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Now. Here is one of my favorite quotes, ever. It is from The Sport of Gods by Paul Laurence Dunbar "Many a man who might have lived decently and become a fairly respectable citizen has gone to the dogs for the want of some one to administer a good resounding kick at the right time. It is corrective and clarifying." The end of that statement can surprisingly be worked into many of your average everyday conversations. you should all try it.

I love profiles. Especially the funny ones. Its like getting to know people without, you know, actually having to talk to them. That's positive. I wish that I could come up with something hi-larious to put in here but you know. Can't. so. Thanks for stopping in. Sorry I can't entertain you...

a bit about my fics...

Anyway, I absolutely LOVE the twilight series. And I am FIRMLY TEAM EDWARD!! Jacob can keep on running as far as I am concerned. Stupid Dog. My hope is that, much like HP, after I get some reviews I'll be inspired to write some more fics. Not that I'm trying to be a review whore or anything, but after I wrote my first HP fic and got a few reviews suddenly my imagination was overflowing with stories that I just had to write.

This needs to be addressed. I absolutely DID love the Twilight series. And then the fourth book came out. That book does NOT exist in my imaginary world. I get bitter thnking about it. Oh, and I WAS firmly TEAM EDWARD. And then the movie came out, and it took two viewings of New Moon for me to stop snorting derisively whenever anyone called that man hot. So, I'm Team BOOK EDWARD and movie Jacob because that Tay makes a gal think thoughts.

I just posted my 10 story! I feel like I've hit a milestone of some sort. Yay! The story is The Painting. I really do need to get more creative with these titles, man. Anyway, this fic is very similar to The Swing in that it shows another quiet afternoon in the Cullen house. This time its only Carlisle with brief Esme and its a reflexive piece. So, I hope that if you do read it you enjoy it. I wrote it around 5:00 A.M last night.

So, this is what I've noticed about myself. Fic's that came to me easy like The Painting and The Swing I don't mind sending out into the world un-beta'd. The stories are light and a glass of lemonade at the end of the day. Not something you can really mess up and the flaws are minor so who will really notice? (So I hope anyway) But when it comes to the more important stories or the ones that are more difficult to write, the ones that could turn into a multi-chapter fic evenif its just one or two chapters more than a one-shot those send me into a blind panic and I can't function without a beta. I have the first chapter of one such story sitting in my doc folder and I just can't put it up until after its been beta'd and I get an opinion on whether or not the fic should continue on or stay as is.


Now Hear this. I WILL write Rev. and the SP one day, just so that I can pat myself on the back and say that I finally flipping did it. MY GOLL. Those have been on my profile since like '06. Constantly underway if but for this and that and then THIS crazy thing happened. Both of those fics are both living happily in my head. Waiting to be written. I won't say a when for when those will be written because honestly. I lie. I do have some new Twilight that I'm anxious to get started on. So. Thats coming...and. I'm pretty embarrassed to say, but I have a Sonny with a Chance coming. There was a cliff hanger! And then a hiatus! What is a girl supposed to do?

Sooo. I get all pumped and I'm all. I'm going to write this! And I'm going to write that! And then, I wrote something that I was a fan of and y'all...y'all dropped the ball! Not a review. Not nary a one. Geeze, guys, if its terrible, tell me! I'm down with a re-write. I'm not saying the re-write would come with all swiftness (thats what happened with my beloved Rev. It was all finished and there were some head scratches and seriously, that's how you see Lily and the Marauders and the fic went away for a very very long time...but it's coming! I worked on it some today 6/11 and I'm kind of writing in a new style. So. Here's a question, would you rather I post this Rev as I go or wait until I finish it to post it? If I wait until I finish it...who knows when that'll happen, but like most review whores a review gives my muse a goose and she gets giddy and twirls and I write more. Shrug. At least I know now what a whore I am.) But the re-write would come. Anyway, that particular fic was a mistake. What happened is this: I had two or three Twilight stories going, two were very similar and I was thinking of melding them together, one was something completely different. Alone Again, Naturally is a part of the two that were being melded together. Not that my title's ever make the best of sense, but if you'll notice, the title doesn't go with the story and neither does the A/N. it was all some ginormous overlook on my part, a giant MY BAD. But to give it no love, or even a hard time? I'm all fired sad about it. And I think that I'll have to take it down so that it can be fixed and properly melded in with what I already have, but some people have put it on the alert list. So, I'm feeling bad about all of that. And, finally. A giant, sorry guys, for not fixing it sooner. My mom died a couple of weeks after I posted AAN, and I lost all desire to write. But, I'm mostly back in the saddle again. Or at least I'm warily eyeballing the horse and offering it an apple to see if we can be homies again. And there's my great big update because I just *know* that all of you crazy kids have been religiously coming and glaring at my profile, saying, dang isa, what's the hold up? And deliberately not giving me reviews to make me suffer. So, I'm deluded. You wish you were too.

~isa 6/11/2010

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