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Hey there! Don't know why anyone reads this stuff, but here's stuff 'bout me!

Just, call me Katie.

Age: Umm, no.1-1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000. Now guess.

Gender: Um, does Katie sound like a boy name? Mabey in the 70's, but not now.

B-Day: March 20, 19? (Not tellin' the year.) And, I'm a Picese.

Apearence: Short light brown hair (NOT DIRTY BLOND!) green eyes, and that's all I'm sayin'

All TT fans, I have devistating news. No sixth season. Sobbs. But remember! Trouble in Tokyo! Mabey that'll make up for the lack of 13 nessisary episodes.

Favorite shows: I'm only gonna say this once. I LOVE TEEN TITANS! Sorry. Obsesed fan girl here. I also like Drake and Josh, Danny Phantom, Avatar, Who's Line is it Anyway, Full House, anything about killing/dying/mysteries, .

Favorite movies: Hellboy (I don't care what you say! That movie is the best EVER!) Lilo&Stitch (I like Hawaii. Sue me.) Trouble in Tokyo (It's gonna be GREAT!) War of the Worlds, Final Destination 1,2&3, Saw 1&2

Favorite couples:

TT: Rob&Star (I think I'm a bigger RS fan then TT fan. I praise them. My fav episodes are their episodes. But my fav was GO!)

BB&Rae (My 2nd fav. they just look sooooo cuuuuutttteeee together! BB needs someone that can help him get more serious, and she needs someone to get her to have some fun!)

BB&Terra (Now, before you say anything, I like them almost as much as I like BBRae. Yes, I am a Terra fan. I can see why others don't, and I respect that, so respect I like her.)

Cy&Bee (Heeeeeeeelllllllloooooo! She gave him a nickname! If she gave him a little pet name, she's crushin' on him!)

Cy&...anyone (He's the bachelor of the group. He's been with too many girls. I don't realy care who he's with, as long as it's not Rae, or Star. Terra I'll tollerate... Actualy, I'll tollerate Rae, BUT NOT STAR!)

Terra&Speedy (It's cute... Once they meet.)

Me&Aqualad (I'm sorry! I have an obsesion with hot guys with long hair... I also like Nightwing, but he's, like, 37! Oh well.)

DP: Dan&Sam (For those of who don't see this, are just idiots. I'm not even a big fan, and I even like them!

Tucker&Valerie (Same as above.)

Paulina&Dash (Jock idiot meets self obsorbed idiot. Perfect.)

Avatar: Aang&Katara (Umm, if you can't see this, and your a fan, I think you need to take your medicine. Like, now! They were destined to meet! Think about it. If Aang hadn't run away, and gotten stuck in that storm, and if Katara hadn't found him, Aang might still be in that iceburg thing! If that isn't destiny, I don't know what is!)

Sokka&Yue (I was watching it, and I was all like, 'There's something wrong'. Then it was about five minutes before she told Sokka about being engaged, I remembered she was 16, marrying age. And then, she told him, and I was all like 'I knew it.' So, yeah. I was mad when they had her die... Or go into the spiritual world, whatever. I was like...'huh? Why? You make Sokka with all these girls, and then you kill off the best one? I was mad for the next week!)

I'm not gonna go into hated pairings, but I don't like any that upset any of the above. (Except Sokka, I like him with any girl minus Katara, but I like Yue best.)

Friends: Tac03e11hp. (Read her stories! They Rule! Me: There, happy? Tac0: Yes, very. Here's a cookie. Hands me a chocolate cookie Me: YAY! I have known her, since, before I can remember. I think I was four.

Favorite colors: Blue, green, black, brown, white, grey... earthy tones.

Favorite bands/singers: Greenday, Simple Plan, Evanescence, Averil Lavigne, Jesse McCartney (Me: Squeels JESSE McCARTNEY!)

- My favorite page of all time. Check it out.

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