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Murder me for updating this thing again. It must be the millionth time... le sigh.

Anywho, my name's Helen, and I've gots nothing else to say...


Oh, my favorite movies are:

Titanic (the newer one, that is.)-- Made me cry so hard... which is all cool because I love sad movies.

Remember the Titans-- One of the greatest movies in all of everness. The acting was good, the filming was good, and the plot was good. I loved when they started singing that goodbye song at that funeral at the very end. (I'm sure the song has a name... if only I knew what it was... -starts actually thinking-) Moving, loverly movie, anyhow.

A Walk to Remember-- Don't kill me for it; I know it's corny. But dammit, it made me cry, and the plot was so thought out, and it was so beautiful... like me, but that's to be expected. Lol. I'm hilarious.

Meet the Fockers-- the funniest movie in the whole, widest world. Gots notin' mores to say bouts it.

Pirates of the Carribean-- I know I spelled Carribean wrong. I just know it. Anyway, the movie was just so fantastical... I love the Jack Sparrow dude (the guy Jonny Depp played). He was so hilarious... "But where's the rum gone?" Chyeah.

Freaky Friday-- It's just that great of a movie.

Twelve Angry Men-- One of those old movies that no one ever watches anymore but is still pretty amazing. The oldest one of the men was awesome. I mean, who notices marks from wearing glasses anymore? America (or whatever country you might be in) could use more people like him.

Mean Girls-- Never say you don't like this movie. You know it rocked. YOU DO.

Whale Rider-- the only movie that's ever made me cry so hard that I couldn't stop... except for about three or four others -happy-.

Finding Neverland-- My G-d, this movie was so fantastical. When the mother was sick, and she got to see Neverland anyway... that's when my eyes started getting all watery.

Failure to Launch-- My best friend and I went to see this a few days ago, and we were both laughing so hard. I loved that roommate; she was hilarious. (For anyone who lacks in some sort of life enough to have seen this movie, I could barely breath --laughing to hard-- inthat scenewith her at the store.The bestest manuel on earth = To Kill a Mocking Bird). And the roommate's boyfriend, too-- I mean, who do you know who has the guts to give a mocking bird CPR?

lol. I was married to a chalkboard yesterday in my study hall by a friend of mine.

And then we were talking about what dorks we all are during lunch today, but I have personally established that I am a cool dork.

Grrr, I've got Fergalicious stuck in my head. Again.

And I'm not even a big Fergie fan or anything. Hell, I don't even know if I spelled her name right ;)

Yeah, I'm more a Panic! at the Disco sorta gal. With a little bit of Fall Out Boy and Snow Patrol mixed in there.

And DO NOT, whatever you do, forget the Goo Goo Dolls (the love of my life). Their songs are like... whipped cream and peanut butter and Hershey bars mixed together, only better, believe it or not.

Byes. I've babbled to a murderous point here. Must go babble somewhere else now.

By the way, please take a moment to acknowledge the fact that I got through this entire thing without cursing once. I think.

&_helen_& (because y'all love her like hell)

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