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So I've been absent for quite a long while now, so before I get into my future plans spiel I thought I'd explain my complete lack of fan fiction non activity. First off, I had my old laptop crash and obliterate everything I had been working on. This meant that everything that hadn't been immortalized on the internet already was lost and gone forever, just like poor old Clementine.

But the frustration of losing my current writing progress wasn't the main reason I more or less vanished. I've sorta been hiding due to and embarrassing little snafu involving my fan fic "The Legacy of Demetrius". If you were to search for it on say iTunes or other places that sell ebooks, you would find it, for sell, for about $3.00. Worse yet, its listed author is my name. Not my internet pen name B the Blue, but my actual real life name. This is obviously, not good. I'll explain what happened and why you shouldn't hate me, but first, this:

I did not try to publish and sell a fanfic based on a copy written game.

Now I'll explain just what happened. My friend was tooling around on self publishing site Lulu. He decided to test it out by having them print a book that was supposed to not be up for sale. He used one of my more novella length works for this test fire. He got it in the mail, showed it to me, and yeah it looked pretty cool. He then explained that it wasn't actually up for sell (because I was concerned) so I thought nothing of it. Way later I happened to google myself, just for fun, and saw that, oh damn, it was up for sell.

Anyway, I'm still trying to get it down. In fact earlier today I checked and the damned thing is still up. It should not be. He's tried several times to alter the settings but it won't die and I've just been waiting around for Square-Enix to come sue the pants off me. It's not on my Lulu account so I can't do anything myself, so I'm at the mercy of other individuals trying to fix this mess.

The moral of the story is don't buy shady fanfiction. Its on the internet for free. Even the one in question, has always been available on here for free as all fanfiction should be.

Anyway, my apologies to anyone who lost a couple bucks to this, and be assured we have not claimed the small amount of money that currently exists in some lulu vault. I'll keep trying my best to get it down, and until then please know that it was a weird accidental goof and not a deliberate stupid attempt to profit off of fanfiction. Oh and also, I didn't even do it, it seems important to repeat that detail, even still, yeah, sorry, truly so.

Now onto some ramblings of projects I'm about to start. I really want to do some more writing so I'm hoping to hammer out quite a bit of new stories. Most of my ideas are still for older games, but I do have a couple of ideas about newer games such as Bravely Default and Skyward Sword. These fics will likely be more in the short story range in length. But I have about four longer fic ideas that I think I'll start all at once and just work as inspiration hits.

First off is a novelization to one of my favorite SNES games, Secret of Mana. It'll be given a bit more serious of a treatment than the pure cartoonyness of the actual game, but is not going to go grimdark or anywhere near. My desire to do this is due to a recent replaying of it off my Wii's virtual console. The whole time I was fleshing out the characterization of Randy and Co in my head. Tentative title is Legend of the Mana Knight or maybe Secret of the Mana Knight.

Project idea number two is a sequel to the original two NES Zeldas. Seeing as how they are the furthest down the official Zelda timeline (at least that branch of it) and every game made since those two has been set either in their past or on alternate time brances, I think its a good place to set up a sequel. There's also some cool elements that I could put to use, such as there being two Princess Zeldas who are completely different people and that this version of Link has yet to wield the Master Sword. I'd also like to explore how certain events that happened in the other timelines did not happen it that one. The fate of Termina being one, and also the fact that the Twilight Mirror would never have been broken and would still exist somewhere. Tentative title is The Triforce of Ruin.

My third idea is actually a massive video game crossover inspired by Steven King's The Dark Tower. The lead protagonist is set to be John Marston of Red Dead Redemption who will travel between worlds on, what else?, an epic quest. Most of the games involved will be ones set on our earth and not say, Hyrule, or any of the Final Fantasy worlds. Think Last of Us, Bioshock, and Assassin's Creed. I'm not going to pin myself down with a ton of rules with this one, but a few I plan to follow are not having insanely over powered individuals (like DMC's Dante), and also keep it to video games not based on other media (so no Batman.), with the exception of Telltale's Walking Dead game adaption. I do want to use Clementine as a character. And unlike my general modus operandi where I have a solid outline that I fill in as I write, I'll probably pants this one in the style of King. No tentative title as of yet.

Finally my last major project idea is actually a set of Chrono Trigger fics. The primary one being a lengthy sequel to Trigger and Cross that will act as a grand finale, but before I dive head first into it I'll need to write a medium length fic about the Guardia/Porre war. The way I've interpretted things playing out is not how most people vision things, so I'll need to explain who I think lives and the state of the world before the big sequel project. Along with these two there's a couple of smaller side stories that will tie in with everything. One is set in the Middle Ages and will star Glenn and Robo (who is still around working of Fiona's forest), and the other will be set around 1100 AD in an alternate timeline where Porre devastated the world with Nuclear weapons.

So I've got a lot of ambitious ideas. Happy reading and wish me luck.

Works in Progress

The Wasteland

Set in the year 1199 AD after the world of Chrono Trigger was devastated by a nuclear war. Don't worry, It'll make sense by the end. I'm not sure exactly how long this one will be, but I'd guess short novella-ish. Maybe shorter, hell maybe longer. Best guess is 10 to 30,000 words. I'll be working on this as a side project while I work on Triforce of Ruin, but Wasteland will almost certainly be finished first.

The Triforce of Ruin

This is my major project for now. It will end up being a novel length sequel to the original "The Legend of Zelda" and "Zelda II: The Adventure of Link". I've got a lot of ideas for this one and I'm pretty excited to see how they all fit in.

Finished Projects

Chrono Gaiden (Chrono Trigger)

Ah, my very first fanfic. This is a prequel about Crono's father, Flare. My longest fic by far and now finally finished!

Lunar: A Different World (Lunar: Silver Star Story/Eternal Blue)

This is an AU story I wrote for the ATGC 2 contest, and also the first fanfic I ever finished. Basically it starts with the final battle against Ghaleon...only he wins and becomes a god, and then 1,000 years later he's still ruling as the God of Lunar when Zophar (from Lunar 2, remember?) rears his ugly head. Adventure, mixed with a little Romance and a little Comedy. Both canon characters and OCs present.

Without Regret (Dragon Quest VIII)

This is a short little romantic tragedy I wrote for the ATGC 3 contest (originally titled No Regrets). It's about Eltrio and Xia (if you don't know who they are yet in the game I won't spoil it). Very short and sad, wrote it on a whim.

King Without a Country (Chrono Trigger)

This one was also written for the ATGC 3 contest. Of the three I wrote for that contest this is my favorite. Its about Porre invading Guardia and Crono having to get ready for the long dark war ahead of him. Drama.

Grandpa's Story: Tale of the Radical Dreamers (Radical Dreamers)

This is the third fic I wrote for the ATGC 3 contest (originally titled Grandpa's Diary). This is a straight up novelization of Radical Dreamers. After playing the fan translated ROM I fell in love with the game. This is the only story I've written so far that has been First Person (though the prologue and epilogue are both Third Person).

The Legacy of Demetrius (Chrono Trigger)

Another year another All That Glitters is Cold. This was the main story I wrote for the fourth contest, and after trying three years in a row I finally placed when this fic took 3rd. It all starts when Lucca gets thrown in prison for treason... Adventure, Mystery, Suspense, and Drama.

I heart Crippled Girls (Chrono Trigger)

This is a very, VERY random comedy I wrote while working on The Legacy of Demetrius. Very weird, very OOC, and very based on an inside joke between me and a friend. Also I submitted it to ATGC 4...just for fun.

A God in Fillmore (Actraiser)

A short story which is a re-imagining of the first level (or "Act" if you will) of the classic SNES game by Enix. I wrote this because there were literally no Actraiser fanfics to be found on the internet, and I thought that that was a shame.

The Change (Chrono Trigger)

A short story about Glenn waking up and realizing he's not a frog anymore, inspired by the anime cut scene of him at the end of the PS1 Chrono Trigger. The title is based on Frog's Japanese name Kaeru which can mean both "frog" and "to change."

Dangerous to Go Alone (The Legend of Zelda)

Another short story, this one based on the beginning of the original NES Zelda. Like "A God in Fillmore" this is a re-imagining style story where I flesh out the famous/infamous "Old Man", give him and his wooden sword some context, and describe the circumstance in which he meets the legendary hero, Link. "It's dangerous to go alone! Take This."

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