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Author has written 11 stories for Ben 10, and Pokémon.


I've decided to be a Beta Reader for pokemon readers. Right now, my Beta Reading Profile is shot and I have no idea why and it's frustrating me. But I'll give you a run down what I prefer and what I don't want.


A story with a central theme, unique style or a interesting message.

Dynamic characters where we have a faulty protagonist and antagonists who later become allies to the protagonist.

A homosexual character or a character that transcends gender roles.

A feminist character (male or female)

A non-white character (or a story about racism in the Pokemon world)

A war story between two nations/lands where real battles are fought

A historical story (more than 100 years old, you can do a lot of interesting things here)

A mystery detective story. Kind of like Hercule Poirot. I would be willing to read and help out in this!


A story that takes place ONLY in OUR world! No fantastical things like a portal that takes the protagonist to the Pokemon world.


A story who's grammar points to an author who didn't bother to double check grammar.

Horribly flat characters including antagonists who's main purpose is just to be mean to the protagonist.

The incredibly hackneyed concept of stories revolving around the traditional adventure story or Pokemon Academies. If you feel that you have twisted one of these two concepts enough to create a new and original idea then I'll read it. Don't expect that I'll like it though...

And please for the love of Lugia no Eevee stories...


At the moment I have zero fans but it just got started so hopefully it will grow in popularity. If I like what I see then I'll post it on here.!/LibraSnake13

To see what a typical review of mine looks like, click the links below (This one was particularly bad...)

If I REALLY like what I see then my review can go something like this...

I don't know how long the Johto Kanto War story will be, nor do I know if I'll be able to finish it. What I will be able to say, that I wanted to write this story for a long time. The idea of a pokemon war seems exciting and interesting, as there are many interesting possibilities one could do with that.
Thank you if you are interested in reading the story, I'll do my best in it.
The list below will grow as the story progresses on and meets new characters.

List of Characters in The Johto Kanto War


Alastar IV: Emperor of Johto
Amos: Blacksmith in Cianwood Island
Boris: Miner in Cianwood Island
Charlie: Miner in Cianwood Island
Jerry Wilson: Soldier situated on Boon Island of the Sevii Islands, friend of Nathan Hekman
Korosi: Captain, situated in Blackthorn
Maggie: Barmaid in Mary Jane's pub
Mary Jane: Pub owner in Cianwood Island
Nathan Hekman: Soldier situated on Boon Island of the Sevii Islands, friend of Jerry Wilson
Vance Falkner: Skarmory Scout for Blackthorn

Katisha: a sneasel, captured in a traveling circus, friend of Setet
Setet: a scyther, captured in a traveling circus, friend of Katisha


Fint: General, Commander of the Army of Pewter of Kanto
Jurgen: Colonel of the 3rd Onix Division
Tungsten: Brigadier General of the Army of Pewter of Kanto

Magellan: A magmortar, artillery for the Kantoan Ship Seaking

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