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Author has written 11 stories for Danny Phantom.

Elyse, 24, Vet student. That's all you need to know. :D

Story Updating!!

03/14/13: Happy Pi day!!! I'm stuck at the barn all night so guess who's actually writing again :) Hopefully I'll make some decent headway tonight, guess we'll see what happens. Still haven't given up on this!

07/31/12: I don't think anyone ever reads this, but here we go: still no new chapter...I've got about half of it written, but obviously vet school isn't a walk in the park. Summer hasn't been much better, either, I've been working about 60 hours each week plus studing for capstone (huge test first day of school over everything we learned last year) and working on loans and stuff. So, it'll still be a while before the next update, sadly :( But I'm still stubbornly determined to finish this darn thing no matter what!

10/25/10: Still no update for DOVE, I know, but the inspiration is still high. It's just my free time that's low. Which makes writing any fanfics really hard to do. BUT I do have an outline thingie written out with more details and awesomeness added in than I had before, which will really help me out when I do find the time to sit down and write. Keep hoping!!!

08/25/10: I know, I'm STILL a horrible person. But right now I'm getting a lot of inspiration and motivation pouring in, so I'll be working on getting past my massive writer's block. Summer was crazy so I didn't get anything done then, but right now I'm re-editing all of the previous chapters for two reasons: One because they need it, and two because I need to re-familiarize myself with key details I'd thrown into those chapters so I can pull them all together in the final few chapters. I'm in grad school now (I know, I'm crazy!), so things will still be slow but right now since the semester's just beginning I have a bit more time to get things rolling around here.

02/09/2010: Umm...Hi? cringes as she gets pelted with rotting garbage and pitchforks I'M SORRY!! College...well let's just say it's a lot harder and more time consuming than High School. Which means less story writing time for me :( BUT once again I promise I WILL finish DOVE!! I graduate in May, and once that is done I'm going to have a lot more free time than I've had the past couple years. So hopefully I can write and post the last 3 chapters of DOVE before summer's end. No promises, but that's my plan. As for Flames of Fate, I'm officially scrapping it. It's just not really going anywhere, and after however many years I still haven't gotten more inspiration. So, here's hoping that my final semester doesn't kill me!

09/05/2008: Wow, I feel guilty. I still haven't started on Chapter 10 :( It's even been so long that I can't remember what I had planned, although I did write it down. I'll just have to go searching through the mess that is my computer and track it down. But this semester I've got enough time off that I should be able to write my 5 10pg papers AND get the chance to work on my fic. And once again--I WILL FINISH!! I refuse to let this die near the end. I know I won't get nearly as many hits or reviews, but for the faithful few I will finish!

03/11/2008: :O OMG!! I UPDATED!! lol, yeah, I got chapter nine up today, finally, and wrote almost the whole thing last night. I know what will happen in Chatper 10, but it's not started yet. Anyway hope you like it!!

02/18/2008: So...I've sort of got the first POV of ch 9 done, I was having some issues on it so I sent it off to my editor. I think it's just about finalized, so after that all I've got to do is write the second POV, have the whole thing edited, and then you guys can see that makes it sound like this could be up any day. Just FYI don't count on that, I'm still super busy. My hour in the computer lab has been spent job-hunting for this summer, and I've got to finish that up really fast so that I can actually HAVE a job this summer...they all fill up so fast :( Anyway, not like anyone really reads this but there's your update.

02/01/2008: I finally started chapter 9!! Okay so I started it a while back, and I got about a third done, more or less. This semester is already harder than I'd ever expected--I'm already what feels like weeks behind. :P 14 Chapters of Ochem to read, 7 of Physiology to read, 4 of Anatomy/Physiology to read, a few Lab write-ups to do, and a case study for physiology lab (super hard!) SIGH Well wish me luck, I'm hoping to be able to work on it during my one hour off that I spend in the school computer lab. crosses fingers!!

Shameless Advertising!

Go to Darkness on the Water's profile; she's my cousin, and she's got some amazing stuff up that you should go read. :) Enjoy!!

YOU MUST READ WAY OF THE GHOST BY BOXGHOST228! The two installments are absolutely amazing; I promise you won't be disappointed.

And another story called The Ghost Goddess by darkflame1516, which is REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY awesome too. She's got some great ideas lined up for this one, so go check it out!The sequal, Twisted Triangles, is up now too--you don't want to miss it:D


Too Good to be True: COMPLETE. Wow, I finished yet another story. Sadness! My first real 'story' done. Thanks for sticking with me, guys! You all rock on ice!

Just My Style: COMPLETE. Short one-shot, Danny singing in a talent show...But just a warning--super funny, and really corny. But sweet too. DxS

Sound the Bugle: COMPLETE. Enjoy my sad one-shot, I think it's fairly good.

Everything I Own: COMPLETE. Hope you like it!

Traces of Love: COMPLETE. Just a short little one-shot songfic

Waiting: COMPLETE. Short drabble-like fic, cute and very sweet!

A Day in the Park: COMPLETE. Tucker-based one-shot--he deserves some spotlight too!

Let Me Fall: COMPLETE. Short one-shot, Maddie/Danny based. Very cute!!

Dreaming of Violet Eyes: 9 is up, and 10 is in progress.

Flames of Fate: CANCELLED Writers block won on this one--I had the general story line all planned out, but I could never get it down on paper. It was supposed to be a DP spin-off of Hamlet, but I couldn't get it to work out right. Ah well--these things, they happen.

Here's a link to all of my other stories on fanfiction, including my 'big hit' (yeah right), "The Box Ghost's Revenge":

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Lilith is not a ghost. Not completely anyway. She's lived the most critical years of her life in the Ghost Zone though, raised by beings that are definitely ghosts. She's fourteen now, and the human part of her wants to see what living in that world is like. She was hopeful to find her blood relations too, but she didn't think the search would turn into this big of a mess. UR
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Dreaming of Violet Eyes reviews
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CANCELED! Sorry guys, it just isn't clicking for me. I'm officially scrapping this one :
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