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Name: Tsukie/ Rachel

Age: 15 ((And proud of it!!))

Gender: Female ((Just in case you were too retarded to figure that out from my name; not that you're acutally retarded, just oblivious))

Mi amiga buena: Kira/ Sponge

Authored Fanficitons: ZERO!!!!! CERO!!!!! 000000!!!!!!!!

Likes: having anime/manga obsessions, watching anime, reading manga, staying up late, spending the night at friends' houses, having friends over, writing stories that I never seem to finish, drawing, being on DA, school/learning, art, taking pictures with my new cell phone (!),

Dislikes: bossy peoples, most pumpkin pies, homework, my brother, most of my relatives (Yeah...I have a freaky family), birds that poop on me, jerky people at school, people that insult what I like, SPANISH!!!, mi abuela,

Things that annoy Tsukie: Sakura from Naruto, people that can't use freaking grammer ((I probably spelled that wrong...; )), SasuSaku 'cause Sasuke is WAY too good for Sakura, NaruSaku 'cause Naruto is WAY too good for Sakura, cry-baby female characters ((-cough- Sakura -cough- Kagome -cough- -cough-)), mi hermano, mi profesor de espanol, typing all the little grammar things on the computer in Spanish, my grandma de mi padre, Charlie ((my man-whoe of a unicorn)), mi madre, el hermano de mi amiga buena, Sasuke 'cause he's a back-stabbing BUTT-HOLE NOW!

Current Obsession: I don't really have one. I'm kinda all over the place...

Past Obsessions: Ceres Victoria (Hellsing), Kikyo (InuYasha), Naruto and SasuNaru pairing, Roxas/Sora and Sora/Roxas pairing, FujiRyoma pairing

Favorite Animes: Chrono Crusade, Hellsing (you get the point), Neon Genisus Evangelion (sp?), Full Metal Alchemist, Elfen Lied, Prince of Tennis

Favorite Mangas: Chrono Crusade , Hellsing (you should get the point), Fruits Basket, D.N.Angel, Vampire Knights

Favorite Couples: AxelRoxas, RoxasSora, SasuNaru, InuKik, and many that I can't think of. ((I support many Shojo-ai ((sp?)) couples XP))

Fave food: Gum?

Least fave food: Most pumpkin pies

Hobbies: Obsessing over animes/mangas, drawing, writing, reading, bugging my family to buy me mangas/anime DVDs, winning nothing in contests, chatting on YIM and MSN messenger, being on the internet, getting side-tracked from homework, downloading music

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FictionPress.com account: http://www.fictionpress.com/u/526215/

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