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Hi there!

1. An explanation (please skip if you're not interested, I just had to write it all down because I was angry =P)
2. "Vildvittra"!
3. About me


An explanation

First of all: an explanation (so that you won't think I'm ripping off someone else's stories). This is my new pen name.
I am actually the author Furide-chan, but I forgot my password and haven't logged in at MyOwnEmail for ages... and suddenly, MoE seems to have vanished beyond all contact, and my address ( seems to have gone with it. But anyways. This is me, back again.



Perhaps I should explain my pen name as well... =)
A "Vildvittra" is a creature coming from Astrid Lindgren's famous book "Ronia, the Robber's Daughter". The Vildvittra is a flying wicked creature with woman-like bodies, and they always chase Ronia and scream at her, trying to catch her. Unfortunately, I don't know what those creatures are called in English. But I really adore the name Vildvittra, it's such a beautiful name (perhaps you have to be Swedish to agree with me =P), and I like evil, Dark creatures. So, I chose this as my new pen name, since Furide and Ikari, my usual nicknames, were already taken.


About me

Oh god. This is gonna be an essay or something. =P But I think I should write something sensible here, so it'll better be this long.
Well. Here it goes.
My name is Frida, and I am born in January 1989. I write down that instead of my current age, because I discovered that the last time I used my old account (Furide-chan, see first part of the profile), I had written that I was 14, and it was ages ago. Sooo embarrassing.

I had also been going on and on about my "bad English", which shows nothing but a lack of self-confidence. But now things have changed.
I may come from Sweden, but I'm currently in the second year of our gymnasium (I don't feel like explaining the Swedish school system right now, but you can always contact me if you're interested) and my English is growing better and better. I love the language.

I'm very interested in language. I'm in the Science/German profile class, a very special program here in my hometown, and I like the Swedish, English and German classes. I love to write, it's a wonderful therapy, whenever I feel strongly about something I write.

Other interests of mine are drawing, reading, listening to music, play Nintendo 64 (I've got an obsession with Jet Force Gemini ;)), being with my friends, skiing and animals.
One thing I must say is that I LOVE Sailor Moon, Animorphs, Harry Potter and Jet Force Gemini, I absolutely ADORE reading fanfics from them.

I really haven't written much fanfic, I'm mostly busy with school, life and so on (and reading other fanfics =P) but I hope I'll have more time for that soon. I will start by putting up some old work from my old account (the things that are the least embarrassing ;P).

If there's anything else you'd like to know, or just feel for a talk or whatever, you can always send me a site message or email.


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