoshi+Birdo (they are ok, but i really think they should just be friends most of the time) Yoshi+Peach (dun ask)

Couples I Hate: Bowser + Peach!( the worst couple on Mario ever!) Waluigi+Daisy( :eye twitches and faints :thats how much i hate that couple!) Wario+Peach ( go find a girl whos like you! Not the the complete opposite!Sorry if Im kinda being mean, but I can't help it!)


Fav Hamtaro Girl: Sandy, Bijou, Pashmina, Sparkle ( I don't hate her anymore because I know that deep down, shes actully not a snob. Besides, the only reason shes a snob is because her stupid owner Glitter made her that way...)

Fav Hamtaro Boy: Stan, and...well, actully, thats it!

Least Fav Hamtaro Girl: Sandra (Yes, I hate my own OC!But, oh well! You don't have to like your own OCs...) Gemma (Mel-Girls character!Ugh, I hate her so much!)

Least Fav Hamtaro Boy: uhhh.. ok i hate a couple boys, but i don't really hate them that much!

1# Fav Hamtaro Couple: Hamtaro+Bijou (Well, that was pretty obvious!)

Fav Couples: Sandy+Maxwell (awww! they are so cute together! but i still don't get why a bookworm, and a cool athletic girl, would be together?) Pashmina+Stan (they are kinda cute together!) Panda+Pashmina ( sry S+P fans, but I like this couple better than that!) Cappy+Penelope ( aw, baby love! lol!) Stan+Crystal (crystalgurl101's character! aw, cmon! if u read crystalgurl101's storys, u would like this couple too!) Sandy+Kether (Kether is ketherandsand4ever's character!) Boss+Sparkle (I decided I love this couple more than Boss+Harmony!) Boss+Harmony (They are pretty cute together, but I still think Boss and Sparkle rock together!)

Like Couples: Oxnard+Pepper ( i kno they are perfect for eachother, they're just not my favorite couple!) Dexter+Pashmina ( I still think Pashmina should be with someone that isn't really well...dorkish! not having anything against Dexter, but im just saying!)Howdy+Hannah ( well, they are kinda cute together, no?)Jingle+Pashmina ( After reading sugar-kiwis J+P oneshot, I decided these two are kinda cute together! Why do some people hate them together! WHY!)Boss+Bijou (I just like, I repeat, LIKE, these two together a little bit...)

Hate Couples: Hamtaro+Sparkle ( OHMIGOSH:faints: but hey! i might use that couple in some of my storys! ( can you guess which one?) Stan+Bijou (i don't really hate them, theres just something bout them that makes them so WEIRD together!)

there will be more later in my profile. but for now, its time for the news of the day!

October 29th,

All right. I have made a decision. About a week or two ago, I was just sitting around, thinking about what I was going to do for my fanfics. When a certan thought crossed my mind. I thought 'Hmm, you know, my first few fanfiction stories weren't exactly that good. And I can do better. Maybe I should..maybe re-write them?...' and, then, beofre you knew, I have officialy decided I will write re-writes for my fanfics. I'm not trying to sound negative or anything, I mean, I love my stories, I think they're cute. Really! But, I could do better. And I could actully try to correct my grammor. So, I decided to make re-writes of some of my stories. Don't worry, they will basicly be the same as last time. Except it will be a little longer, and a little better. Ok, here are the stories I will be re-writeing:

1. Loves Me Or Loves Me Not (It will be a lot diffrent,but in a good way. Oh, for those of you who gave me hillarious ideas to add to that story. Don't worry, they'll be in the re-make.)

2. Behind These Hazel Eyes (Just when I was about to finish it...but oh well, It will basicly be the same thing. Except a little more discriptive, and a little longer.)

3. The Diary of Celia (I realised I made Celia, sweet, darling Celia, sound like a ditzy brat in this story, when I was really just trying to make it sound funny. So, I've decided to re-write this, and try to make Celia actully sound like the sweet young lady she is, but also funny.)

4. I Was A Teenage Sparkle (Actully, this one isn't that bad. So I might not re-write this...)

Well, there you have it. All these stories will soon be re-written. As for the rest of my stories, I think they are fine.

Ok, some of you might think I'm being negative, and you can think that if you want. But, this is my decision. And I plan to keep it that way.

time for my updated fics!

The Bacherlorette:(Hamtaro) Just when Boss was about to let Bijou be with Hamtaro, he finds out about a gameshow that may give him a second chance with Bijou. Too bad he didin't expect compition...not to mention trouble! (Rated K+)(Romance/Humor)(11 or 9 chapters)

That Darn Hamtaro: ( Hamtaro) Hamtaro, a troublemaker, decides to impress Bijou, the nonbad girl, by taking her on her wildest adventure ever! Too bad they don't know the trouble that's ahead of them! (Rated K+)(Humor/Romance)( Ok, after some thinking I decided that it will probably be..possibly 20 to 25 chaps long)

The Diary of Celia:(Harvest Moon)What really goes through Celias mind every day? What deep secrets is she keeping?All will be answered in her diary...(Rated K)(Romance/Humor)( Only 7 chapters)

Breakaway:( Hamtaro) Panda is moving away. But before he does, Pashmina has to tell him something that she has been waiting to tell him for a long time..( Rated K) ( Romance)( Just a short, sweet, and sad one-shot! (Also a songfic!))

I Was A Teenage Sparkle:(Hamtaro) Though Bijou hates Sparkle very much, shes still very jealous of her. So she wishes on a star to be Sparkle for an entire week! And Bijou doesn't know is, her wish is about to come true.. (Rated K+)( Humor/Romance)(10 chapters or maybe a little more)

Karen and Jack: ( Harvest Moon) When Rick breaks up with Karen, she is devastated and never wants to fall in love again. But when Jack comes to comfort Karen after the break-up, will Karen chage her mind? (Rated K) ( Romance) (Just a short, sweet One-shot)

A Valentine Confession...or Not:(Hamtaro) Its Valentines Day, and Bijou is finally going to confess her love to Hamtaro. And the only one standing in her way is...Sparkle!( Rated K) (Romance/Humor) (My first ever oneshot)

Behind These Hazel Eyes: (Hamtaro) When Pashmina moves to a new town, and new school, everyone thinks of her as a total goodiegoodie. But when love comes into Pashminas life, she has to show everyone the REAL truth behind her hazel eyes! (Rated K+) (Romance) (15 chaps)

1,2,Step: (Hamtaro) Theres a big dance coming up, and Hamtaros the only one not going because of one thing..he can't dance! But when Boss freightens to steal Bijou awat from Hamtaro, then hes gonna have to learn to dance even if it kills him! ( Rated K+) ( Romance/ Parody( the Parody is for later chaps)( 7 chaps)

Loves Me or Loves Me Not:(Hamtaro) Sparkle and Bijou are fighting over Hamtaro, Maxwell might be cheating on Sandy, Pashmina needs to decide who she loves, and more love troubles!Can the Hams fix these problems or be stuck with them forever? Many little stories, all bunched together in this one huge story!(Rated K+(might be rated T later)(Humor/Romance)( DISCONINUED)

Fanfics I am Writeing With a Friend:

PCA: (Hamtaro) Pashmina goes to a new boarding school called, Pacific Coast Academy. She and her friends, Sandy, Bijou, and Sparkle (I know..huge surprise that shes her friend huh?), meet new friends, cuties, bullies, an enemy, and overall have just plain fun! (Romance/Humor)(Rated K+)( Um..I think 20 chaps) Who I'm Writeing This With: Ham-Kelly! You rock girl!

Future Co-Authored Fanfics:

Sleepover:(Hamtaro) What started out as Bijou Ribon's sleepover turns into a 'scavenger hunt' against Sparkle, and the rest of her popular crew! Too bad they don't know how much trouble they're gonna get in...(Humor/Romance)(Rated K+) (8 or 9 chapters)Who I'm Writeing This With: hypergrl95 Yeah, we just decided to write that fanfic together!

ok now time for my future fics!

First Kiss: ( Harvest Moon) 'Karen, there's mistletoe above us.' 'I know.' I whispered quietly, keeping my eyes fixed on the decoration. He grabbed my face with both of his hands, and began leaning in closer to me. I shivered as I felt his warm, soft hands against my cold face, but tilted my head to my right, and began leaning in as well.'This is first kiss...' I thought to myself. (Rated K) (Romance) (One-Shot)

From Rich To Poor:(Hamtaro) Sparkle Rodriguez has always been the rich, spoiled, girl. But what happens when all of a sudden...Sparkle goes broke? And also what will happen when Sparkle gets kicked out of her house, and goes to the place she would never want to be at...Boss's house? (Rated K+)(Humor/Romance)(8 or 13 chapters)

My True Romeo:(Hamtaro) When Pashmina gets the part, Juliet in the play, 'Romeo and Juliet', she couldn't be more excited! But theres just one problem...Stan is playing Romeo! Now Pashmina couldn't be madder. But when Stan saves her from a fall, she starts having second thoughts...( Rated K)(Romance)( A Stan+Pashmina oneshot)

When Opposites Attract: (Hamtaro) Harmony always thought her true love would be exactly like her, not the complete opposite. But one day, when Harmony bumps into Spat, she begins to think diffrently...(Rated K)(Romance)( A short Harmony+Spat oneshot)

10 Ways to Win A Girl's Heart: (Hamtaro) All the guys are always teaseing Cappy about one thing...he doesn't know how to win over a girl's heart! But one day, Cappy decides to prove them wrong! So, he makes a bet with them, that he can come up with 10 ways to win a certain girl's heart, and get that girl to be his only 2 weeks! Now who is this girl? Why none other than Penelope Mafura! (Rated K+)(Romance/Humor)(10 chapters)

Beauty and the Bookworm: (Hamtaro) When Sandy Torahamu, and Maxwell Noppo first met, it was love at first sight. But according to there parents, they can't be together, for there familys are rivals. But will that stop them from seeing eachother? Heck no! But, can they keep there secret of seeing eachother still a secret? (Rated K)(Romance)( 8 chapters)

At Last: ( Hamtaro) Harmony has always been the lonely ham. All the other hamgirls seemed to already have a boyfriend, even Penelope! But Harmony, is just plain lonely. But finally, a certain boyham confesses his love to Harmony...(Rated K)(Romance)( A short one-shot)(Also, this is sort of a songfic featureing the song, 'At Last')

Say You Love Me, Lumina:( Harvest Moon) Lumina never really loved anyone, after her break-up with Rock, But what happens when a new guy moves to town? Will Lumina fall for him? (Rated K or K+)(Romance/Humor) ( I've decided to make this a oneshot)( A AWLSE HM fic)

Say You Love Me: ( Harvest Moon) Thats all she wanted. She wanted the new farmer to love her. But she knows they can never be, since she knows hes crushing big time on Celia. She knows they will never have a chance...or will they? With a little help from Lumina, maybe this lonely barmaid won't be lonely anymore! ( Rated K+) ( Humor/Romance)( 9 or a little more chaps) ( A AWL HM fic) ( Also, told from Muffys P.O.V!)

Respect:(Harvest Moon)With Rick being a over protective brother, and Kai going a little overboard with being the perfect boyfriend, Popuri has to tell these two that she just wants respect...and shes going to tell them by song! ( Rated K) (Parody/Romance) ( Another One-Shot that just popped up in my head!)

One Last Chance: ( Hamtaro) After Stan makes a bad impression in front of Pashmina, Pashmina tells him she'll give him one more chance, and if he blows it, the two are breaking up! ( Rated K+) (Romance/Humor)(9 chaps or more)

Beauty and the Farmer: ( Harvest Moon) Karen, the most beautiful girl in Mineral Town. Jack, the, um, farmer in Mineral Town. When these two first met, it wasn't love at first sight to Karen, but it was to Jack! Can Jack win over her heart without causeing trouble? Absolutely..not! ( Rated K+)( Humor/Romance( or Romance/Humor)( 10 or more chaps)( Obviously, a HM:FoMT fic!)

Dear Diary:(Hamtaro) Its Sandy's Sweet Sixteen B-day! And for that special day, she gets her first ever, diary! Read chapter after chapter, as you experience the REAL life of Sandy Torahamu! ( Rated K+) ( Humor/Romance) ( 7 chaps)

if anyone wants to make a request for which future fic you want me to update, then message me your request!

Fics I am Plannin on writeing next:

1. Beauty and the Farmer

2. First Kiss

Ok, now, I think some of you people want some scenes from my fics and quotes right? Well, heres some!

Loves Me or Loves Me Not?

Bijou: Oh my gosh, I just got hurt by a girl who can't even throw a stick into a trashcan a foot away from her, ZHIS MEANS WAR!

Scene: Bijou and Sparkles First small fight.


Sparkle:punches Bijou: That, was for trying to steal Hamtaro away from me!

Sparkle:punches Bijou again: That, was for ruining my 600$ outfit!

Sparkle:punches Bijou AGAIN: And that was for stealing my favorite pencil!

Bijou:gives Sparkle a weird look: Sparkle, zhat happened in the second grade, and your still not over it?

Scene: Same scene as above

Chapter: 4


Hamtaro:eyes are bulging, and jaw is drooping :Yes, Mommy:runs off:

Hamtaros mom: Ah, works every time!

Scene: When Hamtaro is TRYING to get up for school!

Chapter: 1

Hamtaro: Ok, Howdy! You now owe me 10 bucks!

Howdy: Hamtaro, we didin't even bet!

Hamtaro:shrugs: Hey! Can't blame a guy for trying!

Scene: After Hamtaro and Bijous dance-off

Chapter: 9

1,2 ,Step


Boss:singing in tune to the cha-cha song: Bijou is all mine! Cha cha cha cha cha cha!

Scene: ( Actully, that was more of a quote! But I'll tell what the scene was!) When Boss was freightning Hamtaro to stay away from Bijou.



The Clique

Kristen: Massie, how is shopping educational?

Massie: Counting my change is math, and talking to you is English.


Claire: stares at Cam with wide eyes because hes dressed as a girl. (he had to to get to the girl cabins) Cam?

Cam: Call me Camille.

The Sisterhood Of the Traveling Pants (actully, this quote is only in the movie as far a I know..I forgot if its in the book)

Tibby: hands Bailey (who is in the hospital, because her leukemia has taken a turn for the worse.) the pants:

Bailey: You brought me the Pants?...

Tibby:is close to tears: I'm giving you the pants, to help you believe. Bailey, all you have to do believe, and everything will be fine...and these Pants have the magic to do that. And they will. :holds Bailey's hand:

Bailey: Tibby...these Pants have already helped me..they brought me to you.

(i just luv that scene! Even though I think I got Tibby's line wrong,...)




Ross: Admit it Rach, you can't eat alone! It's impossible!

Rachel: Yeah? eat fast!

Ross: Hey, I lived with Monica, you eat fast, or you don't eat at all!

2. Phoebe: I had so much fun today I felt like I had 10 drinks today!...and I had 6.

3. Joey: is talking to some blond girl who I forgot the name of: How u doin?

Blond girl:stares at him in confusement:

Joey:has a look of disbelief (because his flirting didin't work):whispers: oh my...

Blond girl: What? What is it?

Joey: OH MY GOSH :runs away:

Drake & Josh:

1. Josh:to Drake: I hope you go bald!

Drake: I hope they cancel 'Operah'!


2. Lady: Um, excuse me, can I have some honey?

Josh: Sure thang honey.

Ladies husband:glares at Josh:

Josh:says quickly: Er, Ma'm.


Drakes Mom: Drake can be very hard-working.

Megan: Yeah, you know how hard he tries to make his D average?

Drakes Mom:in a warning tone: Megan...


Ok, now, I guess I'd like to introduce some O.C.s (own characters) of mine! Here they are!


Selena:( thats ther fairys name! for now at least...)

Used In: I Was A Teenage Sparkle (so far, thats it! But I'm trying to get her to fit in with some other stories!)

Hair(or fur): Long, flowing, (I have no other way to explain it!) blond hair

Eyes: Sky blue ( Didin't mention that in IWATS, but oh well!My bad!)

Crush: No one

Enemy: No one really! (unless you count Sparkle and Bijou, who seem to (in IWATS) hate her..)

Persoinality: Now if your thinking of the Fairy Godmother, then boy are you wrong! This little fairy here, is a young teenager fairy, with a little attitude! She doesn't act so magical really, she basicly acts like any other teenager would, and she likes to joke around with people who make wishes,( and shes the one who has to grantthem)just for fun! Obvously, shes a fairy! (and shes also a human but most likely a human!) And, she wears a blue gown practily all the time!


Used In: Behind These These Hazel Eyes

Hair(fur): Long, (so long it reaches her waist) blond hair

Eyes: know, I really don't know! I'll try to get the eyes soon though..

Crush: Stan

Enemy: Pashmina

Persinality: Finally, someone meaner than Sparkle! This girl is one, mean snob! She always wears make-up, (sometimes to much) and is a total flirt! But, the boy she really flirts with, is Stan. Which, causes Pashmina to get jealous, and causes the two to become total enemys! (also, because Sandra is sucha snob) Sandra may seem pretty, (at least to the boys!) on the outside, but inside, shes a Queen Snob!

Jen: ( yes, thats her full name!)

Used In: Loves Me or Loves Me Not?

Hair (or fur): Long, dark brown hair ( usaully tied in a pony tail)

Eyes: Ok, I can't remember if I mentioned anything about her eyes in my fic, but if I get this wrong oh well! She has brown eyes

Family: No one (so far)

Crush: Maxwell

Enemy: Sandy

Personality: Jen is practily like Maxwell! She loves to read, her favorite place of alltime is the library, and she is very smart! Theres just one little diffrence... shes a flirt! No, shes not like Stan, she only flirts with the guys she REALLY likes! Perfect example, Maxwell! Of course, since Maxwell is kind of Sandys boyfriend, Jen hates her, and trys to flirt, and impress Maxwell as much as she can!


Used in: 1,2 Step

Hair/Fur: All white (he wears sweat bands on his arms and head though. Oh! And just to let you know, hes kinda an oldie..)

Eyes: Ok...I have no idea about the eyes! lol

Family: Bijou ( Hes her grandpa, duh.)

Crush: Too old to fall in love I guess...

Enemy: No one

Persionality: Dancer is an old hamster. Now, you can easily see why hes called Dancer! He absolutely loves to dance! Plus, hes very good at it! Hes been danceing all his life, so, hes practily a pro! But of course, his danceing got him in a few troubles of course, but he was born a dancer, and would stay that way!

ok! now its time for... the list of my freinds!


LylHamGirl ( My very first, and a very nice, understanding, friend!)

cappyandpashy4ever ( Her fics rock out loud, and we all know her funny sense of humor!)

Yayfullness ( I swear, this girl is going to be famous sooner than you think!)

Crystalgurl101 (Our favorite New York authoress!)

sparkleshine101 ( She always knows how to keep you in a good mood!)

Ciana R. ( She kinda reminds me of sparkleshine101! She can always make you smile!)

Cookys n Cream ( I have to agree with CrystalGurl101! She IS the funniest austrailan girl EVA!)

HamtaroAngel (even though i only messaged her 2 times, and she messaged me... once, ill still count heras a good friend!)

Absh ( i think...wel, ill count her n e way just in case!)

Ham-Kelly (Ok, I am telling the truth when I say this...she is sooooooo funny!)

farmergrl0319 ( A true Harvest Moon me!)

Ringa-ham ( So, hows it going in England, buddy?)

SatsukiDreams12 ( It has been a loong time, since we talked, but I know we will be able to talk soon!)

OhSnapI'llLoveDracoMalfoy4eva (We all know her, we all luv her!)

MoonShine101 (A friendly friend with a huge knack for cuteness in her fics!)

AznShe-Devil ( My MSN friend!)

Feild-Ham Rodon ( A wonderful poet!)

Mel-Girl ( Feeling bored? Message Mel-Girl and you won't be!Trust me, she will NEVER bore you to death!)

Sunflower Princess ( Like sis like sis! Jeanne, sis of cp4ever, fics rock, and a totally nice friend!)

The Bunny Queen




InspiredByMiyazaki (and her sister!)

(Notice, I got rid of the numbers, cauz a couple r thinkin i put them there to tell which order i lik my friends, but its not! i lik all my friends the same! i just put them there cauz..actully, i think i just put them there with out thinking! lol, but trust me, i lik all my buddies the same!)

wel, if any of u want to make freinds, im ur girl!

wel, if u read my profile tell me what you thought bout it! Also, tell me what stroies u want me to update! Oh, and plz message me! Or at least e-mail me! I LOVE getting mesages! And making freinds! Well, thats all for now!



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