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Author has written 14 stories for Naruto, Harry Potter, Death Note, Tekken, Final Fantasy VII, Legend of Zelda, Tenchu, Final Fantasy XIII, Fable, Dead or Alive, and Paradise Kiss.

I have a tendency to forget my disclaimers. From here on out, my stories are disclaimed. There. Are you happy now?

Okay, one thing before you move on: I've been lurking around the site noticing people's profile pics and constantly clicking on profiles to see if they said what/who it is, and the answer is generally no. So, just in case someone is like me, my pic is a picture of Loque'nahak from World of Warcraft, just in better/realistic/movie quality, ofc.

Today is August 18th, 2012; it has been approximately one year since you left me. It seems so long ago, and yet it seems like just yesterday you were here. One year, my Goddess, has it truly been so long since we've last met? Since you smiled at me and spoke to me and made me laugh till I cried? I miss you; I miss you so much that it hurts, but I'd like to believe that I've gotten stronger. These tears in my eyes are tears of sadness, yes, and maybe one day I can write of you without feeling so much pain, but until that day the thoughts of you will always make me remember and regret all the words I've never said.

I love you, I miss you Gloria.

Your favorite niece,


IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENTS ARE ALWAYS AT THE TOP: These tiny paragraph breaks that I use are of my uninspired muse dragging a reluctant me back to fanfiction.

(._.)=c)-0-)=m Yup. Can't you see the story in there?

IMPORTANT! I have been very sick this past month, haven't been able to read any mail or update any stories. Everything will, hopefully, be back on track before the end of the month.

UPDATE! Feb. 2, 2013: That sickness turned out to be a horrible flu. x-x Feeling a bit better now, will go back to checking my stories but bare with me, it still hurts to move and my back is giving out the longer I sit up.


Temeraire is a book series I have recently gotten into. It's...fucking amazing! And...it's LACKING FANFICTION!! People, pick up those books and start reading them, then get to writing! -cracks whip- I am DYING to read a Napoleon/Laurence fic! Also, I've been feeling the love of ff again ever since I read it. I even managed to start doing a few new...eight new fics since I started reading it. Heh.


There is a short story in my profile called Craption; Please read it over and see if you're guilty of writing it! :D

Do note that the story was written by me to show the type of stories that I don't like, which is personal opinion, and that I use to be an avid reader of them. Tastes and times change, but I won't budge on those stories being pure garbage now. xP

In response to the Thanksgiving moment that happens in Rags Over Riches...It's really quite sad, I shouldn't even address it here, but if people would read A/N's then I wouldn't have to write this. Yes, I know it's an American Holiday. The reason why it's there is written in the A/N Another New Warning. It helps to read everything people.

-Wonders if I should just take the story down-


Okay, here's a few things about me.

One: I use to love writing yaoi, now...I hate writing yaoi.

Two: Slash is my new yaoi. For those of you that don't get it, here's the difference between them; Yaoi has been invaded by a lot of children writing off shit and passing it off as stories. Instead of getting better, they get worse, they multiply, and they keep getting positive reviews by other yaoi writers. I no longer consider myself a yaoi writer, though I use to be one of them. Very immature, very...a lot of other shit. This changed with the death of a family member and some responsibilities that have finally forced me to grow up.

Slash is more mature, with more stories written about books than anime, though I've noticed some yaoi writers have been slipping in and poisoning the fandoms I love. As a quick notice, please know that I will find your stories and review them. It won't be a flame, but I'll criticize the hell out of you! You have been warned.

Three: YaoiCookie is still my name and moniker; fuck no I'm not giving it up! It's mines! Yes I still carry a bit of pride with me on the name, and I still get pissed at seeing other people with it. I've been using the moniker of YaoiCookie since I was a child. There is a YaoiCookie on Quizzila, or however the hell you spell that site, that is not me. I went to her story and frothed at the mouth. If you use the name of YaoiCookie, try to grow up, like I did, redo your stories, like I was doing, and bring some pride back to yaoi.


Alright, now that that's finished, let's start getting to the important shit.

As I have said before, someone in my family died. It happened some time ago, but this death still affects me greatly. My aunt died, my aunt that I use to tell all of my stories to. I use to get ideas for my stories by verbally telling her them, and also use to provide bedtime stories for her with them. We use to talk from sun down to sun up, literally, and I am still reeling from her death. Despite how sick she was, she has been fighting and living through everything for nearly twenty years. One morning she left for an operation and she never came back. Even writing that just puts me to tears.

I am an emotional wreck. I can hardly get through the day without a distraction, because I know, whenever I'm left alone with nothing to do, I will simply think about her and all of the things I never got to say. That I regret never saying. The stories she loved so much to hear that she never got an ending to. Many of the stories I've written I've told her about, many of which I've never published. Now I will be publishing them, but I can hardly look at them without feeling depressed. Every time I go through something, I recall how she laughed, how she changed the sentence, her smile, her voice and it kills me to look at it. For the most part, I don't think I'll be able to look at fanfiction, or even my original works the same way for a long time, but I know she wouldn't want them to be discontinued.

Thus, I am publishing my stories for adoption.

It will take some time to get all of the rules and whatnot written in my profile (writing this was hard enough), but here's a few things to know.


This still grieves me, but time has helped to lessen the wound. I still look upon my stories with sorrow, but I will be continuing them now. Despite that, these stories and/or the story ideas are still up for adoption.

Adoptions: Give credit where credit is due. Whether you take the story or the plot, please give credit to YaoiCookie. You can change the pairings to either het or no pairings, OC is not an option. More specific things about the many stories I'll put up will be written here at a later date; if it's not and you're impatient, email me at Yaoicookie@yahoo.com to get info on how the story was meant to go, pairings that were meant for it, or anything else. And, yes, despite how many stories I have, I do actually recall the plot lines and points for all of them.

I am mostly a slash or no pairing writer, with the occasional het fic thrown in. Most of my stories feature Harry Potter, as the world of JK's creation lacks in so much that it is easy to twist things to one's own purpose. My favorite part of the Harry Potter Series was Book 3, when Harry left the Dursley's and went to The Leaky Cauldron, whereupon he saw Dwarves, Hags and other magical beings that would have actually made Harry Potter a truly magnificent world of magic, but was sadly never expanded upon. A few of my stories actually center around that moment, because I really love other magical creatures and would have loved if JK would have expanded on different beings besides just humans and their magical counterparts. If Hermione had been a vampire and Ron a dwarf, or some of Harry's classmates were creatures, then the series would have held a better place in my heart.

Yes, Harry Potter was great for a children's book. Yes, it could have been better. Yes, she ruined Harry by making him turn into a whiny teen. Yes, JK could have expanded more on magic and she took a shortcut by making Harry a dumb ass. This is the reason for fanfiction; so the fans could fiction it better.


Adoption Challenges: Because I have given things a lot of thought recently, I've realized that I've come to hate the idea of setting a guideline for adoptions. As much as I would love to see the story go a certain way, not everyone will think like I do. Therefore, an asterisk will be placed beside things that are considered challenges to an adoption. For those of you that have no idea what an asterisk is, or are a bit confused, allow me to explain; *sentences that begin like this and end like this* are challenges.

One thing that I REFUSE to budge on is my major pet peeves in slash fiction. Because so many of my fics are Harry Potter inclined, I'll be referencing this fandom in particular. Blatantly.

Your. You're. There. Their. They're. Its. It's. Definitely. Defiantly. If you're unsure of how to use those words, then you shouldn't even bother adopting the fics. Also, I LOATHE when all of the main female characters in the story are unbelievably bitchy and the main male/female characters are unbelievably gay. Male/Female example being; Harry finds his life mate in -insert random already unbelievable male here-. Conveniently, Hermione is Pansy's or -insert random already unbelievable female here- mate. Ginny, seeing that all guys are useless, is suddenly gunning for -insert random, even more unbelievable female here-.

Professor Snape, entirely unimportant to the fic, also get's a brief mention of his sexual orientation, and he's with Sirius or -insert another random, are you friggin kidding me? He's gay too?? Insert another random unfrigginbelievable male here-. Lord Voldemort -who is never actually Voldemort, because when has he allowed himself to be called Tom or looked like Tom?- is now ultra attractive after his new ritual, and Harry or -insert...um-I tend not to read other Voldemort pairings...even if pretty much all of the so called Voldie/Harry stories are in fact Tom/Harry, but usually insert Lucius here- totally would let this now emotionally sensitive Tomort do him hard and sloppy.

The Johnny Gan Way.

Female example being; Narcissa suddenly becoming a shop whore that lives to buy and spend. Ginny thrusting her tongue down every male's throat to catch Harry's attention (practically canon though it is). Molly being overbearing to the point where Arthur would never love her, let alone have seven children with her. Hermione flipping her hair because she's the smartest witch in the world and everyone knows it. Etc, etc.

So, as long as you can avoid adding such horridly unbelievable things...oh, whoops, almost forgot about the last pet peeves.

Feminine Boys. Inheritance. Soul Mates. Incredibly Blushing Virgins. Quidditch Toned Muscles. Character Bashing.

Sometimes it works, most times it doesn't, half the time I'm sick of it, a majority of the time I'll not even read it. Inheritance Fics where Harry is suddenly the most beautiful thing ever are a personal hatred of mines, because we're not reading about Harry anymore. I personally love it when he gets makeovers and lose his glasses, but when it becomes like this horrid example that I'm about to write off the top of my head, I loathe it.


Craption, by YaoiCookie: All of the students looked at him in awe, stunned that the beautiful boy in front of them was really Harry Potter. Long, curly hair framed a delicate face, with rosy red lips, a pert nose, and the most stunning pair of vivid emerald orbs any had ever seen. His clothes, no longer the disgusting cast offs that once hung from him, now encased him sensually, teasing the imagination. Harry flushed an attractive red at the attention and quickly scurried to his seat, his Quidditch toned muscles rippling against the fabric, letting his lithe form be gawked at. At this moment, several things occurred that Harry was unaware of.

Draco Malfoy took one look at Harry Potter and knew that he would possess him, despite their many years of animosity. Harry was so delicate and fragile, like a girl, and he needed someone with money and power to protect him from the vultures in the world that would only want him for his money. Someone like Draco...who would protect this boy, no, this beautiful man with everything he was. Yes, he could feel the pull, this shock had clued him into what he'd been denying all these years; Harry Potter was his mate.

Severus Snape took one look at Harry Potter and knew that he was no longer just James Potter's son, but Lily's child as well. The resemblance between them, the utter beauty that Harry possessed...how could he have missed it for so many years?! He could see the others gawking at the beautiful boy, at the boy that was so obviously his, and a low growl started in his throat. Harry was so delicate and beautiful, so misunderstood, so mistreated; he needed someone with strength and a firm hand to guide him...someone like him. Severus allowed himself to smirk before hiding it behind his mask, indulging in the pull one last time before going back to his meal. To think, all these years of denial, and this is what finally forced him to accept that Harry Potter was his mate.

Ronald Weasley took one look at Harry Potter and blew a gasket.

"Who the hell are you and what have you done with the real Harry Potter?!" He snarled. Harry looked up at him in surprise and hurt, his mouth dropped open in shock as his friend continued to glare at him.

"Ron..." He trailed off, disbelief in his eyes as Hermione glared at the redhead for being such a...such a Ronald!

"Harry is Harry, Ron!" She shrieked, defending her friend like Ron should have been. The redhead looked at her as though she were stupid, making her harrumph angrily. He was the stupid one, as anyone with eyes would tell you, and she was incensed that he would even think she was on his level. "You can't just be mad at Harry for finally getting his inheritance, Ronald! Just because he has acquired the vaults of Merlin, Morgan, the Founders and several other made up Pure-bloods from his mother's side doesn't mean that you should be angry that he's now a Pure-blood and richer than you! Besides, he was richer than you before and-!"

"Hermione, shut the hell up and listen!" Ron roared, interrupting her with a firm glare. Her mouth clicked shut and she glared at him, waiting for his explanation. Angrily, the redhead jabbed his fork at the still stunned and flushed Harry. "He is not Harry Potter! And I didn't come to this conclusion because of all that stuff that you mentioned in the above paragraph!"

"Then why are you so suspicious?" Ginny Weasley questioned, looking at Harry with adoring eyes. Harry flushed heavily and turned away from her, hiding his beautiful eyes from view.

"Because!" Ron snapped impatiently. "Harry hates attention! So why in the hell would he wait until the busiest time in the school year to make all of these noticeable changes at once when he knows that everyone is going to be looking at him?!" Blue eyes rolled as everyone looked at him in surprise. "And you all write me as an idiot?! Feh."

Elsewhere, a surprisingly human like Voldemort, who preferred the name of Tom Riddle, snapped his red eyes open. Lust filled his every pore as he trained his thoughts on the vision of beauty that he had seen, on the soft cupid bow lips of red that were puckered in shock. If he had his way, those lips would soon be puckered for another reason entirely. Grinning, Tom leaned back into his bed, thinking of the sweet and delicate boy that he would seduce to his side. Soon, so very soon, Harry would be his, mated and fat with his child. The thought made him groan in delight.

He was so happy to have finally found his mate.


And that is how bad fiction is born...though I'm actually tempted to write that one out. A story with Ron as the only one with sense...heheh. xD

Good luck!


Hwoarang Mishima » Kazuya has it in his head that his son needs a wife. Unfortunately for a penniless Hwoarang, who's master is in critical condition at a high end hospital, he almost perfectly fits the criteria.

Pairing: Hwoarang x Jin OR Hwoarang x Kazuya OR Kazuya x Hwoarang x Jin (Side pairings are totally A-OK (unless it's any of the three with Lars-read below), so long as the story ends up as one of the three)

Story Info: I was writing this before Tekken 6 came out and there was just a smattering of trailers where it looked like Jin had taken over the world, thus, the story is AU. Lars was never meant to be in the story, and I pretty much despise him, but whoever writes this, if any, feel free to do what you wish with the newer characters.

Rules of Adoption (RoA): Should you take this story, Jin is not allowed to angst...much. For the most part, Jin is overtaken by his Devil, merged if you will, and thus his angsty, brooding moments are few and far between. Also, Jin is obsessed with Hwoarang. NO MPREG! NO GENDER SWITCH! NO SUDDENLY KINDHEARTED KAZUYA! Recall that both men will try using Hwoarang for their own means and that they hate each other! Father/Son bonding can happen, but don't overdo it without a lot of hair pulling: That's just boring!

Hwoarang: is not a girl! He can have some uke moments, but they are few and far between. When he finds out Kazuya's intentions to marry him off to Jin, he can rage as much as he wants, but recall that he is currently doing all that he can to help Baek stay alive. Fleeing is obviously not an option.

Other than that, have at it! Artistic license is encouraged, so I won't put down everything I would in the story unless asked, but if that's the case...I may as well do it myself...


Legendary Travels - After changing from his years spent on Knothole Island, Garth awakens to find himself in a new world, a world where Will has gone extinct, leaving behind a diverse and strange magic. Slash, Garth x Reaver, other warnings/pairings inside

(Oddly enough, this is one of my more popular fics, but not a single review...I don't know if I should sulk or -looks at other chapters on comp- withhold.)

Pairing: pretty much don't care, but the main one is obviously Garth x Reaver, anyone else can be with anyone else...but no Snarry or Drarry -gags-

RoA: Should you take this story, Garth must be the main focus. *Pretty much the readers should find out the story when he does, no going into other people's pov's until after he figures it out (if you're into changing pov), and any frustration he feels at not finding something out, we must feel equally as frustrated. For example, if Garth is stuck in a cliffhanger, the next moment/chapter cannot be from someone else telling us what Garth has missed. We MUST find out when Garth does. Frustration: does the body good.*

Garth: Is merged with the phoenix. He takes a few personality changes from said phoenix, and there are times when his phoenix form is stuck as a chunky (and adorable) chick. When he is stuck as said chunky chick, his human form is stuck in the body of a child. All other rules to his forms are pretty much explained in the fic.

Reaver: is still a bastard, though he's kind of insane. I-Oh, wait...I'm spoiling a chapter that hasn't even come out yet! Er-will explain Reaver after chpt 2 is out! TBC

Pokemon X-Over: Yup, I'm letting the cat out of the bag! That's the third crossover. No characters from Pokemon are allowed to show up in the fic, *just a few Pokemon themselves if you really must* and only documents (if any) can be found of said world, *which should be far darker than originally intended.* No Pokegirls. Bang.

*Animagus Transformation (Because I know you're thinking it!): If you really wish to, you may allow a few characters to change into Pokemon as SECONDARY Animagus forms. Like Garth's: original form Barn Owl, after ritual Ho-oh and owl. Also, if Harry and Hermione becomes something powerful, Ron must become something powerful too. In fact, if you so much as plan to exclude or bash Ron from the fic, don't even bother writing it. He's a straight up jerk at times, yes, but Ron is equally as important to Harry as Hermione is.*

*Legendary Pokemon: ...If you must, truly, turn other characters into LegePoke's, then please limit it to four people, and they are not magically stronger or more intelligent than Garth. (Because, you know, he's Garth...) Also, please refrain from using Entei, Raikou and Suicune, because they are already in use in chapter one of Legendary Travels (read it carefully if you didn't catch it). Do not use Mewtwo either, for obvious reasons, Deoxys or any of The Kami.*


More adoption data coming whenever I feel like it. -insert cheeky grin here-

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