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Author has written 3 stories for Prince of Tennis, and Naruto.

I Am A Writer. I Write. If I Do Not Write, Life Has No Meaning.


Queeny here,

I don't know why, but Prince of tennis seems to be the only manga/anime that has me intrigued to the point of, when it finished, I felt oh-so empty and slightly unsatisifed. So the next best thing was to come on here and read peoples stories... Man did they fill the void. But now it's my turn to fill the gap with my own fan fiction. Yay me.

I've also felt the need to write a fanfic for Naruto and maybe Ouran H.S. Host Club. Don't worry I won't miss it up like I did POT.

I should say that I like to write stories that are different to what is already out there, which would explain the reasoning behind the two that I have written; Fuji's a girl and Ryoma is a farmer...

Started writing my Naruto fanfic and it's base around the fan-couple ShikaxTema. It's to be a sweet love story hopefully not too long!

Oh yes, I also want to do a shounen-ai with teen Kakashi and Iruka. (They are my no.4 fave pairing from Naruto!! (o_o)) I think it'll take place after Kakashi gets the sharinga or before... I should be more decisive... @_@

I like listening to jazz, reggae and anything that's got a good beat, meaningful and heart felt. (That's a lot of songs!)

Love writing. Finished my degree years ago and have NO intentions of doing a masters! Looking to work as an assistant editor. I'm also working on my own novel to which I definitely want published. Wish me luck.

Right now I'm working towards getting a trumpet and a saxophone. I can't play them... I just want them. Tee hee.


Update_April09: I have started a new Fanfic. Two long stories at once. Don't blame me if updates are slow, okay!

11th Aug '09: I've thought up another PoT story but I'm not gunna start it until I'm well into the farming story, this one's hopefully a lot shorter but more 'dark' 'emo-ish' I guess

26th Nov '10: OOH~ spontaneous short story added. Fancy that!!!

Progess with FanFiction Stories...

1: Shyness in the Boy: Well this one is really on a roll, might stop writing for about 2months here and there to think of the next chapters but it's pretty much in motion.

2: The Prince of Farming and his Almighty Quest: Chappie three up but still need to develop the long-winded ideas behind this one.

3: Shikamaru x Temari: Not yet published but definitely in the pipeline. I need to do more Naruto_Reserach.

4: Closing the Gap: Not yet published. It's another love story between Ryoma and Sakuno in their late teens. Should be a mini novel

5: Hate knows Loves a Cure: Not yet published or written. The idea behind this dark story is that Fuji is using Ryoma to get Tezuka. Very different piece of fiction.

6: Love Sick: This just popped out from somewhere and it was nearly the death of me as it's a short story. It's a Naruto and Hinata moment and just something I wanted to write regarding her confession.

FanFiction Stories

The reason behind the stories

Shyness in the Boy:

I wrote this story because, as much as I enjoy a shounen-ai from time to time, I don't think I have the skills to pull one off, so I had to go on a gender-bending saga with Fuji and Kikumaru. I think it's coming along nicely too. I definitely wanted to write a Prince of Tennis fanfic were Fuji and Tezuka were lovers or at least Oishi and Kikumaru so this story was the next best thing. Sorry to those who think it's really whack but... there are others who can do a much better job of it than me, and my spirit would cry if I did such a thing so, no.

I didn't want to give this story too much thought because I was writing it along side my novel but it kinda took on a world of it's own, which is actually very typical of my writing. I love writing novels and I'm pretty damn good at it, if I do say so myself. Don't expect to see any short stories from me. Short stories are my weakness. Poems are the death of me. Don't get poems, I avoid them like the plague.

I called this story Shyness in the Boy, because it was obviously going to be a romance of sorts with my herione Fuji and hero Tezuka. But these two, though confident in everything else in life, the part where you want to share the rest of your life with someone, and do all those silly little cute things with, I pictured that it would be hard for them, Tezuka more so. So it's a huge story about how these two break their high respect and boundries for each other so that they can say human things like 'I love ya!"

I only ask that you stick with me through the lovely highs and the painful lows.

The Prince of Farming and his Almighty Quest:

Don't ask where this story popped out from. I guess I just wanted to write something with a little more towards the genre I like... FANTASY! Though, I'm not very good at it. The idea is for Sakuno to go missing and our disinterested hero go on a quest to find her as well as develop his farming skills. You might have guessed that it is not all that serious. In fact it's suppose to be light hearted and fun. Let's see if I can keep it light-hearted and fun. Chapter 1-3 is up and I kinda like what I can do with this story so let's see how it goes.

Also bewarned, characters may go OOC from time to time.

Love Sick

As I was thinking about this story I wanted Naruto to be very confused about Hinata's confession, to the point where I wanted him to drag her around and get angry with her for being selfish. But I did some Naruto_reserach and he's so not like that, and he certainly wouldn't be like that with someone he would go all out for, so I just toned it down a little. He might drag Sasuke around but he's not a girl.

I really like this couple because there are so many obvious hints that they could be together. For a long time I've wanted to write a story with these two but couldn't think how or what. So I've been reading around, getting ideas and I could only come up with this short thing. Never mind. What's done is done. Will I be writing another Naruto fanfic? Yeah, my 2nd pairing. ShikaTema and possibly my 3rd pairing KakaIru

As they are likely to be short stories I'm in no rush to write 'em. Gomen.

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