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name: Brittany, but call me Chubbs!

about me: I'm a cheerleader(base),I like to act, sing, and dance ,I play rugby (flanker)and I've just finisheda musical for my schoolboard called "Anything Goes".

my story:

FATE: while erik is in his labyrynth , trying to get rid of his memories of Christine, the managers of the opera house bring in someone who they hope will get rid of erik. It's going to get better than it sounds because there's going to be more going on then i've already said, Romance and mystery, and betrayal, i think if you're patient with me you'll like this story.

Please don't let the randomness and weird quotes be reflective of what you think my story is like.I don't generally write this way.

BEST TV SHOW EVER -- trailer park boys ( canadian show)


fave actors:

johnny depp

gerard butler

martin lawrence

judi dench

billy connolly

joseph fiennes

geoffrey Rush

favourite movies:
High School Musical - ADDICTIVE!at the beginning you're like 'this is so disney I could kill myself' but you end up singing along by the end... and then you think 'wow, that was acutally a really good movie' so you watch it the next time it comes on. and then you buy the cd .and then you learn the songs. and then when the dance special comes onyou learn those too, then you count down until the dvd comes out... it's a vicious cycle of disney songs and character actors. Someone help me...

Pride and prejudice


Phantom of the Opera

Pirates of the Caribbean

Shakespeare in Love

Moulin Rouge

sleepy hollow

Favourite musicals

Phantom of the Opera!


Les Miserables



Cats- memory... all alone in the moonlight!

In olden days a glimpse of stocking was looked on as something shocking but now god knows,- "Anything Goes'

Favourite Books:

Le phantome de l'opera ( only read the french one so i can't say how the english leroux one is like)

Angus,Thongs, and Full Frontal Snogging ( laugh out loud kind of book)

Harry Potter books

goofy quotes:

"omg i'm so behind in my monologue, i have no idea what my story should be about"

"you could make it about a ninja"

"why,because you like ninjas?"

"damn straight"

" hmmm maybe i could make her a pirate."

"a pirate ninja?"

"jordan if you say ninja one more time i will slap you"

"... ninja! SLAP ! ow..." me and jordan (who has a ninja fetish)

" Hey jordan,did u know judy garland was a ninja?SLAP! wtf was that for!" this kid nick, who wasn't there to hear me threaten to slap anyone who says the word ninja.

"i only have two words to describe a person like that..."


"no ,emily, that's two syllables" - me and my friend emily, she'sreally funny when we do something stupid

"oooo ma.. handsome Julian patrick swazee ur so fackin sexy...and roadhouse fackin dirty dancing " emily and me quoting conky from trailer park boys(best show ever)

"Who wuz our first prime minister? MONTREAL!" i actually have no idea what started this... i think it was something in math class... emily and me again

"Aw you guyz...i got a cramp on my shoulder!" emily AGAIN, while me and our friend brittni were running during rugby practice, emily's the thinnest of all three of us but and she needed an excuse to stop running.

"it's like RENT, but we have have jobs" me describing this made up janitor musical at rehearsals for anything goes

"you dirty rat ,you dirty rat" - best line in the musical anything goes

"FRENCH!" buddy blaire, desbribing what his blind, deaf, french dog was thinking

"MY LIFE SUCKS!" emily , falling down after a mock rugby game at my trailer

" Emily why are you buying blair a chocolate bar, ur falling into his trap!"

"JUST CUZ I'M A WHORE!" - guess who?she meant to say just cuz i have a heart. but EVERYONE else heard her say something different...

"wow, we don't have these in barhaven..." (stares in wonder) .a different emily, who spent a weekend with me and my best friend. she's uhhh... special... we call her "Barhaven" which translates into idiot . the worst part is was that all she was talking about was a corner store that sells pizza... welcome to my world 0_o

"WOW these fit like a dream..." barhaven trying on gooses boots -they're not quite rain boots , not exactly clogs .I've never wanted to slap someone more in my life!

"what? just 'cause i'm a cheerleada?" best friend shelby and me giving each other dirty looks in the hall

"BRITISH TRACTOR!" me and shelby playing the best game you've ever played in your life.

"If you could have any super power in the world what would it be?"


"you want to be Jesus?- what an egotistical pr!ck!this guy wants to be Jesus.I'd love to cover you in spaghetti hahaha- aw christ... Not you!" -Dane Cook

"Patience!" - my one line in Anything Goes...

"Mummy CAKE! " "I love Mc donald's!" me and My friend Micheal Fan. I love you Mike, I really do. XoXo

'HELLOOOOOO ... I'M A CARRRRR! gasoline makes me run!seat belts. trunk space oil is my blood"uhmmm dane cook, who else

"you guys, i haven't shaven in three weeks" "omg that looks like a sasquatch!" "that's because she is a sasquatch! Fernando the saquatchy ball boy!" me blair and barhaven... who will forever be known as fernando the sasquatchy ball boy... the best part is even her parents called her that =)


" yeeeaaahhh , what! OKAYYY!" me and new buddy phil , pretending like we're lil john..

"Mike Jones Mike Jones" phil and me again imitating drunk punk asses at our trailer park

"PHil... come watch a movie... don't be a fat ass come watch a movie"

"i am a fatass... i'm trying to sleep"

"Phil fat asses watch movies... Phil?"


"Come watch a movie, it's about a retard, what's better than a retard?" - Blair whispering to phil through the trailer window in his arnie ( à la what's eating gilbert grape) voice... phil came and watched a movie after that... fatass

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