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Hi. It's me. (waves) I don't think I'm a talented writer who should be put in the hall of fame, but I would still like you to review my stories... O.O That would very much liked.

My name is Birdie. Not my real name, but the name I choose.

I'm 16. And I have no life.

I'm French. I'm not sorry if that offends you, because trust me, it offends me more than it does you.

I have purple hair. Which is a new feature about myself. : ) I also am vertically challenged.

I'm a filler. A filler is a teenager who isn't a prep, a jock, a goth, a punk, or a rebel. We just sort of... fill the empty spots in highschool.

I listen to a lot of music which I can dance too. Meaning, techno or rock. But I hate... HATE... rap. But if you like it, that's cool for you...

I drink a lot of soda and eat a lot of ice cream. That's my holywood diet tip.

I love watching movies and reading books... A lot. It keeps me busy whenever I'm not writing.

And I enjoy writing. I have stories that aren't fanfics, but there isn't a site to post those. So I'll just stick to posting fanfics. -.- I'm not very good at writing with someone else's characters, so dont get mad if they aren't acting like they should. I like to add my own twist to them.

I write about Draco and Hermione. Mostly. But... maybe I'll branch out... I have written others. But obviously they weren't very good... (giggles)

I'm a sappy romantic. And that's the genre I'm sticking to.

I don't care if you're brutally honest with me. If I suck, I suck. (shrugs) Life moves on.

By the way... I'm strange... And I blame all the Coca Cola for that one

:Concerning Fanfiction:

- In My Dreams/ 'Taking Action' : Hermione and Draco decide to do something about their little problem.

- Draco Malfoy and the Curse of Time/ 'Feelings' : Our favorite couple has a rude awakening.

:Stories In General:
-"Draco Malfoy and the Cruse of Time" : Hermione and Draco are forced into a friendship neither of them want. But with their badges on the line, they comply. Only to find out that, strangely, there's so much more to each other than either of them imagined. (More than just a sappy love story.)

-"In My Dreams" : After a series of strange nightmares, Hermione and Draco are starting to be drawn together. But this can't be good when outside forces are brought into the mix. Now, in order to save their lives, they must work together. Is it love, or just a dream?

-"Madam Moon's Magic" : (hiatus) After a weird chain of events in a spa, Hermione and Draco go their seperate ways. But what happens when they meet in the future... and they can't ignore each other any longer? (hiatus)

-"Forgive me" : Draco betrays Hermione's trust, and everyone else in the Order. Now that Harry is dead, Hermione has only one thing she wants to do. And that's get back at Draco for hurting her and everyone around her. But when the time comes, will she go through it? Is everything the way it seems? (Finished)

-"I Promise" : Hermione is on the verge of having a break down. The war has taken it's tole on her mind and she can't take much more. Fleeing from the scenes around her, Hermione bumps into the last person she wants to see. Can he save her from herself? (finished)

-"Against All Odds" : Hermione had seen a side of Draco she never expected to exist. And now she can't just turn away from him when everyone else has. Just as the war starts getting serious, Hermione can only think of one boy. Will they ever see each other again? (finished)

-"Letters To You" : Hermione wakes to find only a letter on the nightstand. But in that letter, a lot of realizations are made through the eyes of the one boy who always loved her. Even when she didn't love herself. (finished)

-"If All Else Fails" : Harry says goodbye to Ginny and heads towards war to keep her safe. It's the right thing to do, but it feels so wrong. (finished)

-"Tell Me You Love Me In 100 Words" : A collection of one hundred worded one shots of Hermione and Draco. (possibly turned into longer versions)

-"Of Love and War Trilogy" : In the heat of the war between good and evil, Hermione is seperated from her friends and stranded in the middle of nowhere. With only a broken wand and her wit, Hermione must face the wilderness alone. Well, not completely alone. Along her journey she meets an old rival who threatens her safety, but must rely on him for survival. In the midst of war, can love actually happen between two enemies?

-"Learning To Fly" : Harry, Ron, and Hermione has made a bet. If Hermione can't learn to fly in a week, she has to do all of Harry's Potions homework for the rest of the year. Fueled by Gryffindor pride, Hermione attempts the impossible... well, for her anyways. But even the great Hermione Granger needs a teacher. And who better than a Slytherin with nothing better to do?

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