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We're just kids who come here to play!
Up all night long n' sleeping all day !
We need a fix but can't go to a store ,
The gig's sex and blood's our liquor!


Old stories mentioned before are now deleted. If you're confused, check the note at the end of this profile and you will see the notice from December.

On a happier note, Sugizo has now released two songs (12/16/09) on Itunes! These singles are, "Messiah" and "TELL ME WHY YOU HIDE THE TRUTH?" Both are great! I adore Messiah! "Have you found, Messiah? Are you searching for, Messiah?" Sugizo's voice... -dreamy sigh-

These will get me inspired to write for sure.
Thank you for all your support!


You can reach me on Livejournal, username is Therapydotai


anime: .hack// series; Deathnote; Yami no Matsuei (Descendants of Darkness)
manga: Devil Does Exist!
book: Deathnote Los Angeles BB Murder Case.
TV show: Devil Beside You.
movie: Seth et Holth (starring hide & TUSK)

Therapy Ai--profile--

name:-Therapy Ai-
birth date:July 28th, Leo.
age:secret(You know I wouldn't tell….)
blood type:something wacky chromosones
height:5"1 or 5"2
weight:always been underweight
specialty:ready to rock?
home town:nowhere
hair style:hide-cut, Kyo colored, Hyde-styled
Foot size:5 1/2 in girls, 6 in boys (don't ask me, I don't understand it either)
ring size:Sorry, I don't know.
cigarett:second-hand smoker
favoriteDrink:ice water, G2 Gatorade
AtractiveType:asian men
favoritePerson:hide / Heath / Emilie Autumn / 雅-miyavi- / SUGIZO / Taka
favoriteBrand:LAST KISS (amerikan), LEMONed (JPZ) store: LEMONed, CURE america (LA)
My guitar: Andromeda (Luna Guitar's)
My under wear:boy-shorts
My EyeWear:hide-style, .hack// style too
My fragrance:N/A
specialty.:drum, dance, headaches =.=;;;
weak point:to sing ( working hard to improve it !)
favoriteWords:「 "SEX, BLOOD, ROCK & ROLL"」

Thank you to miyavi-sama for the profile layout questions.

1.0-First Japanese song you ever heard?

Fukai Mori by Do as Infinity (Inuyasha)

2.0-What got you interested in Jrock?

I saw Moi Dix Moi's amazing costumes and heard their music on myspace,

3.0-Favourite person in Jrock (only one).


4.0-Do buy the music?

Yes, I buy it when possible. Mostly at conventions.

5.0-Do you write/read fanfiction?

Pff, have you /seen/ my stories section below?

6.0-Top 10 bands.

(in no order)



08- Malice Mizer

07- hide (solo)

06- Sugizo (solo)

05- L'arc~en~Ciel

04- Dir en Grey

03- Miyavi (solo)

02- Gackt (solo)


7.0-Thorough explanation how you discovered them.

X-JAPAN, Malice Mizer, and Dir en Grey I all found through myspace and wikipedia. I originally thought X would be mainstream crap (Since it was popular and most american popular things are mainstream crap) but it definatly wasn't! I eventually took a liking to Luna Sea, but first fell in love with Sugizo. L'arc~en~Ciel I found through Full Metal Alchemist. Gackt I found through searching for 'jrock' on youtube (Vanilla). hide! hide I found around the same time as X, in fact I think I fell in love with him first. Also found through myspace, I'm sure. Dir en Grey I almost went to a concert (wish I did!) but didn't, although I did learn to like their music once I was older. Miyavi is also youtube, HYDE because I stumbled onto his solo stuff while looking for L'arc. VAMPS I saw in Baltimore, and DAMN. VAMPS is Hyde from L'arc and Kaz (ex-hide w/spread beaver) and they ROCK.

8.0-Have you’ve been to any concerts (if so, name them).

Mhm, and thank god for that. BACK-ON, MUCC, D'espairs Ray, the Underneath (twice), VAMPS (YESSSS), Versailles, quaff, and KAYA. Of them, my favorite concerts were VAMPS in Baltimore, the Underneath at Otakon, MUCC in Fairfax, and quaff at AUSA!!

9.0-Do you mind the Dir en grey haters (if yes, explain)?

Only if it's for stupid reasons like homophobia or they claim that Diru is a 'copier' of american rock.

10-Why do you think Dir en grey is sooo popular?

They are a classic, have been around for a long time, are experienced, and great musicians!

11-Why do all Jrock surveys mention Dir en grey/Malice Mizer?

They're classics from the 90's.

12-Do you believe in fans?


13-Is Kaya a pedophile?

Kaya gives a good performance... no he isn't.

14-Top 10 songs you can’t stop listening to:
(in no order)
10- Jesus - LUNA SEA
09- Shallow Sleep - HYDE
08- Filth in the Beauty - the GazettE
07- Celebration - X-JAPAN
06- Trouble - VAMPS
05- Sex Blood Rock&Roll - VAMPS
04- Goodbye - hide
03- A Story - hide
02- DO-FUNK DANCE - Sugizo
01- Beat It! - quaff (Michael Jackson tribute)

15-Are you obsessed with the Japanese music?

Japanese music clicks with me.

16-What do you think inspired Japan to have “rock” music?

The restrictions of it's society and rebel qualities of rock. The rebel qualities of Yoshiki too, heh.

17-Have you imitated a style (clothes, hair, make-up) from Jrock?

every day... It's just in me, you know.

18-What are you currently listening to?

quaff! Just, beat it! Beat it!

19-Why do you think people put down Miyavi so often?
Hnn, put him down? Well, they claim that he copies off hide, which is shit. They also claim he has gone 'american' with his hip hop abstract mix of music. That's also shit. He's a wonderful guy.

20-I like MYV, do you?

MYV is great!

21-What songs have you cried to (in Jrock only).

Without You by X-Japan, only the live version... Goodbye by hide and Flame by hide. Forever Love and Endless Rain by X-JAPAN. The Last Song by X-JAPAN... Hi-Ho by hide.

22-Who is your hero (only one).

hide... he can always make me happy, and can always smack me with some reality.

23-Do you think Mana is the least bit beautiful?


24-Do you think Mana needs to retire?

No!! Mana can go on as long as he can and wants!

25-What do you think about bands swarming the US?

Swarm all you want!! Just, remember Japan, okay?

26-What other languages do you get in?

Japanese, German, Mandarin Chinese

27-How many songs do you have of Jrock (give number)?


28-Do you remember the big BOOMS of bands?

Ahh I remember the recent booms! Like, Dir en Grey's boom here. And then following that, MUCC, D'espairs Ray, and the Underneath got into the Taste of Chaos tour! I know a lot about the original booms, like X and LUNA SEA, but sadly I lived in the US (and still do) during that time...

29-What was the first J-rock music video you ever saw?

...HNNNNN. Music video?? I remember my first live was Dahlia by X-Japan (the last live too!). Hmm... first PV would be.. Bacteria by hide. Problly.

30- If you could say anything to ONE Jrocker, who and what would it be?

To Heath, X-JAPAN's bassist: "Keep going, your doing great! We love you! Please visit America and see for yourself! Your my favorite bassist!!"

31- Name the first song you ever ever ever fell in love with in Jrock.

It was either Beast of Blood by Malice Mizer, Eternal by Moi Dix Mois, or Dahlia by X-JAPAN. Most likely Eternal.

32-Do you own any tours of Jrock?

X-JAPAN's Nippon Budokan performance, Dir en Grey's Withering to Death tour, Family Values Tour with Dir en Grey performances, and X-JAPAN's 2night New Years performance from 1993.

33-Do you visit forums for Jrock?

Enn, only for news or if I'm confused about something.

34-What is your current worry on Jrock?

I'm happy that Jrock artists are still being strongly influenced by the originals..! I'm worried though, more about the fans. Some only listen to the newer artists or music, and don't support the older that are still around. We need the originals. We need their influence, that made the jrock sound. If we lose that original sound, then... well, all the different types of jrock artists won't have a similar thing in common will they? To have some of the same influences brings together jrock.

35-Anything you regret?

About jrock..? Well, for at one time liking the 'cute' and 'girly' man, and expecting it. (And rejecting any man even Japanese that wasn't alike it!)

36-Any band disappoint you (if yes, explain)?

Actually, Yoshiki should have worn the brace.. ... but, it's X. Seriously, Yoshiki has always been this way, just like X is always late (but never too late!), so it's the way of X-fans. xD

37-What about those fangirls?

Depends on the kind. A fan of the music is great. A fan of how the band looks is okay, but only if they also like the music. And a fan only of how they look need and 'yaoi' need to go away...

38-What are you listening to now?

Do-Funk Dance by Sugizo.

39-Any recent releases you love?

Cosmoscape by Sugizo, and the live version RISE TO COSMIC DANCE dvd.

40-Do you laugh when people mix up band members?

Well, depends if it's in the same band. I don't really laugh, I correct them or help them out... and I try not to do it myself.

41-Has any other person, into Jrock, make you angry?

Yeah, when they have a snobby attitude about the Versailles concert delay. When they get on Dir en Grey and don't explain why.

42-I think Jrock artist should carry around little dogs, do you?

Er.. if they want to. I know Shinya has a little puppy...

43-Why aren’t they open with their love lives?

Because you know those fangirls mentioned above? They're fucking crazy. They've torn up Gackt's chances with women. That's fucking sad.

44-Do you sing down the street?

Of course!

45-How about dancing?

Of couuuurse. Dancing to Sugizo nooow.

46-How’s America?

I like freedom but freedom is debatable.

47-If you could meet any Jrocker, who would it be?

Only one? Hehe, I'd have to say hide... Or, if that's not possible, Sugizo.


I wanna hang out with them! I wanna have fun with them, and talk with them. I want to get to know them.

49-Are your room walls littered with their faces?

Hahah! I have a hide wallscroll on my wall. My dresser IS littered with jrock faces. I recently got an X-JAPAN poster. :)

50-What about magazines. Which ones do you like?

I'd buy SHOXX if I could, but at conventions I get them... I get any american magazines with jrock artists in it. Only if I notice, of course. I enjoy the American jrock magazines, since they often mention the history of jrock, ect. Japan automatically assumes that the reader understands jrock because they've been raised in Japan.

Important notice, 12/03/09:

It's the third of December.

Now that I've started cryptically, I'll just cut right to the main point. There's much debate over whether fanfiction about real people is correct... morally and realistically. I've come to realize that I just can not write about hide anymore. I can not write about Miyavi, or Sugizo, and definitely not Yoshiki in the way that I've been writing.

In ten days, on the 13th, I will be deleting many of the fanfiction I have posted. I will also be deleting it off of my computer. The fanfiction that will be deleted, is most importantly almost all of the explicit oneshots and the two main series that, at one time, I was very proud of: Forever Friends, Forever Love, and Hayashi Syndrome.

Miscast, Love Letter, and certain stories that are more neutral will stay.

I've been thinking for almost a year. That's because I've written this fanfiction with my heart, with my soul, and it's a definite part of my history and life. I wrote Forever Friends in practically a night of binge-writing. It was my first serious writing, the first writing that I truly put my love into, and the first time that I had ever felt so proud. It was a breakthrough in my life.

But, my feelings have changed now. It's not that I wish to erase the past, but because I don't want others to read this, ... pardon my language, shit.

This is my gift to hide on his birthday, 12/13, and it's the best I can do. If you truly love hide, you would understand at least slightly where I'm coming from at this point. I'm sure that he would have a smile, even if it was a small one, at this...

At one time, hide said something alike, 'Why did they assume that I was a prostitute? Is it just because of my pink hair... merely because it was pink... Is that a way to think?'


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