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I know some of you have already read this, and I've shortened this considerably.

I'm gonna make this as simple as possible, so you can get on with your life

My Laws: (if people followed these then the world would be a better place)

I've stated before that I AM in fact a devout Christian (I'm very very open minded though, i agree with 9 of the 11 Satanic Rules of The Earth, and some of the 9 Satanic Sins...I'm not a cookie cutter Christian and I'm not one who puts up with people's crap)

1: Stupidity isn't a biblical sin, but it should be. Ignorance and Confusion are one thing, stupidity deserves no mercy.

2: If you have a faith, stay steadfast. If you only have faith in yourself, do not be pompous.

3:Do unto others as they do unto you, only when they do unto you, don't make assumptions as to what they will do

4:Do not give opinions or advice unless you are asked to or they are absolutely necessary

5:Do not tell your troubles unto others unless you are sure they want to hear them

6:When in anothers home, show him respect, otherwise do not go there

7:If a guest in your home shows disrespect, treat him cruelly

8:Do not take what is not yours unless it is a burden to others and they cry out for relief

9:Do not complain about anything which you need not subject yourself

10:Do not harm little children

11:Do not kill unless you are attacked or in need of food

12:When walking in open territory, bother no one.

13:Do not take your problems out on others

14:Intelligence comes before physical prowess

15:Love should be given to those who deserve it, not to your enemies or to those who have offended you. If love is given freely, then it has become worthless.

16: Do not hurt another unless it is in self-defense

17:Help those in need

18:Every race and every creeed is equal

19:Take care of yourself, if you don't, who will?

21:Sex is sacred, sexual partners should love each other with all there hearts, do not take this lightly

22:Do not be hypocritical

23:Art is sacred, do not mock art unless it is truly worthless (just becasue you don't like it doesn't mean it is worthless)

24:Marriage is the most sacred thing on Earth, if you take marriage lightly or defile your marriage with an affair, you deserve no mercy and no Heaven.

25:Marriages should only cease when one dies or there is unfaithfullness

26:Study your religion, make it apart of your daily life

27:"I Love You" is not to be toyed with or taken lightly

28:I repeat, "Do Unto Others What Is Done Unto You"

Ok, I'm done

I'm a male

I play guitar and I love the arts

In A Relationship, And I Love Her

I am a very Aesthetic person

Sports Stars are overly payed and overly glamorized. Sports are for recreation and careers, not worship

Ok, I'm done


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