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Once upon a time, not so long ago, not so far away, a secretary became so completely and irrevocably bored with the job she was never really good at to begin with, that she decided to use the perfectly good computer her bosses had provided her with to actually write something. To create. To author. Like that. Since she had never been particularly good at coming up with interesting characters, she hit upon the idea of using characters who were in her favorite soap opera. She knew those people better than she had ever known anybody in real life. And she liked them inifinitely better. Pine Valley was her home. Thus was born Spamela.

Two "novels" later, Spamela felt it was high time she filled in her Profile on the fabulous fan fiction site which had allowed her to post her AMC fantasies.

So who am I anyway? Am I my resume? I am a (still) single female of indeterminate age. My passions are writing, composing and losing weight. I am currently skinny, blonde, unpublished and employed. All of that could change almost instantaneously.

Current projects? Well, I've written a song for "American Idol" that I will be sending Simon soon. There's going to be a song competition this season, but I wrote the song even before the compeition was announced.

Also, I am in the process of rereading my existing FanFics and correcting whatever typos I find. (Thus far, I've found scads. May I extend my apologies to all Readers who found them before I did!)

I am planning a new Zendall Adventure. Science Fiction. Zach and Kendall will be caught in different dimensions, living in a world without each other, never knowing the other exists but somehow always knowing that. The working title is Zen Trek.

Oh, I'm still devoted to "All My Children", even though it's morphed into "All My Careys"! This too shall pass!

Zen is Destiny!

November, 2008 Update

"Zen Trek" is complete. "Two Characters in Search of a Storyline" is begun. AMC has a new headwriter and Babe (played by a new actress) is gone. Kendall is in a coma and Zach went and donated a cup of his manhood to Bianca and Reese. Thus was begat Gabrielle. Hate thie storyline. Hate it. My Zen seems to have disappeared and rumor has it that Kendall will be much changed when she awakens from the coma. I don't want Kendall much changed. I want my Zen back!

Zen is STILL Destiny!

July, 2010 Update

"Two Characters" kind of stopped, rather than ended. Circumstances honestly beyond my control drew me away from "All My Children". I am presently searching for a new Show to inhabit and write about.

Zen is History. But it was nice while it lasted!
It was EVERYTHING while it lasted.

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