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NOVEMBER 12, 2017

It is with both great sadness and relief that I get to say 'My Disjointed Life' has finally come to an end, again. And again, I'm expecting many new readers to express shock and or anger like the first time around regarding the ending. It's been quite a ride and this took way, way longer than I wanted it to but I'm glad I did it. There will be a short epilogue including author's notes posted as a final chapter shortly but the story is complete. I hope you've all enjoyed it as much as I've loved writing it. Thanks for sticking around with me for so long and your undying patience.

On that note, I'd also like to thank those who've enjoyed the published version on Amazon. Some have commented that although it's similar it's also quite different. This was done intentionally because if I'd just published this version with the character's named changed I felt it would've been a disservice to the reader.

So again, thank you. Oh, and I've added an Instagram tag above for any who want to see my annoying face. It doesn't get updated often but feel free to stalk me if you like.

AUGUST 27, 2017

Dun, dun, dun! A real shocker: no, not the Game of Thrones Season Finale. The update, you silly readers, you.

SEPTEMBER 24, 2016

Something extraordinary happened today. In many parts of the world this kind of thing is called a miracle. In the realm of fanfiction it's called an update.

MAY 28, 2016

New chapter is up and this time it's been less than a month. Bizarro world, indeed.

MAY 1, 2016

It happened: the apocalypse. I mean, an update.

SEPTEMBER 24, 2015

No, I haven't forgotten about this story. Yes, it will continue to be updated until its completion. That's a promise I can keep. After all, you guys will always be my first readers. No, I will not turn over to the dark side when Star Wars comes out. (No promises there, some of their force powers are pretty epic.)

Next one will be up in a much shorter timespan. (Another promise I intend to keep. Probably. Hopefully. We'll see.)

JUNE 28, 2015

Happy new year! Oh, wait, right, that was like 37 months ago or something. Yes, it's time for another daily update. The speed at which these are coming out, this story will be done in no time.

Serious question time: with Square Enix's punctual track record, what'll happen first? Final Fantasy VII Remake gets released first or this story finally sees the light at the end of the long tunnel?

Stay tuned because the next chapter will be out soon. Nothing later than Christmas 2018, I promise.

DECEMBER 20, 2014

ZOMG! An update! No, your eyes are not deceiving you. It's my holiday gift to you because, um, yeah...

On that note, hope everyone has a great end to the year. Onwards to the next one, leeches. Try not to kill anyone while you're drunk.

NOVEMBER 1, 2014

New chapter is up. The next one will be up sometime within the next three years. (I kid, I kid. Hopefully...)


Hello, leeches! Well, it's been 1180 years but the next chapter of 'My Disjointed Life' is finally up. Enjoy!

JULY 5, 2014

OMG, an update! Hey, folks, sorry for the lengthy delay. I tried to get the latest chapter out for the Fourth of July but in typical Pendrum fashion, I was late to the party.

My excuse is life, an often used euphemism to express laziness and/or procrastination, both of which I'm guilty of.

Anyways, the story is still rolling along, so don't freak out, panic, pull your hair, or mine (seriously, I just got it cut so wait until it grows out a bit before you dig your hands into it otherwise you won't get much.)

Until next time. Toodles!

PS: Critical reviews are always welcome. Someone asked me via email if I'd be offended if they criticized my story. I was offended that you asked if I'd be offended.

APRIL 18, 2013

The revision of My Disjointed Life is chugging along nicely, slowly but surely. This was supposed to be completed by the end of 2013, but knowing me and my procrastination (and assortment of other priorities), I should've known better. Having said that, my course load for "Life" has lightened for the next couple of months and so the updates should occur more frequently.

If you have any questions, comments, rants, flames, etc., feel free to message or hit me up.

OCTOBER 25, 2013

You: OHMYGOD! What's happened to 'My Disjointed Life'???????

Me: Don't freak out. It's still here. It's just getting a makeover due to the volume of requests from people still reading it. I'll be editing/revising it to bring it up to speed and will be posting an updated chapter every second day or so to try and have it finished by the end of December. So don't worry, no monthly (or tri-monthly) long updates this time.

OCTOBER 21, 2013

With my hectic schedule experiencing a lull for the next month or so, I've decided to be true to my word and revise/edit the fanfic version of "My Disjointed Life'. Hopefully, by Christmas, you'll read an edited version even I won't consider cringe-worthy.

DECEMBER 19, 2012

Happy holidays to all and to anyone still checking this profile out. I just wanted to drop by and provide a few pieces of news:

1. 'My Disjointed Life' is now on iTunes, so any Apple fans who were interested in obtaining a copy but couldn't when it was exclusive to Kindle now can. In addition to the reviews on Amazon, there are more on Goodreads. Most of them have been favorable so far, so it's nice to see. Not bad for a first timer, huh?


2. I'm going to try and wrap up 'The Greatest Story Ever Told' in either one or two more chapters. I think it's run its course and it isn't fair to keep keep it on such an extended hiatus.

3. This one I'm not too sure about, so don't hold me to it (yet), but an old author/friend contacted me, inquiring about co-authoring an origins story detailing the rise of SOLDIER. I told him that with my commitments to writing original novels (working on my second) it would be hard, so I offered to provide an extended hand and come up with some ideas for the story should he decide to go through with posting it. So I dunno, maybe expect something on the horizon? Maybe not. Maybe the end of the world comes before then? I hope not because hockey season hasn't even started.

JULY 24, 2012

Is averse to clickable hyperlinks or am I doing something wrong? I wish I could simply hotlink words to the sites I want. If anyone can impart some wisdom on this subject, I'll give you a free virtual hug. Exception: New York Yankees haters. You guys will get a polite virtual handshake instead. You've been warned.

Oh yeah, another review of my book is up. More on the way as several review bloggers go through my eBook and probably wonder "who is this guy?" That was the first question I asked myself when I became conscious of my existence.

JULY 9, 2012

Check out the first batch of reviews from several bloggers regarding my book (scroll down):


JUNE 10, 2012

This message, formerly assigned to state something, has now self-destructed.

JUNE 6, 2012



"My Disjointed Life", an original adaptation, is up on Amazon:


Currently only on Amazon at the moment but I'm working on getting it on various other sites such as Barnesandnoble and Apple's app store.

MARCH 14, 2012

Seems like an eternity since I last updated but I figure now's as good a time as any. Few things I'd like to mention:

1. 'Shards of Pane' has been shelved indefinitely for the time being. Please don't scream and arrange to stab me. I still feel it's an important piece with potential to send strong messages, even within the medium of fanfiction. At the moment though, I'm occupied with other projects and just can't deliver the quality of writing with it that I feel I'm capable of. I'm very sorry for this but I hate leaving fans lingering and the reason I'm treating it differently than say, 'Gradient Asymptote', 'The House on Top Of The Hill' or 'Greatest Story Ever Told' is because it's an original piece using characters within the realm of fanfiction, much in the same way 'My Disjointed Life' did. I just feel it has more potential and should be written properly, not rushed. Hopefully it will be in time.

2. I've decided to add a new short story to offset the hiatus of 'Shards of Pane'. I wouldn't do this if I didn't still have fans reading my work. You guys are awesome and are the first people who admired and enjoyed my work so no matter what, I'll always be appreciative. 'White Glory' is a short piece chronicling Zack's final hours before his death at the hands of Shinra's army. I hope you enjoy it... in all it's depressing glory... Sorry.

3. 'My Disjointed Life', the new original version, will be going up as an ebook on Amazon sometime within the next month or two. It's taken a long, long time and I'm surprised at how difficult it's been to acquire an agent, let alone secure publishing rights. I've decided not to wait any longer for that and so for the moment, am going to self-publish while still querying agents. I'm in the process of finalizing a book cover with an artist so hopefully it'll be up soon. As for the fanfic version, I was just skimming through it the other night and after reading that last chapter, have been getting a strong itch to go back and revise it a little. Don't panic. I'm not talking about altering the entire ending but the final bit could definitely do with some sprucing. I'll have to sit on that. No promise as of this moment...

Random thought of the day: Political correctness is slowly bleeding the life out of all of us. Why can't we ever just say what we want without all the scrutiny?

OCTOBER 1, 2011

Uh... So yeah. 'Greatest Story Ever Told' has been updated. Cue shock and awe.

My Disjointed Life underwent some heavy revisions after getting some feedback from pros in the industry. The story now says more with less words, if you can believe it. It amazes me just how much fat I've been able to trim off and modify from the original version. Lookat the two now, it's such a radical change that were it not for the title and a few bits and pieces, you'd swear it's an entirely new story.

It's getting sent out as we speak to agencies. Hopefully someone bites.

Random thought of the day: How soon till the stock market collapses? Think Warren Buffet is sweating it out?

MARCH 19, 2011

It's with great joy I announce "Chronicles of My Disjointed Life", my original piece of work I've adapted and derived from the fanfiction version still present on this site. Everything is altered and beefed up. Apart from all the characters being changed and becoming my own, the story boasts 40,000 more words (the equivalent of 7-8 chapters), the introduction of some new characters, removal of dead weight and redundancy, significant changes in numerous scenarios throughout, the inclusion of a new later chapter that better serves to tie up the main character's actions and last but not least: more of the humor you all came to love.

I'm in the process of contacting literary agents at the moment and the whole thing has escalated to the point where I have to consider legal matters now should they manifest. I know many of you will be anxious to read it. I can genuinely state that I'm equally anxious to get it out to an even larger audience. You guys have been great and will always be my first and possibly most dedicated crowd. The original leeches. I'd like to thank you for giving me the inspiration and encouragement to embark on this project because without the overwhelming feedback, I would've never felt inclined to have done so.

On a somewhat related note, I have a blog up. Link is up top.

Hit it up and leave a comment if you get the chance.

Until next time...

JANUARY 15, 2011

I bet many of you coming here will be as shocked as I am at the introduction (yes, not simply just an update) of a new story. "Shards of Pane" will most probably be my final piece of work at this site (unless some strange shit goes down and I have a complete decision reversal). A completely character driven story, I feel it's an appropriate way to conclude an otherwise interesting stay on this site.

Note: This does not imply I will not update other works, just indicating this will likely be my last piece of new work here. Enjoy.

DECEMBER 22, 2010

The transformation of "My Disjointed Life" into a full blown original novel has been underway for the past couple of months. The story has been favorably reworked so far up to and including Chapter 15. This gargantuan task has proven to be extremely intimidating as when I scroll through Word, I realize that despite the passing of said 15 chapters, I've really only scratched the surface as my editor shows me at page 160 of 460. Sometimes it's hard to imagine so much was written but yet here it all is. I've gone back and re-read the story, which has brought to light several glaring things to my attention:

1. Despite MDL aging well, upon reading the original source material, I've becoming increasingly more displeased at the inconsistencies (in particular the lengths) of the earlier chapters compared to the latter ones.

2. MDL was written during a time when I was personally undergoing a social transformation and lately, I've noticed that the later chapters seem to contain a certain element of weakness to them that ultimately stunts the cohesion of the narrative as a whole.

3. The use of F-bombs is sometimes indeed over the top and yet again kills the impact the words are supposed to contain within the story.

4. The ending feels too rushed. It needs an obligatory transition period between the second last to the last chapter, bridging the gap between the two.

Having said that, I believe MDL on will serve as both a piece of fiction for your enjoyment and at the same time, a constant tool for me to assess its flaws and weaknesses while I modify it, before addressing the adaptation novel itself. MDL is indeed a good story, even I can admit that. However, I didn't set out to write a good story. I set out to construct a great story delving into the social interactions people have with one another, including themselves. I want to explore the human psyche and have it be relatable. The hundreds of reviews this piece of work has generated demonstrated to me that many people did experience this somewhat, but I still believe the experience can be better.

Which brings me to my final point for this post: Within the next little while (hopefully next few weeks or so but you know me), I will be reworking the final chapters of MDL and possibly instilling one or two new ones at the expense of the currently existing. I'm not quite sure yet where the transition chapters will take place and how they will affect everything else, but I will sincerely do my best to make sure the end result is better because as it stands now, good is simply not enough, not when it can be great.

As always, if you have comments or anything to throw my way, feel free to drop a line.

Until next time leeches...

Random thought of the day: I didn't realize until the other day that they remade TRON. I'm so behind this holiday season.

DECEMBER 1, 2010

Hello leeches. I've done the unthinkable. "The Greatest Story Ever Told" has been updated. See what I do for you guys? Let me know what you think of it.

Random thought of the day: LeBron James took his talents to South Beach to show all of us just how much of an embarassment a team consisting of three superstar players can be. So much for beating the 96 Bulls' win record.

AUGUST 24, 2010

Miss me? Apparently I've missed a lot myself. This site has changed! So many options inside my account now. I still have to make my around all the settings and find what does what.

An interesting email from a leech has prompted me to return to this place and take a long hard look at my stories. I'm on the verge of beginning a true revision of 'My Disjointed Life' and adapting it as my own, with my own characters. In the meantime however, and in an attempt to ease myself back into the writing scene once more (since I have been M.I.A. for quite a while now), I've decided to take baby steps and begin by giving this version of MDL a thorough edit and revision.

Re-reading the story, it's stood up to the test of time quite well it seems, but some parts feel weak and inconsistent, despite the story's erratic nature. For that reason, I'm going to brush it up quite a bit. Fear not, the story isn't changing at all, just receiving a much needed upgrade. You may not even notice most changes if anyone decides to read over it again.

As for the other stories that I haven't yet completed... who knows? The priority right now is the top dog, and the subsequent little poodles can be addressed later... if I decide to do so. The only story that I regret not completing and still possesses incredible potential is 'Gradient Asymptote'. I've still got those awesome ideas for it circling around in my head and part of me is tempted to continue it once more, but I'm stuck between the edge of indecision at the moment regarding it.

Random thought of the day: The movie "The Social Network" is shaping up to be quite intriguing, but a bit too soon perhaps? If you're unsure what I'm talking about, I'm referring to the upcoming movie by David Fincher (Fight Club, Se7en) about how Facebook came to be. I mean, didn't Facebook (which I still don't use) just surface a mere 6 years ago? And they're already making a movie about its origins and founding members? At least wait until the dudes who made it are well into their forties and having a series of crises before greenlighting such a project. Am I right or what?

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