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Congratulations, you've found me! I tend to *like* reviews, so why dontcha leave one...

My choice muses in writing are Quatre, Trunks, Joey, and the whole word which is Yugi and Yami. They'll appear the most in my fics. Some exceptions are to be expected, though. Can you tell I like writing? I guess I fit in here with me fellow authors!

I also have an obsession with drawing. Want to know how far my talent extends? Ask an author I mention later! Anywho, I'd be glad to draw an picture for anyone's fic...as long as I get one from one of my fics. :grins maliciously: It doesn't matter which one. If you think you can't draw, then you'll need to write a fic for me! Yes, it'll have to go along some guidelines. Is that so much to ask? ^_^

I'm currently working on making a series of Mirai Trunks fics that have my dear friend Mykonos in them. When I'm all done, they'll look like a huge multi-chapter fic. If you have any really good ideas for these, go ahead and email me or drop a note in one of your reviews.

Another big fic coming up is a Yu-Gi-Oh story about vampires. I'll start posting once I get closer to finishing it. The last big thriller is a Yugi/Yami romance, and a very unique one at that. I can't wait!

Since a bunch of people are doing this for me, I might as well mention them! These authors are some of my best friends and the best I know: Alessandra St. James Peacecraft, Balak, The Hyper Median, Mykonos, Gokus-Princess, and all of the authors Gokus-Princess mentions in her bio! She might be Vegetas-Princess at this point...

For all of those people who love Gundam Wing, Dragonball, DragonballZ, and still believe in Peter Pan, my fics are for you! All you need is faith, trust, and pixie dust!

Ja mata ne.


"Abunai desu yo. (Or: This is dangerous!!!)"