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I've compiled a list of authors who write Cell fics. Also, I finally got my stuff up. Be on the lookout for more. My fics contain NO swearing and NO sex of any kind. All I have in my fics is good old-fashioned violence. I think Cell is indescribably cool and, since I'm majoring in genetic engineering, I have a few theories as to why certain things happened in the show.

Why did he regenerate into his perfect form after blowing up on King Kai's planet? It's simple. Absorbing Android 18 must have altered his genetic code, at least where it counted. The energy in itself was initially meant to hold him in that form until the alterations to his genetic code were finished. Since Android 18's energy was removed prematurely, he reverted. But, given enough time for the alterations to run their course, it is possible that the removal of both androids could have occurred with no effect on Cell's energy level.

Why was he suddenly able to use Instant Transmission? Easy! He's a superb mimic, in that he obviously has the ability to imitate and ultimately learn any and all energy techniques used around him. Either that or the energy output from Instant Transmission was written into Cell's genetic structure as he regenerated.

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