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Favorite Mangas/Animes & Characters & Pairings:

Vampire Knight--Shiki Senri (KYAA, Shiki!) -- Ichijou/Shiki, Zero/Yuuki, maybe Kaname/Zero

Katekyo Hitman Reborn--Rokudo Mukuro, Tsuna, Gokudera -- 6927, 1827

MeruPuri--Aram (so kewt, pinches his cheeks) -- Aram/Airi

Absolute Boyfriend/Zettai Kareshi--Naito (sniffs, rubs eyes), Riiko -- Naito/Riiko

Death Note--Near (like cotton lol), Matt, L -- Matt/Near (Strange? Nyah~), Raito/Near, L/Near

D. Gray-man--Tiki Mikki, Allen -- Tiki/Allen

Hunter x Hunter--Killua, Kurapika -- Kurapika/Killua (Seme Kurapika! Take that!)

07 Ghosts--Teito (kewtie XD), Frau (LMAO), Castor, Labrador -- Frau/Teito

Naruto (haven't watched it in a while, after episode 27)--Sasori (!!/Shiki and Sasori are sort of alike =D), Hidan --Deidara/Sasori (haha, seme Dei), Itachi/Naruto, Hidan/Temari, Sasori/Sakura

Rozen Maiden, Traumend, Ouverture--Jun (although he's a little mean in the beginning =D), Shinku, Souseiki --Jun/Shinku, Suiseiki/Jun/Shinku

Junjo Romantica--Hiroki (he's so cute when he's pissed off), Nowaki, Misaki, Usagi (=D Perv, although that's hypocritical), Aizawa (har har, Yaoi fangirls we are) -- Nowaki/Hiroki, Usagi/Misaki

Favorite Artists & Songs: Japanese

Rurutia: Hallelujah, Yuruginai Utsukushii Mono, Reirei Tenohira, Lost Butterfly, Ryuukou, Tsuki Senicha, Itoshigo Yo (The title of the current fic is the other title of Itoshigo Yo --My Beloved Child), Selenite, Magnolia Jouke

Matsuda Ryoji/Mazda Ryozy: Kutsuzure, Shissei no Meiro, Uta wo Utau

Nightmare: The World, Alumina

Tohoshinki (DBSK): Purple Line, Sky, Rising Sun, Begin, Summer Dream, Love in the Ice, Proud, Wild Soul (Changmin)

NEWS: Hoshi wo Mezashite

Nanase Aikawa: Owarinai Yume, Snowfall

Dream: Sincerely, Everlasting Snow, Get Over

HAL: I'll Be the One, Starry Sky

Utada Hikaru: Hikari/Simple and Clean, Passion, and almost all of her songs.

Ayaka: Why, Blue Days

W-inds: Boogie Woogie 66, Love is Message, I Still Love You, It's in the Stars

Nami Tamaki: Reason, Brightdown

Nana Kitade: Antoinette Blue, Kesenai Tsumi, Hold Heart

Ali Project: Kinjirareta Asobi, Seishojo Ryoiki, Baragoku Otome

Abgindon Boys School: Innocent Sorrow

Aya Kamiki: Nemutteita Kimochi Nemutteita Kokoro, Secret Code

The Yellow Monkeys: Tactics

Mika Nakashima: Sakurairo Maukoro, Yuki no Hana, My Medicine (FT. Nana)

Morning Musume (and sub bands) Last Kiss, Egao Yes! Nude, Summer Night Town, Robot Kiss, Sakura Mankai and the other songs

Do As Infinity: Fukai Mori, Shinjitsu no Uta, Rakuen

Namie Amuro: Four Seasons, Come, Violet Sauce

Changin' My Life/Myco: Eternal Snow, Myself, Nostalgia, Embraced Love, Love Chronicle, In Future, New Future, Etrange/Etoranze, Focus

BoA: Candlelights, Winter Love, Every Heart, First Snow, Listen to My Heart

It's an endless list.

Other language Bands: English

Mindless Self Indulgence (MSI): What Do They Know, Kill the Rock

Mariah Carey: We Belong Together, It's Like That, Hero, My All, Don't Forget About Us, I Still Believe

Beyonce: Crazy in Love, Me, Myself, and I, Irreplacable, Naughty Girl

Destiny's Child: Survivor, Girl(s), Soldier, Bootylicious, and the other songs

Maroon 5: She Will Be Loved, This Love, Sunday Morning, Harder to Breathe


Liane Foly: On a Tous Le Droit


Tank Lu: 懂了, 给我你的爱, Zhuan Shu Tian Shi, Fei Ni Mo Shu, 天空没有下雨

JJ Lin: 被风吹过的夏天


Full House OST: Oon Myung, Forever, Chingu Ran Mal, Geu Deh Ji Geum, I Think I, Sha La La/Humming

DBSK (Dong Bang Shin Ki): Unforgettable, Hug, Choosey Lover, Insa (Jae Joong), Footsteps (Jae Joong), Balloons, One, I'll Be There, 'O'~Jung. Ban. Hap, Tri-angle, Whatever They Say, The Way U Are, Tonight, On & On, Your Love is All I Need

Tony An: Blue Sky, Giokhae...Saranghae

Super Junior/Suju T: Haengbok/Full of Happiness (Cover of H.O.T)

Favorite Live Dramas:

Full House (Korean)

Nobuta wo Produce

Yukan Club

Hana Kimi (Chinese Ver.)

Hana Yori Dango (Both Chinese & Japanese Versions)

Banjun Dramas (Korean, DBSK): Dangerous Love, Unforgettable Love, DBSK Vacation Mini Dramas, Uninvited Guest


The sites below are Japanese sites in which Japanese/Korean/Asian artists draw fanarts for their fave pairings or whatever. Just click on the word "Illust" and black squares will pop out. I have the site and the description below it. Most of the sites I faved are Katekyo Hitman Reborn-related and 6927, so...

When you see the word "Memo," click on it. It'll have more pictures. It's like a collection of fanarts, so you have to scroll down. Most of the artists don't update as much, and those are mostly the ones with beautiful fanarts. But ah well.

D. Gray-man: Ciel

Mostly Lavi/Allen and Tiki/Allen. She's also drawing Katekyo Hitman Reborn fanarts.

Katekyo Hitman Reborn (gigantic list):

Neo - Favorite Katekyo artist.

Mostly Yamamoto/Hibari (weird, for me) and MukuTsuna (squee!). Her name's Yun. The site's name is Neo.

RE:sKEY - Pretty art. =D

On the lefthand side, click on img while holding the ctrl (control) button on the keyboard.

Hikakie - Probably the one who updates the most.

1827, 6927, and 9627.

Toxic - MuTsu.

Click on the Kanji's above the barline that are separated by a slash.

Desorden - Not my favorite but still good.

This should be easier, the choices are in English. Dino/Tsuna-ish.

Triangle - You might have to scroll down in some pictures.

Neutral, no absolute pairing.

And I still have some more, but of course I won't hand them out freely. xD Ask, and perhaps I shall abide.