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hellooooo happy shiny people holding hands (that is a REALLY weird song, by the way) make me want to throw one should be that happy when there is all this poverty and stuff going on in the world!

anywho...back to me! (F.Y.I., i can be a bit random at times so this will change according to my mood!)


Why do you want to know?


Like i'm gonna tell you that...i'm 16!...half way to 32...ouch..I AM NOW OF LEGAL AGE in England TO...PLAY THE LOTTERY!!!!

OMG!!!!!!!!!! I'M GOING ON STUDY LEAVE ON THE 14TH!!! do u know what that means!?!?!? it means that my GCSEs are starting REALLY REALLY SOON!!!!!!!!!!!!! i am SO scared!!!


8th Jan. 1991! (i better get some presents!)


i am FEMALE ok? (people can get confused)

Hair Colour:

very dark brown/ black mid-waist length...but i REALLY want to get it cut! It's way too long and thick for me to handle!

Eye Colour:

Dark brown...nothing special really...

Ok...i live in London, England, but i'm Indian (even though i can't really speak my language sweatdrop).

I have 1 brother and 1 sister who are sooooooo annoying!

My name on fanfiction is musafa because i watched 'Lion King' and i was sugar high so i was calling everyone musafa instead of probably didn't want to know that but who cares?

Fave. colour:

BLACK! I know that some people don't like it because it's supposed to be an evil colour but i love it!

Worst colour:

PINK! sorry for those of you who like it but i really can not stand the's too bright for my liking.

Fave. movie(s):

I love movies with Jet Li in coz they are sooo cool with all the kung fu action. I especially like Kiss of the Dragon.

I Love Pride and Prejudice (the BBC version). The new movie is alright but i think Keira Knightley pouts way too much.

I just saw the Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe and it was soooo good! the acting could use some work, but the battle seen was excellent! my favourite part in the WHOLE movie!

And finally, Spirited Away! the first time i saw it was in Japanese so i'm like...'what the heck?'. But then i saw it in English and now i'm like...'ohhhh, i get it! this is such a great movie!'

Fave. anime:

YUGIOH! is the best anime ever to be made!

Fave. programmes:

ok, i can not get enough of A.T.O.M.. Yeah, i know its kind of a kiddies show but it's sooo funny!

CSI! THE GREATEST SHOW EVER! ok, i'm like a fanatic! For my birthday, i got 8 csi books from my parents and i've got soo much more stuff too. My favourite is CSI NY 'coz it's more about the characters' lives instead of the victims' lives.

I LOVE NCIS! it was so sad when Kate died! i was crying (and that's something i don't do very often!) but Ziva's still cool.

I don't usually watch casualty, but i LOVE Greg and Cyd's relationship! they are ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE together, so if any of you fancy writing a fic about them then it would be much appreciated!

erm...Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi...i know what some of you are thinking; 'how can you like that show!? the grandma's supposed to be dead by now' yada yada yada, but i think Lakshya is soooooooooooo cute!!!

Fave. Movie:

1) The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly!! love it soooo much!

2) Pride and Prejudice (the feature length 1995 BBC version)

3) Kabhi Kushi Kabhi Gham...soooooooo sad! especially when Hrithik Roshan cries!!!

4) Kuch Kuch Hota Hai...sooooooo sad too!!

Fave. food:

mashed potato...drool...actually i like any kind of potato but i love smashing them so mashed potato is my fave.

Most annoying expression:

'dressed to the nines'! i really don't understand what that means and it keeps popping up in almost every fanfic i read! if anyone can put me out of my misery, please do.

Fave. quotes:

'They misunderestimated me' George Bush... this quote just cracks me up

Stephen Fry: What is three times more dangerous than a war?

Jimmy Carr: Three wars...


Fiction i read:

i read...yugioh, of course

csi ny

spirited away


Chronicles of Narnia

and pride and prejudice (i can not get enough of it!)

Fave. pairings:

yugioh- SETO and ANZU!

chronicles of narnia- PETER and OC...incest is just wrong...

csi ny- DANNY and LINDSAY! they are so cute!

spirited away- errrr, who else? HAKU and CHIHIRO!

and pride and prejudice is obvious...LIZZY and DARCY! (i really don't like the name 'Fitzwilliam'.)

Pairings i HATE:

yugioh- Serenity and Seto! They just do not belong together! She's so like 'oh, big brother! Come and save me from the evil people!' and 'I'm so stupid, i can't even see that Tristan and Duke like me!'...
...and Seto's gonna be like 'Get away from me you stupidly naive girl! You're such an idiot and you're too dependant on other people and your voice is SO annoying! It's like a guinea pig on helium!'

harry potter- Harry and Ginny! I know she's like really quidditchy (i know that's not a real word, but it's in my dictionary), and i know that she and Harry date in the 6th book, but she's so goddamn annoying! And i bet Harry only said he dumped her to keep her from harm is just a lie. He just didn't want to hurt her feelings and get Ron on his back for dumping the little twit!

i don't really mind who pairs with who in CSI NY as long as it's DL...or FL...maybe a bit of ML...though friendship is better for the last pairing...

as for my stories... i kind of need some ideas first so if any of you want to give me some, it would be much appreciated.

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