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Author has written 5 stories for Lion King, Warriors, X-overs, Watership Down, and Harry Potter.

ThePassionFruit finds her own self really boring! So instead of talking about herself she proudly presents more information on what she has written:
Drum roll please...

One Story for X-overs:
Power of Stone
1 Chapter
About a group of girls who have come across a set of necklaces. But what could this mean? (Still in it's early stages)

One Story for Harry Potter:
Jinx and the Mystery at Hogwarts

2 Chapters
- Jinx, Jazz, Henry (a group of friends from mainly Gryffindor) and a mixture of other Hogwarts students are in a pickle as they try to solve a Mystery that has occured in their school of Hogwarts.

One Story for Watership Down:
The Adventures of Little
2 Chapters
About an orphaned Rabbit who, dispite her size, goes on to have amazing adventures. Over coming alsorts of enemies along the way. This is an idea that formed when I was young, it is possible that it is more than 10 years old, but I've never really written anything about it... Until now, when I've forced it upon myself. Plus, I got an A in my GCSE english's. JKRowling only got a B - I think I'm ready. I think it's Time! It's my childhood imaginings, so please be kind. It started off when I was little and so as I have grown it has progress - but I have to be true to my past self and write the original main characters, however stupid it may seem!

One Story (maybe two...) for Warrior Cats:
Fables of a Warrior
5 Chapters
- About a cat, whose just become a warrior, called Darkstorm. Her best friend Blondeye and how her kits grow, along with Darkstorm, to be great warriors. Then their's the famous Blackheart - hearthrob or just confused? There is 5 chapters and I'm stuck for what to do now... So it could be a while before I update!

- Alternative story story about Darkstorm and Blackheart... Thinking about making this because I'm not happy, at the moment, with the way I am writing Fables of a Warrior. That's why this will be an alternative, as its just not working out for me... :'(

One Story for The Lion King:
Pride Rock A New Age

14 Chapters
- About the lions of Pride Rock after the rule of Simba, and starts with the funeral of Kovu. A story of Kovu's sons rule, as well as the stories and destiny of their children. Zenobia, Terra, Gae, Juta, Storm and Ruto - along with the lions of the Royal Rocks. Including the elusive Youngling, Miko and Pravo.

ThePassionFruit says:
Updating The Amounts of Chapters Not As Soon As It Happens, But As Soon As I Remember! XD I am forgetful and such, as well as it being a funner way of doing things :D
This starts my clear out of works. I'm editing, remaking and trying out new things. Hopefully I'll be able to make this all more presentable, and maybe make the things I have done much better. But we all know that it's not going to change much ;) Lets hope I get round to thickening the plots and patching up the silly holes (mainly just mistakes) that I have made in the stories. Of course, those who know me will not be expecting too much, but hopefully they will be waiting patiently.

In the mean time... Please Read, Review, Comment, Whatevers with these as it really does help to know people are reading the rubbish I pull out of the back of my brain. It also makes me want to update more xD! Be kind to Little's Adventures... it's a childhood dream

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