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Hey, its me! It must have been a long time ever since the last time that I updated this. I only had one story back then, after all. Anyways, I'm going to try to be more active from here on out! So, my name is whatever you want to call me. I'm probably going to change my username, but call me whatever you want. Just as long as it's nice.

I grew up around Pokémon, Yu-Gi-Oh, Yu Yu Hakusho, and Rurouni Kenshin. So, these anime hold a close attachment in my heart. I'm also into Gundam, Macross, Gurren Lagann, Soul Eater, Zoids, Shakugan no Shana, To Aru Majutsu no Index, and the list goes on and on... I'm also a fan of J-RPGs and live actions, especially the Final Fantasy series, Kingdom Hearts series, Ar Tonelico series and Shin Megami Tensei series. I am also a fan of Disney, although I believe that Disney's best work is put into their own animated movies, such as Lilo and Stitch, Lion King, and, just recently, Princess and the Frog. I'm not a huge fan of the recent Disney Channel franchise, but some names from there I hold in higher esteem than others.

My favorite game right now has to be Persona 4, mostly because I find the characters in there to be unique in their own way and the gameplay is a good feeling of the standard turn-based J-RPG. I also really love Final Fantasy IX because it was the first ever Final Fantasy and J-RPG that I was exposed to. Ar Tonelico 1 and 2 are just funny moments all around, especially because of all of the innuendos in them. Right now, I'm playing Sonic and Sega All-Star Racing, Final Fantasy XIII, and Pokémon SoulSilver.

The games that I'm looking forward to right now are:

1) Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep: After seeing Crisis Core on the PSP, I had the worst feeling that Kingdom Hearts was going to be next on SquareEnix's agenda to port to the PSP. And man, from what I've heard, its been an amazing game. Unlike Pokémon SoulSilver or Final Fantasy XIII, I don't really have much to say about this. But, from the gameplay that I've seen and the storyline plots that I've heard, the game may be the best Kingdom Hearts game. Period.

2) Persona 3 (PSP): I can't really say much about this, considering that it may just as well be another game with the ability to choose a girl protagonist, but like Pokémon, maybe this transition from having a female protagonist to compliment a male protagonist may affect the future Persona games. Couldn't hurt business, right?

My stories:

Final Fantasy: Dawn of Shadows: This story is about Jaxen Mihuru, a person contracted by a phoenix, known as Phaonin, to help him in saving the world from an ancient evil. This is a alternate universe Final Fantasy story and only acts in parallel with the other Final Fantasies in terms of themes and ideas. This story is being put on infinite hiatus for the time being. This is only because I think that with a better grasp on how to make more solid characters and such will come with time away from it. I'll probably make a Final Fantasy fanfic someday, although I can't guarantee that the characters or the story will be the same.

Yu-Gi-Oh! XR: This story is about my main character from Final Fantasy DoS, Jaxen Mihuru, and incorporating him into a Yu-Gi-Oh GX setting with other, new characters around him. This is a This story is on infinite hiatus for the time being. This is only because with Yu-Gi-Oh 5Ds out, I would like to possibly incorporate things from the storyline there, like Synchro Summons and Riding Duels.

Pokèmon: New Chronicles: This is my newest story, taking place five years after Ash's journey in Sinnoh. This story introduces a new main character, Ren Suzuki, along with other minor characters from the original anime series who may have been too young for them to start their Pokèmon journey, like Max and some of Brock's siblings. This is currently my project for the moment. I'm planning on having at least forty-to-fifty chapters, enough for Ren and some of the other characters in the story to gain some character development. In this story, there is none of my old original characters from either one of my stories, although that may change someday. This one I'm also incorporating the use of OCs made from other people who read my RP and send in a profile. I hope for this to become good enough to garner some good reviews.

To Protect: This is my first ever one-shot, depicting Rua, Yusei, and Ruka from Yu-Gi-Oh 5Ds. Sadly enough, this is the first story that I have written with the actual characters from an anime or series in general. This assesses more of Rua's lingering thoughts about not being a Signer, something that could be mentioned later on in the series. Along with this, this also could be seen as a means for Rua to get more motivated to study more often and put more effort into learning how to duel properly, whatever that means.

Heart and Home: This is my second one-shot, which is a Kingdom Hearts fanfic. This one explores the idea of Sora having a home at Destiny Islands with Riku, Kairi, and everyone else. Because of the fact that many aspects of Sora and Kairi's interactions can be interpretted as romantic in a sense, this could be a partially SoraxKairi fanfic. However, this is intended to be a SoraxRikuxKairi friendship fanfic. The story ends with Sora going off to fulfill the request that the King has for him.

Possible future stories:

Yu Yu Hakusho: If I was to do one based on Yu Yu Hakusho, I would probably base it on an Alternate Universe one, especially because of the ending of Yu Yu Hakusho. This would probably dive more into the detective side of being a Spirit Detective and actually unfold similar to things in a usual hardboiled detective novel.

Gundam 00: I have an idea drawn out for this already in a sense. As the ESF, for the most part, was oppressed during the first half of Season 2, I would want to stage a story with that as the theme and focus in on some of the ESF aces that we may have wanted to see in Season 2. In this story, up until the Africa Tower Elevator incident, this would most likely follow the anime timeline tightly but operate outside of the storyline. With this, I can explore more of the corrupted government that was the ESF, their bad relationship with A-LAWS, and maybe even go one step further beyond the storyline of Gundam 00 and show what may have happened to remnants of A-LAWS right after the Innovators. This story has been drawn out so Ren is the main character.

Kingdom Hearts: I have an idea somewhat drawn out for this one. This is actually a remake of an RP that I did on the site Gaia Online a few years back. In this RP, it depicted Jaxen and Stone, both characters in Yu-Gi-Oh XR, as swordsmen trying to extinguish the heartless and the nobodies. Of course, this was made in the time between the release Chain of Memories and Kingdom Heart II so my story would need to be tweaked a little bit. But, this would explore more of Riku's side of the argument: whether or not darkness actually has an "evil" property, it could still be used for good. This would be most likely a three-parter: one being the "Kingdom Hearts and Chain of Memories," one being "Kingdom Hearts II," and finally, one being "Kingdom Hearts III."

Dissidia/Kingdom Hearts: This one has been lingering in my mind for a little while, when I get the time to write up a decent plot, I'll post it here.

Original Mecha Story: This is an idea that I actually came up with the help of my girlfriend, which takes ideas of mecha from Macross Frontier and Zoids and combines it with Reyvateils from the Ar Tonelico series. At this moment, I'm writing up about the mechanics of the world and haven't really gotten to the actual bulk of the story itself. However, this may be a story that can introduce one of my new main characters: Haruto.

Original Fantasy Story: This is an idea that I thought up of on a rainy day and is a story dealing with some concepts addressed in Persona, some addressed in Magical Girl like Shugo Chara, and finally some in action RPGs, like Final Fantasy. In this story, this would be the first story depicting both Jaxen and Ren as the main leads, without one having real development over the other. Like the Kingdom Hearts story, it's meant to be a trilogy, but it is really a trilogy of trilogies, with one focusing on Jaxen, Stone, and Ren, one focusing on Haruto and one of my other characters, Zeo, and one focusing on another pair of new characters, Asuka Toudou and Hotaru Kuroda.

My characters:

Jaxen Mihuru: usually a main character, he is the first ever character I have ever made and is really the typical shonen protagonist. His usual element is lightning and his usual weapon is a sword.
Zeo Celesti: usually a main character, Zeo is the typical oblivious child, although that does cause him to say things that are more perverted than most perverts without even realizing what he is saying, really. He is usually a child in stories involving most of my characters, but is a teenager if Haruto is in the story and is the main character. He is a mage, based off of Vivi from Final Fantasy IX, and is a natural fire caster, being able to use all versions of fire and the Ifrit summon. He usually gets something known as Mage (Sage) Form, which acts as a plot device for him in many of the RPs that he is in. Ren Suzuki: usually a main character, he was created two years after I created Jaxen. Because of this, Ren's personality is more similar to the cool character, coupled with a little bit of shy guy characteristics. His usual element is nature, although if he has a separate form, he will most likely gain an angel (Seraphim) form, and he usually uses nunchucks.
Stone Dempsey: usually a main character, although almost always a secondary main character, Stone is more gruff than the first two and more reactive. His first name is something that he hides, only because it is not particularly masculine and doesn't fit with his personality. He has the usual element of earth and he uses his fists more times than not as his weapon.
Hikari Hanabi: usually a main character, although she is always a secondary main character if anything. Hikari is more of the strong, but nice girl archetype, something that I try to play to the best of my abilities. She has usual element of light and uses archery.
Asuka Toudou: not written of yet, but her first appearance will probably be in the main character seat. Asuka is a willing mute, mostly because of a traumatic experience in her past that caused it. Usually, Asuka is my special character: she has the ability to do something that no one else can do. And yet, she is unwilling to do it. Despite this, she is one of the most willful characters in the whole cast. She has the usual element of water and she uses a broadsword.
Rebecca Hathaway: Not a very used character and is usually put in the secondary character spot. She is the "shy girl," an archetype that has been beaten to death. But, still, I use her and am trying to make her more similar to Ranka Lee from Macross Frontier in terms of a variation of the shy girl that people can lead to liking. Rebecca usually is associated with nature and uses a scythe.
Haruto Tatsumi: not written of yet, but first appearance will probably be main character. Akio is very similar to the character Tsukasa Kadoya from Kamen Rider Decade, mostly because of how his personality just turns out to be. He is usually a swordwielder and has control over light.
Hotaru Kuroda: not written of yet, but first appearance will probably be main character role. Hotaru is one with a hot-and-spicy nature, something that people can't ignore saying or mentioning at times. Hotaru, however, is always aiming for something that he hopes her can become: a being above that of human beings. His weapon and element have not been decided yet.

More will be added soon.

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