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"dreams and reality are almost the same... the only difference is which one you choose to live in..."

about me?

whenever someone asks me that, the only thing that i could think of is that i am... of course, a normal person who goes around minding his own business

but all people have their own minds, opinions, and identities, right? well, this is a picture of who i am, and what things are inside my head...

first of all... I DO have a human name...

but that is one of the things that i would NOT tell people over the internet


it's just simple... only a few people know that i write, and if others were to know that, i'm sure they'll be shocked to know that...

i am just a 16-year old guy... but like all people... i am NOT normal...

oh yeah, just to be proud of national origins:

I AM A FILIPINO... and I am proud to be one too!

"para sa mga kapatid kong pinoy dito sa fanfiction community, saludo at kamusta po sa inyong lahat!! XD"

okay... as a writer... i'll make it short...

i do NOT write lengthy stories, this is because of schedule constraints, laziness, and the lack of motivation (especially now... since everything in life seems to be whacked...)

i love reading fictions that get me interested, but when it comes to writing...

i write mostly, if not all, about anime... once an anime interests me and i think about it for a long time, this is when i could write something about it.

i hate posting incomplete stories... but when i am forced to... i'll do it... and this may be the reason why i don't post my other works, since all of them are incomplete...

i tend to get stuck in a state that i call "inspiration drain"...
(hahaha... cut the crap.. it's called laziness for pete's sake...)

well, as for my works that have to be edited, i tend to become lazy, however, i will try my best to edit them (if i could edit them and if i have the time.)

oh yeah, as to the frequency of my posting, i don't post that much stories (perhaps 1-2 stories a year would be a minimum... but i will try to be a little more diligent...)

i am only writing under one philosophy:

"writing is about how the writer wishes to express his or her ideas to the one who reads the piece…"

and this is the statement i have for those who find my plots to be a little "out-of-their-taste"

if you still want a clue to who i am... this last statement might help:



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