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Author has written 18 stories for Spirited Away, Inuyasha, Witch Hunter Robin, Fruits Basket, Howl's Moving Castle, Misc. Books, Anime X-overs, Sandman, Crusade, Naruto, and Justice League.


Hey i'm 14 , my name is Meghan...I am SOOOOOOOOOO a otaku mostly because i'm obsessed with anime ! .My friends say i'm weird (when I say weird I mean it they think i'm insane) and EVERYONE says i'm way too sarcastic and mouthy for my own good. I can be random, hyper and scatter brained sometimes too.Oh and my dream in life is to become a novelist. I am so a tomboy not some preppy bitch no offence to all you preps out there. I don't really like sports and I think most men are jerks take note I said most not all, most at least the ones I know.I'm also known at anime spiral as Inu Anime Girl and InnerMystery at Quizilla, KikaiHatake at, and, KakashiHatakeFangirl at Youtube .I like anime (seriously i'm obsessed with it), reading, WRITING I LOVE WRITING!comics, music, rpg, rollar blading, skiing, singing, sketching/manga(again not very well),anything computer like, abusing my minions, and creating my own stuff and acually i'm quite familar with Greek and Roman mythology.My Family is... Older sister, Mom, Dad and I have two cats. My email is email me some time.My favs and extra info is...

Anime/Manga-ok..(takes deep breath) Fruits Basket, Inuyasha, Fullmetal Alchemist,Naruto, Escaflowne, Twelve Kingdoms, ANY Miyazaki, Bizenghast, Fushigi Yugi, Saiyuki, Witch Hunter Robin, Count Cain/ Godchild, Fate Stay Night, Mugen Spiral, Absolute Boyfriend, Baby And Me, Because I'm The Goddess, Chobits,Ranma 1/2, Samurai Champloo, Cowboy Bebop, Rurouni Kenshin, Record Of Lodoss War, Ghost In A Shell, Hellsing, and I think I got them all...

Music-Evanescence, Linkin Park, Garbage,Within Temptation, Skillet, Three Days Grace, Avril Lavigne,The Veronicas, Michelle Branch, HIM, VNV Nation, Breaking Benjamin, Sugarcult, Papa Roach, Erika, Ashley Tisdale, Nickleback, Kelly Clarkson, and for some VERY strange reason Aqua...

Greek/Roman Goddess- Artemis/Diana

Greek/Roman God- Morphos, none

Books- Dragon's Bait (best book in the world!), Heir Apparent, Touch The Dark, Claimed By Shadow, Dresden Series and Witch Dreams

Author- Vivian Vande Velde, Edgar Allen Poe, Karen Chance

Animals- WOLVES, Sharks

Movies/Series- Lord Of The Rings,Babylon 5 & Crusade(i'm a expert I love this show i've watched the entire series six times!), Justice League (believe me I loved it long before all this animated stuff ), CSI, Firefly, Cheaters, Dirty Jobs, Star Trek (yes I am a geek),Buffy The Vampire Slayer, X-Men, Angel, Fresh Prince Of Bel-air(sp?), Roseanne, Charmed, Xena, Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide, ect ect ect.

Comics- (just so you know it's old fashion DC) Outsiders, Batgirl, The Sandman,Teen Titans(NOT the one on TV the original!) and Sabrina The Teenage Witch

Scent- Thyme

Colors- Black and Silver

Flowers- Lilies and Roses

Birthday- December 7th

My Fashion- Punky Goth style

My OCs That Are Acually Me

Kikai Monori- Naruto (stars in Silently Screaming Minds)

Trinity Ayai- Fruits Basket (stars in Future Feathers but this story is currently deleted)

Vanessa Lorina- Fullmetal Alchemist (stars in no real fanfic mostly just rps)

Favorite Anime Characters (I don't include the Miyazaki movie charrs in this)

Kakashi Hatake(I LOVE HIM, MINE!!) -Naruto

Tenten(she is SSSSSSOOOOOOOOOOO my fav character she rocks!)- Naruto

Neji Hyuuga (he's really cool and destined for Tenten!)- Naruto

Rin Tosaka -Fate/Stay Night

Archer- Fate/Stay Night

Tifa Lockheart - Final Fantasy

Deidara (he just plain rocks!)- Naruto

Hakkai (I like him he's cool)- Saiyuki

Yaone (she just rocks and is the only cool girl)- Saiyuki

Sango (she's so cool!)- Inuyasha

Deedlit(completely awsome!)- Record Of Lodoss War

Enki- Twelve Kingdoms

Least Favorite Anime Characters

Kikyo (GOD I HATE HER!)- Inuyasha


Sai (Sai..he needs to die on pie while watching the sky) - Naruto


Hinata (just too shy for my taste)- Naruto

Rin Sohma (GAH DONKEY!)- Fruits Basket

Best Couples

Kakashi/ME (MINE!!) -Naruto


Archer/Rin (I REALLY like this pair...I don't care how unrealistic it is and how he's Shirou and such but... I LUV it)- Fate/Stay Night

Inuyasha/Kagome (who did you think i'd say the whore Kikyo) - Inuyasha

Hakkai/Yaone- Saiyuki

Kougaiji/Yaone- Saiyuki


Tohru/Yuki (THIS IS FATE!)- Fruits Basket

Riiko/Soshi- Absolute Boyfriend

Ura/Yayoi- Mugen Spiral

Amon/Robin (ONCE AGAIN...FATE!)- Witch Hunter Robin

Ed/Winry(Is this not just CUTE!)- FullMetal Alchemist

Sasuke/Sakura (the ULITIMATE pair!)- Naruto

Miaka/Tamahome(it's just like a fairy tale romance...wait it is)- Fushigi Yugi

Miaka/Tasuki(I pretty much like all her pairs)-Fushigi Yugi

Miaka/Hotohori(dido)-Fushigi Yugi

Miaka/Amiboshi(see first note)- Fushigi Yuugi

Deedlit/Parn(cute cute and cute!)- Record of Lodoss War

Keiki/Yoko(I still like the pairing ALOT)- Twelve Kingdoms

Van/Hitomi- Escaflowne

Worst Couples

Kakashi/anyone that's not me!(curse Anko& Iruku & Kurenai!)- Naruto

Inuyasha/Kikyo (Kinky-Ho)- Inuyasha

Tohru/Kyo (anyone who thinks that pair works is CRAZY!)- Fruits Basket

Naruto/Sakura(one word...NO )- Naruto

Naruto/Sasuke(hell will freeze over first!)- Naruto


Neji/Sakura (NEVER!)- Naruto

Kakashi/Sakura (NNNOOOOOOOOOO HE'S MINE!)- Naruto

Amon/Touko(once again eeewwwww)- Witch Hunter Robin


Me And My Friends-

Me- I see

Lauren- mmmmmm Sesshomaru

Me- uh...yeeeeno...

Jordan- Don't hurt me! (he literaly says this ALL the time I don't hurt him... that much)

Lauren- Not having enough pasta is like not having enough air...

Joe- you mof!

Grant- go kill Jordan for me

Me- he/she went that-a-way

Breanna- Nasty little hobbitits (aka from LOTR)

Me- Huh?

Jordan- I'd say something but I don't want you to kill me (to me)

Me- What?

Breanna- Hello geese

Me- the whatawhat?



Deidara- art is a bang un!

Tenten- he's a genius unlike you

Kakashi- I got lost on the road called life

Itachi- you lack hatred

Kankuro-You're an interesting guy, I like you.
Naruto- You're not interesting, I don't like you.
Kankuro- This brat...I'm going to kill him.

Jiraiya- Die! Just die you have no talent at all!!

Gai- Youth is sweet and sour and sometimes strict Kakashi
Kakashi-Did you say something?
Gai- Oh my god!! That was pretty good rival Kakashi. That reaction is somewhat 'modern' and it pisses me off.

Sasuke- there are tons of I dislike and I don't really like anything

Kakashi- can I say first impression is...I hate you

Shikamaru- How troublesome

Tenten- What I'm saying is, in the end, everyone is alone, right?

Naruto- I'm going to be the next hokage believe it!

Tenten- The weaker you are the louder you bark


Kikyo- Why... why did you betray me Inuyasha?

Kagome- You.. you really tried to kill me didn't you!

Naraku- Someone has broken through my barrier

Ayame- I don't like your name it sounds like mine

Howl's Moving Castle

Calcifer- Here's another curse, may all your bacon burn

Howl- That can't be good for the table...

Calcifer- You crazy lady with prongs!

Markl- He's calling the sprits of darkness, I saw him do this once when a girl dumped him...

Calcifer- She keeps staring at me... it's freaking me out

Sophie- I prefered him as a coward

Calcifer- Help, help, help crazy lady with a shovel!

Fruits Basket


Kyo- Just like i'll beat you!

Yuki- wait wait I think i've heard this before

Yuki- Look I realize the thought of staying with three strange boys might be a little akward, but there's a spare room upstairs you're welcome to use.

Tohru- Nononononononono out of the question!

Yuki- we're not THAT strange

Shigure- Ow what do you have in there a dictionary?

Yuki- No I have two


Shigure- not really...

Kyo- I didn't think Hatori sleeps

Yuki- how about I go drown you in the lake

Ayame- fine as long as we're spending the time together

Yuki- on second thought go drown yourself

The Twelve Kingdoms

Yoko- Can you not turn back into human form?

Keiki- I cannot present myself to you without any clothes

Enki- You know I think you just like playing the part of the bastard!

Samurai Champloo (most are from the manga)

Fuu- Untill we find the samurai that smells of sunflowers, you two are not allowed to kill each other!

Mugen- Considering how many times she's been kidnapped you'd think Fuu would've learned how to avoid it!

Fuu- I can understand why you'd be obsessing over cute girls, because obviously they must be foreign to you!

Ok this is one of my favorite scenes(manga)

Kouhai-.. uh...well to be honest i'm a ninja and that's my biggest problem, i'm a ok fighter but I don't know the first thing about being sexy..

Senpai- yeah? well I think you're pretty sexy...of course i've been told I have strange taste..

Kuohai- Senpai stop it..awww

Ninja- I don't know man I didn't even relize she was a girl

Same Chapter diffrent scene

Kouhai- I'm sorry, if I had been able to seduce that man none of this would have happened!

Senpai- Look Kouhai every man has diffrent taste so you shouldn't let it get to you...If I was him I would have been lured out..

Kouhai- huh?...Senpai...

Senpai- Ok we don't have time akward silences right now!

Diffrent scene

Senpai- Why don't you come with me?...and in case there's any confusion the was a proposal

Kouhai- SENPAI! ...i'll follow you the rest of my life!

Fuu- Those two should get a room

Jin- don't look you'll just end of getting involved

Fuu- probably a couple of perverts

Last but one of the best scenes

Fuu- HUH? are you crying! it's kinda freaking me out

Mugen- sniff he was such a hero...a danm hero!... free food free booze and women! he must have been a GOD!

Jin and Fuu- Free food and free booze!


Mugen- who cares he's gone he's gone and he left me with you losers


Mugen- WHOA!

Fuu- go on Jin...kill him! You have my permission!

Ogre- What's that guy's problem, and I mean on so many levels...

Movies And Series


Darla- Drusilla go on!... Go into the village...kill things...go on now!

Loren(aka Karaoke host)- What's today Tursday?...Tommorow the world's going to end thought you might want to know...

Cordilia- You seem all calm and happy... are you on drugs?

Gunn- Wait are you saying... Is he gonna sing? OH GOD IS ANGEL GONNA SING!

Cordilia- Off with their heads...just kidding

Loren- You want me to talk to my family...on purpose?

Loren- That is if you're not too busy killing layers or setting girls on fire...

Cordilia- You mean the Karaoke bar?

Gunn- You mean Angel has to sing!

Cordilia- There must be another way!

Weasly- Think damnit!

Angel- Hey!

Angel- When I was boss no one ever questioned my methods or my singing

Cordilia- Well you're half right

Lindsey- Hey that's my lead, you're choking MY lead!

Angel- He's my lead, he's my lead what are we on a playground?

Angel- Why would I killl you when I can live off you for a month...can't you just taste the butter fat?

Lindsey- You're disgusting you know that...

Angel- I'm just here to say Bon Vovage... don't come back..

Cordilia- You can squash those guys!

Bethany- My friends don't hire men to rape and kidnap least not my close ones..

Loren's Mother- Your father was right we ate the wrong son...

Gunn- I am so happy to have met you's entertaining really.

Angel- He's a demon... you better do as he says... or he'll talk your ears off

Gunn- I'm still dealing with this guy's ugly ass living room decor... some people shouldn't have money

Vanessa- You guys seem that dry suicide way..

Weasly- Uh sweetie no phone

Cordilia- and no power

Gunn- and there's a funky smell

Cordilia- There's nothing we haven't seeeee... she has a eye in the back of her head!

Health Guy- That guys has horns!

Angel- Steroids not good for you..

Gunn- And you must be Devat I heard that you were ugly but...DAMN!

Angel- Do you know how hard it is to think with a rebar through your upper torso!

Loren- Does it look like i'm hearing voices because i'm not!

Master- It won't last... I give it a centry...tops

Cordilia- Trapped people and big bird!

Gunn- Big Bird?

Cordilia- not the muppet...dumn ass...

Harmony- Now look at us you're a office manager and i'm dead...

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