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Note: If anyone wants to help me write my new idea story, Stolen, or even give me advice on some chapters give me a yell!

Okay, where to begin. I'm a g i r l , duh, and I live in New Zealand. Where I live is small, albeit a little bit too small for my liking, but I call it home all the same. If you want to know the definition of a small town, visit me. We don't have chain stores, our Cinema is basically bankrupt, and the maximum amount of students in one school doesn't breach 150. Hell, my primary school had only eighty or so kids in it, so yeah. Though I said all of this, I am a born and proud A u s t r a l i a n.

I enjoy doing a lot of things, mostly sport orientated when I canI love to swim and just competed in a big interschool meet at school. I am down to earth, a little dry and my sense of humor is about the same, if not a little morbid. I have two brothers, both younger, and a bucket load of good friends. I need to really want to do something to do it all, but I go all out when I do. I'm an amateur writer and enjoy sitting on my bed tapping out another chapter. I'm Australian by birth and by nature but I live, as I've said, in the land of the long white cloud.

If you want to talk or chat or whatever, drop me an email, but don't expect anything to exciting back. Oh yeah, and I know that a lot of my stories haven't been updated for what it seems like forever. Do not fear, it's just that during school I have basically no free time to myself and when on holiday I seem to want to exercise a lot, hence the absence of new chapters. I promise (hopefully) that I can get some chapters up soon. If not then maybe when I go on my huge summer break in December.

Ciao all,


TV shows

I'm pretty open minded about TV, because I don't watch a lot of it. I adore Bones. I like watching CSI, but only the original. For some reason the others just can't measure up to Las Vegas. Hmmm, I like Ugly Betty, ER. I love McLeods Daughters, which you Americans wouldn't have seen before because it's Australian show and only airs over here and in Aus. Also, I'm a fan of Home and Away-- which is the Australian equivelent of whatever serial soap you have over there-- and only watch Teen Titans very occasionally. NCIS is awesome, and so is Kath and Kim--see below for a colourful description.


I love my movies. I haven't seen as many as some people but I've seen my fair share of them. I enjoy good humor-- if you've seen Hot Fuzz then you'll know what I'm talking about. Let's see, I'll give you a run down of the movies I love watching-- Stardust is my new number one favourite movie of all time, National Treasure, Top Gun, Forrest Gump, Moulin Rouge, Strictly Dancing, Take The Lead, Step Up, She's The Man, The Da Vinci Code, The Holiday, Harry Potter (occasionally), Chocolat (Johnny Depp is brilliant), Flicka (Is so sad--made me tear up--very rare), A Walk To Remember, Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights, The Prince and Me, Finding Nemo (I love this one), Music and Lyrics, John Tucker Must Die (haha funny, pointless high school movie) Romeo and Juliet , Shakespear in Love, Johnny English, Superman Returns, Shrek one, two and three, Click, Twister, Poseidon, Happy Feet, The Prestige-- Borat is retarded. I don't get the point of it.

Okay, this is the mother of all funny movies-- The Kath and Kim Code. It's a TV series too, Kath and Kim, and it is seriously funny. It's basically an everyday family who take the piss out of things that actually happen. It's set in Melbourne, Australia-- Kath is the house mum who thinks she's all that and a bag of potato chips and then there's Kim, the whinging daughter who still lives at home (and who also thinks she's all that and a bag of potato chips). They have the most OTT Melbourne accents ever, and it's hilarious.


I like my music and have a whole combination of stuff on my ipod thingy, and listen to most of it. Rock, pop, Indie, Alternative-- you name it, I'll listen to it. But I have to say I'm not a HUGE fan of classical or country or anything too old, say a really bad eighties pop song. Hmmmm, my fav song at the moment is probably Stolen by Dashboard Confessional. It gives me warm fuzzies inside. Oh, and I don't find Rap appealing. Retards Attemping Poetry.


I'm a huge fan of this word. Say sport and I'll say when. I love swimming-- been at it competitively for six years strong now. I like netball, I like watching rugby, playing rugby with mates, and basically... yeah. Touch rugby is probably better for me as I'm not a very physical person, but I can still tackle a few guys for a bit of a laugh. I was in the school Rowing crew for a while, but I had to drop out because of injury. Try rowing, it's awesome. Keeps you fit, keeps you in a team, and keeps you motivated. ROW dammit, ROW!! Anyway, enough with the crazy me, back to reality. Hmmm, rugby league, football (not soccer, football)-- I can play all those, watch them too. Cricket is awesome to play on the beach, in the backyard, where ever you damn well please. I l o v e sports. Period.


I like my books and am a fan of, probably, action/adventure. I can read romance but only when it is some of those romances made for teenagers. My favourites at the moment include the Tomorrow, when the war began series, which are fantastic for those of you who haven't read them and also I enjoy just re-reading the entire Dan Brown books every now and again. I also read this awesome book called Jinx and it is exactly what I think about when I write Jinx in my stories. It's basically one girl named Jess who suddenly changes personality to Jinx because whoever she goes out with ends up dying. She gets into drugs and parties and stuff before switching back to Jess and her old friends. Oh, and it's written in poetry form. Another one is Out of Tune by Joanna Orwin about a girl trying desperately too hard to fit in and then Owl by the same author.

Anything Robert Harris (Pompeii was interesting and an excellent read)

Love Kathy Reichs. Borrowed all the books off a family friend and am currently reading them all. I love them, and the latest book is fantastic.

Lovely Bones and anything by Jodi Piccoult.

Things I Dislike In Fanfiction & Feel The Need To Quick Pick At:

Horribly cliched plotlines. I try to make my stories as original as possible, and by the reviews I'm getting I'm succeeding. Readers love originality. If you make a story and it's the same as everyone elses, whoop dee, the readers say, another of the same story.

I've found in the time that I've been at this site that it seems to be a growing craze to review stories which don't exactly need a positive review, but the stories which are fantastic seem to be lacking in them. Is there a rule which says ignore the good ones and notice the bad ones? I really hate that.

Characters who are supposed to be themselves, but then come off as completely different. Especially in romance fics. Having Raven suddenly discover she is in love with Robin, or Beastboy, or whatever and then go out and announce it to all who actually care doesn't really feel right.

I strongly disagree with fics based around the raping of a character. Rape is a very traumatic. Period.

Depression in a character-- cutting, purging etc. Why do so many people insist on writing about things that they don't understand? If you do, that's great and all you should do is tell people about it so that they can understand it better. But when you're just doing it for an "OMG" factor in your story-- not cool guys.

I loathe bad grammar in a story. It's alright if it's just a few little things, like forgetting a letter, but completely spelling a word wrong over and over and OVER again gets just a little bit annoying for the reader. And stories which seemingly have no explaining factors. Example: Raven suddenly remembered that she had these awesome powers which helped her to-- I don't know--talk to...cows. Think five W's; Why did she get them? When did she get them? What happened to her to get them? Who if you can, and then how did she get them? It's quite simple.

And I just added this quite recently. Stories that seem to be focused soley on...well, it. All romp and no plot, you know? They're actually quite sick. I quit what I'm reading when it suddenly turns into one of those. The authors may have a alot of...built up feelings inside but please don't make a story that is based just around them. As a good friend of mine used to say If you ain't getting any, you ain't getting any.


I can handle any pairing in Teen Titans, apart from random ones like BBStar or CyStar. Those suck. My preference is BBRae because I can work their characters, even if I stretch them a little. RobStar stories tend to be rather...sappy and romantic, with the only humor really coming from either Raven, Beast Boy or Cyborg. I write them, but only inside a BBRae story.

I like BBRae , TerraRob (I love this one. I think I might write a story about them one day), JinxKF, sometimes I find a good RobRae story that I can read, but really I'm down for anything as long as they're well written and well proof read. Spell check, anyone? The one thing I'm not really down for is the lesbian lovers stories that some people write. I have nothing against being homosexual, it just seems a little far fetched.

References for Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous

Rachel's dress for charity event (chapter one)- link

Kory's dress for charity event (chapter one)- link

Kory's dress for premier (chapter two)- link

Rachel's dress for premier (chapter two)- link

Rachel's dress for dinner (chapter three)- link

Kory's dress for dinner (chapter three)- link

Rachel's dress for gala (chapter five)- link

Kory's dress for Gala (chapter five)- link

Jen's dress for gala (chapter five; but different than what I initially described)- link

Los Angeles city hall for charity event (chapter one)- link

Gala Location; Beverly Hilton Hotel (chapter five)- link

Orpheum theatre (premier; chapter two)- link

Angelini Osteria (restaurant; chapter three)- link

Gar's car- 2006 Jaguar XK Series, 2007 Mercedes-Benz CLK 63 AMG

Rachel's car- Aston Martin vanquish, 2007 Land Rover Range Rover

Stories In The Works:

Between The Lines- At the turn of the century, the world is on the brink of war. Six extraordinary beings are called into action to save the world they love from destruction, even if it means putting everything they’ve worked for behind them and walking outside the lines. Currently discontinued. I'll probably delete it and re-write it.

Fries With That?- It all started with a dare, like most stories do. But what Gar is about to do wasn't exactly expected when he signed up to be a vegan, figuratively speaking of course. He will be changed, one way or another. Chapter in my brain. Just need a kick in the butt.

Going Under- Have you ever felt like life can't get any worse, As though all your friends are suddenly against you, Like your life is just going under? Well, you and Rachel Roth have something in common. Finished, but the first few chapters need some serious work! I'll end up re-writing this too. I don't like it much anymore.

Hustle- Two teams, one target, one winner. It's all about the money...until it's not. Chapter coming on slowly. I have a good feeling about this story.

Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous- In Hollywood, the place where stars come out to play, celebrities have to do everything they can to survive. New chapter up.

Swimming Upstream- The Titans isn't just a's a commitment. BBRaeTerr, RichKor. Third Chapter Up.

Stolen- This is just an idea I'm playing with, and with the right support and encouragment from readers I may continue it, but I'm discouraged until I can find an awesome planner and someone to help me. I've had interest by two people, and replied to both, so could anyone else willing to help please contact me. I'm really only looking for a partner, and one with some skill. First chapter up.

I'm also re-writing Pull Your Weight, The Butterfly Effect and Teachers Pet has been deleted seeing as I really wasn't enjoying writing or reading them. Didn't flow, didn't go. End of story.


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