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Please, please, PLEASE do not ask me about when I'm going to update my stories. I know I've been gone for a while, but I haven't abandoned fanfiction and I'm back, trust me. A lot of stuff happened to me around the time I stopped posting, and I stopped caring about a lot of stuff, but my sanity is clearly back and I don't want to let my devoted readers down. I feel terrible for how long you guys have waited for this, but I hope you can forgive me and I'll update when I get the chance to.

On a lighter note, DP stories are constantly swimming through my head and I'll post up new crap when I'm done with my other stories. Thanks guys!


I would also like to add, that I wasn't a big fan of Phantom Planet... Maybe because it was the episode that ended yet another brilliant show on Nick. In other words, almost (if not all) of my stories still take place during the time when I wrote them, and future stories will remain the same. I LIKE people not knowing that Danny Fenton is Danny Phantom. If I tell myself that then to me, the show isn't really over... right? Right!

As an added FYI, yes, I do know that I am insane. Thank you though :)


Here's something in case you folks are having trouble thinking of a word to use other that the word 'said'. Some of you might find it more useful than me, so I guess I wont let it go to waste. Hey look! It’s even alphabetized (almost)! Isn't that nice...

Accused, acknowledged, added, addressed, admitted, advised, advocated, affirmed, agreed, alleged, allowed, announced, answered, antagonized, apologized, appealed, applauded, apprised, argued, articulated, asked, asserted, assured, avowed, babbled, badgered, bantered, barked, bawled, bayed, beckoned, began, begged, belched, believed, belittled, bellowed, bemoaned, beseeched, bewailed, bickered, blubbered, bluffed, blundered, blurted out, blustered, boasted, boomed, bragged, broadcasted, brooded, bubbled, burped, butted in, buzzed, cajoled, called, cautioned, challenged, chanted, charged, chatted, chattered, cheered, chided, chimed in, chirped, choked, chuckled, cited, claimed, clamored, clarified, clucked, coaxed, commanded, commenced, commented, communicated, complained, complied, complimented, concluded, confessed, confirmed, confused, congratulated consented, continued, contributed, cooed, corrected, coughed, counted cracked, cried out, criticized, croaked, cross, crowed, cursed, debate, decided, declined, declared, defined, demanded, demonstrated, denied, described, dictated, directed, disagreed, discerned, disclosed, disputed, divulged, drawled, dreamed, droned, drummed, echoed, eluded, emitted, emphasized, ended, enunciated, enumerated, estimated, eulogized, exclaimed, explained, exploded, expounded, expressed, fabricated, fibbed, filled in, finished, fired, flattered, fretted, fumed, fussed, gabbed, gasped, gawked, giggled, gloated, goaded, gossiped, grieved, groaned, growled, grumbled, grunted, guessed, gulped, gurgled, hacked, hammered, harped on, hedged, heralded, hinted, hissed, howled, hypothesized, idolized, intimated, implied, implored, indicated, inferred, informed, inquired, inserted, insinuated, insisted, instructed, interjected, interpreted, interrogated, interrupted, intimidated, intoned, intonated, invited, iterated, jeered, jested, joined in, joked, joshed, kidded, lamented, lashed out, laughed lied, lisped, maintained, mentioned, meowed, mewed, mimicked, mispronounced, misquoted, moaned, mocked, mourned, mumbled, murmured, mused, muttered, nagged, named, narrated, nixed, noted, objected, observed, opined, ordered, outline, panted, paraphrased, persisted, persuaded, petitioned, piped, pleaded, pointed out, pouted, praised, prayed, preached, presented, presumed, pretended, prevaricated, proclaimed, prodded, prompted, pronounced, proposed, propositioned, protested, puffed, purported, purposed, purred, quaked, quarreled, queried, questioned, quibbled, quipped, quizzed, quoted, raged, rasping, ratified, read, reasoned, recalled, recapitulated, recited, recommended, recounted, reflected, rehashed, rehearsed, reiterated, rejoiced, related, remarked, remember, reminded, renounced, repeated, replied, reported, requested, resounded, responded, restated, resumed, retorted, retracted, returned to, revealed, reviewed, ridiculed, rumored, sang, scoffed, scolded, scorned, screamed, screeched, shouted, shrieked, shrugged, shuddered, sighed, smarted off, snapped, snarled, sneered, snipped, snored, snorted, sounded out, spat, specified, speculated, spit out, spoke, sputtered, squawked, squeaked, squealed, stammered, stated, stormed, stressed, stumbled, submitted, suggested, tattled, teased, testified, thanked, thought, thundered, told, twitched, urged, voiced, vowed, wailed, warned, waved, welcomed, wept, whimpered, whined, whispered, whined, whistled, wished, wondered, yelled, yelped, yawned, zoned out

'panting' I hope you're happy! That took a while to type out! The things I do for friends...

Possible Stories Coming Soon: (Please note: Summaries will be edited down...and ratings range from K-T)

Welcome to the Ghost Arena-Action/Adventure; Suspense-Tired of Ghost Hunter's interfering and wanting revenge, Walker gets a court order on Valerie, Jack, and Maddie Fenton. With the court on all favor of the ghost's side, they're quickly found guilty and their punishment is getting sent to Ghost Arena. Problem? They have to fight the toughest ghosts in the Ghost Zone and if they refuse the owner will kill their loved ones. But that's not the only problem. The toughest ghosts in the Ghost Zone were all pretty much beaten by Danny Phantom, making him one of the contestants. That's okay though Danny, the rules are really simple...anything goes, and the only way to win, is to be the last one breathing...

It was Going to Be a Simple Robbery- Humor-It was going to be a simple robbery. They did it, a thousand times...Two crooks that escaped from prison are off to do what they do best, rob Amity Park's biggest bank. It was going to be simple, get in, get out, be rich, and get away. However the two knuckleheads have been in jail for a looooong time and don't know too much about what has been going on for the past few months. So when one of their hostages is a rather bored Danny Phantom, they're in for a really interesting day...((One Shot?))

Troubled Teens-Humor-"Troubled Teens" A used to be popular talk show for teenagers, has seen much better ratings. If the host can't find a teenager that'll 'catch the interest in the viewers of Amity Park', the show's going to get cancelled. That's when the host realizes there's a prankster teen in Amity, and as far as anyone knows, he's homeless. It's a perfect plan: catch the kid, make him talk, and presto, instant ratings. The troubled teen on the host's list? The infamous Danny Phantom! It doesn't take long to realize a good idea from a bad one...but there's no such thing as ghosts! Right?--((This one's gonna be fun...))

Dead Men Tell No Tales-Unknown-Danny Phantom gets invited to tell ghost stories at Dash's summer bonfire. The problem, he doesn't know any. Sam tries to help, and so does Tucker, but the hybrid can't seem to grasp the whole, spooky concept. At the party though, that changes when Danny starts scaring the kids with stories that seem to be telling themselves. People say that dead men tell no tales...that's probably because the stories they tell start to happen! ((Might have alternate storyline))

Ghost Hunting for Dimwits-Action/Adventure; Humor-In a desperate attempt to get rid of Danny Phantom and the rest of the ghosts in town, the mayor is holding a contest for the greatest hunter in Amity Park. Naturally, the Ghost Breakers, Guys in White, The Groovy Gang and the Scaredy Cat, Valerie Grey, and Jack and Maddie Fenton all compete for the prize. And naturally, they can't beat, if no one can win...who will? ((One/Two Shot?))

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