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name: pyro

and after the longest time on this archive, I can finally fix up my profile anyway; introductions aside, you may call me Pyro. That's not my real name, but it's something for me to go by. There's not much else for me to talk about. I live in the U.S. I love writing, which ultimately leads me here to write stories, but that's enough about me now. The good stuff, you know, my stories and stuff.

A Fairy tail re-told this story originated from my intentional thoughts of the anime. Don't get me wrong, I love the series, and to this day, it is my favorite anime. I honestly didn't think the story would get as far as it had when I first started writing, nor did I expect such a following. Seeing as it's an Au-type story, they don't seem very popular on this archive. As for how far I'll get, I'm not sure. I'm hoping I can do the entire story of the series to at least the tartaros

Friendship, Family, Love, and the fairy tail. This story was initially meant to be a one-shot called Bedtime Stories, but I decided to make it a series of one-shots as it got more followers. You can request a story for me to write, or I'll post something on the story. This story will go on till I get bored posting on it, so yeah; also, the request board is below.

I am an anime nerd, so of course, I have some Favorite anime: Fairy Tail, Dragon Ball Z, Pokemon, Sword Art Online, My Hero Academia, Kill la Kill Bakugan, Naruto, Assassination Classroom, Black Lagoon, I Want to get into more anime or its Western equivalent, so if you have any suggestions, please let me know; I might end up posting some stories for other animes or one-shots.

Shipping-believe it or not, I don't have a set stone ship. I like exploring how a specific character would be with another character. it may be random at times, but I love seeing some characters with other people who I believe they'd get along with, so expect a total of completely random shipping in all my stories

Friendship, Family, Love, and the Fairy Tail Request bored(closed)

All ships are allowed

  1. any stories must have a detailed summary for me so I can have a basis for your ideas
  2. All stories must be one shot, and there is no limit s to how many words, but I will accept full story ideas as well if I want it to be more than one chapter
  3. PM me your story idea or put it in the review section of the story
  4. Characters can be OOC, but don't overdo it, please

Another thing I will never have OC in my stories most times I may end up changing a character's up, but I will still accept an OC or two now and then, and OC must have a reason for being there. As for Dragonslayers one, I want to say none of the same elements that already exist in the show(Fire, Iron, Sky, Lightning, Poison, white, or Shadow). I say this cause I feel like it's done a lot in stories or at least has a good reason story-wise for someone to have the same magic other than a type of (insert dragon slayer name and element here) can't eat. And make sure it's an element that a Dragon could have(i.e., Ice, water, or earth). Pretty much be creative and original with requested OCs

Upcoming Friendship, Family, Love, and the Fairy Tail Chapters

Here's a list of story ideas I have for upcoming chapters and requests that have been made so you know that I am listing to you guys when you make them not sure when they'll be uploaded, but know I am working on them

A Fairy Tail re-told wiki(potential spoilers, so read at your own risk)


As explained by Mira in Chapter 5, the guild system is run by strength in this version of Fiore. Each Guild is a subdivision of a larger guild, the big three being Phantom Lord, Blue Pegasus, and Lamia Scale guilds are mostly set up in a way where you are under their protection, and all requests are sent to the main Guild and are sprinkled to the minor ones under their charter. After the events of the Phantom Lord arc, the strongest Guild, Phantom Lord, was forced to disband, leaving only Lamia Scale and Blue Pegasus as the top guilds. After the fall of Phantom Lord, two guilds rose from the ashes, each talking half of what used to be phantom Lord. The two guilds are Sabertooth and Mermaid heel. Both guilds are said to be edging close to war. The king would later come up with the grand magic games as a way to prevent the guild from going to war. However, it has become a staging ground for their conflicts behind the scenes, and the Magic Council believes that it will be the catalyst for war. After the X791 grand magic games, a small peace seems to be established between the guild, though no one knows how long it will last. After the war with Alvarez, the guild of Fiore formed an association in order to manage most of the activities as many guilds have started to go independent of the territory system, becoming a thing of the past.


The city of magic is what it is called it. In this series, Mavis never creates the Fairy tail guild, and instead, it becomes a beacon for solo wizards to find work and have places to call home since they don't want to join guilds. However, due to a large amount of guild activity, jobs are scarce, and the town is not as famous, leaving them to have tons of celebrations to keep the wizards nice and happy. It's said to be protected by the children of Mavis. After the disappearance of Tenrou Island and the wizard team Fairy Tail, the town has since fallen under a guild scattering the solo wizards across the country and beyond. After their victory in the grand magic games, Fairy Tail was able to reclaim their home of Magnolia once again, making it a safe haven for solo wizards everywhere. After the war with Alvarezx, not much has changed in the town other than becoming one of the central hubs for magical development and a training ground for many of the run knights under Laxus.

The children of Magnolia

the protectors of Magnolia hand-picked by Mavis herself and said to be on par with wizard saints. These legendary wizards are nothing but myths everywhere. Still, in Magnolia, the title is passed down every so often from the previous one and, in most cases, only goes to a wizard who is willing to protect the town at any cost; the three children of Magnolia have since disbanded as no new members have been recruited and Mavis has yet to return. Its two members would return after seven years along with Mavis and have since reformed the team and plan on taking back Magnolia. the real purpose of the children of Magnolia was revealed to be to protect the fairy heart from any who would want to use its power for evil. The group's original name was revealed to be the Guardians of Magnolia. However, it was later changed when Makarov took up the mantle. After the passing of Mavis and the loss of the fairy heart, the group would go on to disband. However, they still hold a bit of authority in the city and are still seen as the leaders of the wizarding populace of Magnolia.

Current status: disbanded

Notable members

Natsu Dragneel( the chosen son)

Mirajane Strauss( the chosen daughter)

Erza Scarlet(the second daughter)

Mystogen(second son)

Laxus Dreyer( the fallen son)

Makarov Dreyer(the first son)


Gildarts Clive

Precht Gaebolg

Yuri Dreyer

Warrod Sequen

Fairy tail

reformed after the phantom lord war Fairy tail as a means of gaining extra protection against outside forces that threaten Magnolia when the children are unable to respond or if it's too big a job for them to do on their own. It's also a way to trust the remaining two big guilds to create an easy alliance. After Tenrou island's events, a good portion of the team disappears, with Wendy Marvell and Lily being the only survivors; six years later, Wendy, Kinana, and Lily are all that make up the team as they train Romeo, the group later officially disbanded as its remaining members would go on to form a new team. Its core members would later be revealed to have survived seven years later by going into stasis with the fairy sphere. During the grand magic games, Mavis would reduce the team so they could participate in the games to win back Magnolia. After the fourth day, the team would merge with Dragon Tail as a way to compensate for both teams' heavy losses during the previous days. The team would once again be reformatted in order to rescue Lucy, working alongside the children of Magnolia. The team's last major change would come after everything is said in done, with its original members finally becoming a team again, hoping to help Magnolia become the heaven for solo wizards it once was. After the events of Tartaros, the dragon slayers would leave the team to train for their fight with Acnoliga, as fairy tail would go on to start working closer with the magic council; two years later, after the dragon slayers return, the group would reform in order to rescue Mavis who had traveled to Alvarez. After the war with Alvarez, the group would disband, with each member returning to normal lives but still keeping in contact with each other and taking the occasional job.

Current status: Inactive

Former members

Natsu Dragneel


Mirajane Strauss

Lisanna Strauss(deceased)

Elfman Strauss

Lucy Heartfilia

Erza Scarlet

Gray Fullbuster

Juvia Lockser

Gajeel Redfox

Wendy Marvell


Panther Lily

Laxus Dreyer




Romeo Cornbolt


Mest Grynder(deceased)

Dragon tail

the spiritual successor to Fairy Tail, which formed six years after the team's disappearance and disbandment, the groups formed to take on the newly rising Raven tail, who planned on using the infinity clock to cause unknown destruction and cause the end of the world. The group calls itself the spiritual successor of Fairy Tail as the team's leader is a former member, and most of the members have, at some point, had their lives affected by the members of Fairy Tail. After the battle was over, the group would disband with its mission done, and with the blessing of Zentopia, the group would go their separate ways to go back to hunting for jobs. The group would later be reformed for the grand magic games in order to increase the chances of getting Magnolia back by having ten solo wizards on the field. The team would once again disband after merging with Fairy Tail due to heavy losses for both teams. A few weeks after the games, the group would be re-instated by several other wizards in Magnolia in order to help fairy tail around town.

Current status: active

Elfman Strauss

Cana Alberona

Laki Olietta


former members

Wendy Marvell

Panther Lily

Romeo Cornbolt

Freed Justine


Lyon Vastia

Max Alors

Alzack Connell

Bisca Connell

Mirajane Strauss

Laxus Dreyer

Gajeel Redfox

Juvia Lockser

Jellal Fernandes(disguised as Mystogen)

Drakon Slayer magic

A new type of magic replaces the second-generation dragon slayers instead of lacrima. Using the powers of a dragon slayer can gain the power of the dragon slayer. Still, they lack the typical dragon slayer magic's usual drawbacks (such as motion sickness) and are stronger than the average dragon slayer.

Name origins: from what I was able to research, drakons are the Greek equivalent of dragons, but that was from Wikipedia, so I'm not sure how reliable it is. The only other place I Could find things on drakons was from the Percy Jackson series, in which they are several millennia older than dragons and are entirely different species to quote, "Drakons (not to be confused with Dragons) are giant, monster serpent-like creatures several millennia older than dragons." Again, I'm not sure how true this is, but I'm taking it as though I did change it, as explained by Cobra in the Nirvana arc. Hell, for all I know, it's just the same thing at this point, but it sounds cool on paper, so I'm going to run with it. I only wish I had this idea when I first started writing

known types of drakon slayers

Laxus Dreyer: The lighting drakon

Cobra: The poison drakon


Fairy Tail Rising Saga

Beginning arc(Macao arc, daybreak arc, and Lullaby arc)(chapters 1-8)

Fairy tail: At the start of our story, we meet Lucy, a solo wizard who finds herself in the city of magic known as Magnolia, where she meets Natsu, a powerful wizard who is told to show her the ropes, an ice wizard known as Gray who for some reason can't keep his clothes on, and Erza Scarlet a legendary solo wizard together they must take on a threat to destroy the magic world as they know it

Curse of Galuna Island arc(chapter 11-18)

Fairy tail: The Curse of Galuna Island: The mysterious letter Mystogen gave Natsu leads him and Lucy to Galuna Island, a place said to be under a deadly spell. To free the Island, our heroes come face to face with a sinister plan to awaken an ancient evil that has connections to Gray's past.

Phantom Lord arc( chapters 20-29)

Fairy tail: the Phantom Lord: Fiore's most powerful Guild has set its sights on Lucy, revealing her troubled past as the heir to the Heartfilia fortune. The battle soon erupts into full-blown war as the wizards of Magnolia come together to protect their friend and their home from the terrifying might of the Phantom Lord.

Loke arc(chapters 30-32)

Fairy tail: Fallen Star: Magnolia's biggest mystery is Loke, who strolled into town one day and has since become part of the community as its resident playboy. However, anyone who knows him knows he's hiding a dark secret, but no one ever predicted how dark it would be.

Tower of Heaven arc(chapters 33-41)

Fairy tail: The Tower of Heaven: When Erza is kidnapped by people she knew from her childhood. Her friends are forced into a race against time as the mysterious Jellal Fernadez, the twin brother of the wizard saint Siegrain plans on using her to activate his creation, the tower of heaven. Fairy tail will have to use all their skill If they want to save Erza from the chains of her past and discover the true purpose of the tower of heaven.

Revenge of the thunder legion arc(chapters 42-48)

Fairy tail: Revenge of the Thunder Legion: When a powerful sub-Divison of the disbanded Phantom Lord attacks Magnolia, Natsu must come to terms with his troubled past if he wants to protect his friends and family from the powerful foes. He will have to put past grudges aside if he wishes to protect the place that many wizards have come to call home.

Rise of the Dark Guilds saga

Nirvana arc(chapters 53-69)

Fairy tail: The curse of Nirvana: When the dark Guild, known as the Oracion seis, returns, The wizard guilds enlist the help of the fairy tail to stop them from acquiring ancient magic told of bringing un-told destruction known as Nirvana, Along with the last independent Guild, Cait shelter, fairy tail will have to put aside past grudges as they face their toughest foes yet.

Edolas arc(chapters 76-96)

Fairy tail: Rise of Edolas: After all of Magnolia is taken hostage by a power-hungry king of another dimension under the guidance of Carla Natsu, Happy and Wendy soon find themselves in the beautiful world of Edolas, which is slowly losing its magic. Natsu and Wendy soon find themselves entrapped in a war for the dimension's very survival as they race against the clock to save their friends.

Tenrou Island arc(chapter 97-122)

Fairy tail: Legacy of Tenrou Island: In the wake of the battle of Edolas, Mavis begins her search to fill in the shoes that Mystogen has left behind. As such, she hosts the first-ever trials for the spot as a child of Magnolia. The six most powerful wizards in Magnolia all gather for this opportunity. However, when the magic council and the dark guild Grimore heart interrupt the trial, all-out war breaks out as Fairy Tail is faced with the might of the Guild's wizard team, the seven kin of Purgatory. Their true purpose lies behind a man who kills everything he comes into contact with

The year X791 Saga

Key of the starry sky arc(chapters 124-143)

Fairy tail: Key of the Starry Heaven: Six years have passed since Acnologia destroyed Tenrou Island and Fairy Tail, and the world has since moved on, Magnolia has fallen, and solo wizards have scattered across Fiore and beyond. Wendy and Lily, the only survivors of that attack, are approached by Jude Heartfilia and his niece Michelle Lobster to assist with an ancient clock piece. Soon, they find themselves on the run from the separate nation of Zentopia's legion platoon, who wish to prevent the activation of the infinity clock and prevent the end of the world. Still, there is a deeper threat lying in the shadows.

Fairy tail returns arc(chapters 144-145)

Fairy tail returns: After the Blue Pegasus guild reports strange readings in the ocean, Kinana and Lily rush to discover that Tenrou Island still exists and that the long-thought-dead Fairy Tail members are trapped on the Island. Seven years of pain are about to end, but how has being trapped on Tenrou Island for seven years affected our heroes?

Grand magic games arc(chapters 151-182)

Fairy tail: The Grand Magic games: With the lost members of fairy tail back, the group plans on the way to get Magnolia back from the clutches of Sabertooth, a guild that rose to power after the disbandment of Phantom Lord. Wendy suggests that the group take place in the grand magic games in which the winning team representing one of the larger guilds often trades territory as a price for their victory. Our heroes join in on the fun, but after a visit from some familiar faces now known as Crime Sorcière, the group comes to question the true purpose of the grand magic games.

Ecplise gate arc(chapters 183-199)

Fairy tail: Ecplise: Coming from their victory at the grand magic games, Fairy Tail is expecting nothing but high sales from here; however, when the mysterious Arcadios approaches them and offers to help change the world, the Ecplise gate and the kingdom's plot to open the gate on the fated day of July seventh. Fairy tail soon finds itself in a war for the kingdom's survival as our heroes rush to stop what could be the end of the world. The age of dragon slayers has begun.

The netherworld Saga

phoenix priestess arc(chapters 206-214)

Fairy tail: the phoenix priestess: Natsu and his mighty team of wizards are back when a mysterious girl by the name of Éclair comes to town. The group decides to help her uncover the mystery of her past and the truth behind the phoenix stone that is being hunted by a power-hungry king who wishes to use the phoenix stone to achieve his dream of immortality.

Sun village arc(chapter 222 - 227)

Fairy tail: Sun Village: In the months since the conclusion of the grand magic games, Fairy Tail has since returned home and has regained a normal tendency to go on jobs. However, the group soon receives a special request from one of the four gods of Isghar that has them traveling to the hidden Sun Village, which has been mysteriously caged in ice. Their mission, free the village from the ice; however, when new and old foes appear. Our heroes learn of a deeper threat that is lying in the shadows.

Tartaros arc(228 - 260)

Fairy tail: Shadow of Tartaros: Disaster strikes as the dark guild Tartaros makes its moves with a plan that could destroy the magic world when they capture one of the magic council's secret weapons. A terrible device known as FACE said to be able to wipe magic from the entire continent. Fairy tail is all that stands between the terrifying creatures of the netherworld and their goal to bring back their master, the ultimate demon E.N.D.

The Alvarez saga

Avatar arc(261-263)

Fairy tail: Avatar: in the half a year since their victory against the dark guild, Tartaros Fairy Tail must tie up some loose ends from their fight with Ryos. in they must prevent him from becoming born by taking on the dangerous Avatar. Events have been set in motion as a bigger picture comes into play, and as the end draws near, our heroes must come to think of their future and consider the possibility of a world no longer needing fairies.

Alvarez arc(264 - 302)

Fairy tail: Age of Alvarez: Mavis is missing; after a blazing return, the dragon slayers return to find out that Mavis has gone to the sister country of Fiore Alvarez, who plans on invading the continent of Isgahr to gain the fairy heart. The children's biggest secret and most powerful weapon, Fairy Tail, the twelve most powerful wizards on the planet, the spriggan twelve, and the dark wizard himself, Zeref. The Dragon King Festival is coming to a climatic end as our heroes face their final adventure and their most formidable challenge yet.

Interludes(chapter 9-10, chapter 19, chapters 50-52, chapters 70-75, chapter 123, chapters 146-150, chapters 200-205, chapters 215-221)

these are the small moments that don't have connections to the main story arcs and are just the main cast goofing off or doing random jobs cause those are still a thing.


I saw another writer do something like this and thought, why not? Besides, it's fun to see how a writer got to the story you have today, right? Be sure to tell me what you found the most interesting.

-Originally, Erza and Gray would also stay with Mavis, with Lucy moving in at the beginning of the series

-in the original draft, Fairy Tail was a mercenary group for hire that worked against the council's wishes and getting in contact with required to use of special line

-I did intentionally decide not to keep lost magic's secret. I didn't make this decision until the Curse of Galuna Island arc due to the particular way people talked about Natsu

-Originally, it was Natsu and Erza who were going to have a heavy brother-sister relationship alongside Gray

- as stated above, Gray and Erza were already meant to know Natsu. However, I changed it at the last minute as I forgot to include Gray in the opening scene, which led to their meeting in Chapter 4

-Natsu and Mira's brother-sister was also a last-minute decision made while I was writing chapter 2

-a lot of side characters were going to put from the story, such as Cana, Wakaba, Warren, and Laki, were almost cut from the series, with characters like Nab and Warren not being present at all till later arcs, and even then, they disappear after a while

-There wouldn't be any wizard guilds in the initial draft, just wizard teams, with Fairy tail being the main focus. However, I decided to change it because it just didn't seem easy to maintain

bounty bord list

Just what it sounds like, I sort of hinted at it in chapter 151 of A Fairy Tail re-told but didn't go into much detail. In any case, these rankings were a way for the council to track solo wizards and for guilds to find ways for others to find and bring them in so they could be brought into the fold. The stronger the wizard, the more worthy they were to the guild. It was split into two sections, S-class and normal.

S-class bounties

1. Gildarts Clive 4,500,000

2. Natsu Dragneel and Mirajane Strauss 4,000,000

3. Erza Scarlet 3,000,000

4. Wendy Marvell 2,500,000

5. Gajeel Redfox 1,200,000

6. Kinana 1,000,000

Top ten most wanted

1. Cana Alberona 900,000

2. Elfman Strauss 850,000

3. Gray Fullbuster 800,000

4. Alzack and Bisca Connel 700,000

5. Max Alors 650,000

6. Laki Olietta 500,00

7. Enno 450,000

8. Chico C Hammitt 450,000

9. Lucy Heartfilia 325,000

10. Juvia Lockser 320,000

Deleted scenes

Exactly how it sounds, these were events or moments that I planned out, but I couldn't just fit in, or I felt didn't make any sense story-wise, for the characters will update as the story goes on. I might go back and add a few of these, but as of right now, they don't exist anywhere

Beginning arc

-There was going to be a scene in which Natsu and Lucy spend a few minutes in the house talking to Mira and Elfman

-There was going to be a fight going on in the pub that would have introduced Gray, but as I said, I Forgot to include it

-Gray and Natsu would have fought instead of just a simple argument, but I cut this cause it felt off

-There was meant to be a private conversation between Erza and Natsu

-I dropped the entire Salamander plotline here

Curse of Galuna Island arc

A fight scene between Erza and Natsu which would have carried over to the Tower of Heaven arc

Tower of Heaven arc

-The wizard saints would have been present at the firing of Etherion, and I would have introduced a few new ones, even Jura

-an additional scene of Mavis trying to figure out what happened to Natsu and co

-Again, Natsu and Erza's argument would have ended here

Revenge of the Thunder Legion arc

- There would have been a few more flashbacks about Natsu and Laxus

-Laxus magic would have been something different, but I decided against it cause I had an interesting thought about second gen dragonslayers

-The Thunder Legion would have left with Laxus instead of staying in Magnolia

Nirvana arc

-Natsu and Wendy's shared past would have been revealed. However, I decided against it, though I might include it later on

Edolas arc

-Natsu would have been with Wendy when she ran into Mystogen, giving the two to chance to talk about why he looked like Jellal

-Elfman's edolas counterpart was initially meant to have survived the edolas wizard purge but was injured to were he couldn't work anymore

-There would have been a few more scenes between Natsu and Lisanna

-At some point, the two would have had a chance to dance while in the royal city. However, I could never find the right time to make this happen

-Mira would have replaced Erza as the character freed from the Lacrima, which would have led to a Mira vs. Erza fight

-Edolas Wendy would have fought Edolas Erza by herself

Tenrou Island

-There were initially three reasons that led to Fairy Tail ending up on Tenrou Island

-The first reason would have been Mavis sensing dark energy on the Island and taking Fairy Tail to investigate, which would have led them to find Zeref on the Island and the war with Grimoire's heart. The trial stuff would have been a flashback.

-The second reason would have been Mavis taking the group there to give them a break; this would have led to a running joke in the series that Fairy Tail can't seem to take vacations.

-There would have been an additional flashback of Hades and Makarov

-The third reason would have been Carla's vision leading them to the Island and the war with Grimoire heart starting a lot earlier, and the trial stuff would have been primarily flashbacks (also, I want to note in this version, Mystogen had stayed in earthland)

-Gildarts would have already known that Cana was his daughter; their relationship in the story would have mostly been Cana feeling that she couldn't live up to Gildarts and feeling that she was a disappointment to him.

-Natsu and Cana's relationship would have been explored a little more in the story, with Cana feeling that Natsu was the person Gildarts wishes she was, leading to a sort of sibling rivalry. It would have been the son I never had vs. the daughter I always wanted type of thing going on there

-I also would have left the whole nature of their relationship up to viewer interpretation; make of that what you will

-Gajeel initially would have fought Zancrow(I just couldn't come up with a way for him to win)

-Juvia initially would have fought Rustyrose

-Elfman and Evergreen initially would have stayed behind

-The seven kin and their magic mainly remained unchanged, with the exception of Meredy, who had gone through several changes while I was writing up the story

-in one version, she was a God slayer( I was just playing around with characters' magic)

-In another version, she was just an underling of Ultear. Not much changed amount her magic, and she still fought Juvia. Her main goal, however, would have been finding Gray and helping secure Zeref from Hades.

- In this version, she would have been replaced by another character (an OC) that would have been a dragon slayer, though as I said in the chapter, one of my friends suggested making Meredy the dragon slayer, and I decided to drop the character, I might use them again

-Meredy, however, went through several changes for her dragon slayer element

-At first, she was going to be a wood dragon slayer(based on the 100year quest)

-I also thought of making a water dragon slayer (though, at the time, it wasn't going to be Meredy)

-For the longest time, though, Meredy was going to be an Ice Dragon slayer to the point that I had started writing the first chapter; for those who don't know, Gray might have become an Ice Dragon slayer at some point. I also would have had her learn ice-make magic over the seven-year gap

-However, I also thought of making her a Sand dragon slayer, which led to the version of her you saw in the story based on another sand-wielding anime character, though, at the last second, I decided to change her to a snow-dragon slayer cause well snow is an underutilized element

- Wendy would have been the one to fight Meredy

-Juvia's death

-In the chapter, Fairy Tail Strikes Back would have been when this was revealed in one version; Meredy would present the group(Gray included) with Juvia's severed head (I scrapped this cause it seemed a little dark)

-I was actually for it but decided to change it cause, well, it would have led Gray down a similar arc that Natsu had during the edolas incident

-Mavis originally wouldn't have taken the form of the grand fairy and simply had given Fairy Tail the strength to defeat Hades by destroying his heart

-Mira and Gajeel would have participated in the fight with Hades. However, I could only find a way for one to recover enough for the fight; in this version, Juvia had died, and Elfman and Evergreen weren't there

-The Thunder Legion would have returned with Laxus saving Cana and Levy from Yomazu and Kawazu

Key of the starry sky arc

-Originally, this arc would have happened after Fairy Tail had returned, though it was changed as I wanted to do an arc that showed the world without Fairy Tail

-that version is still similar to what happened in the story, though the main difference would have been Lucy's relationship with Katja.

-I want to clarify that Jude would still have been alive as well

-The episode legion fierceness was cut entirely from the story as it was unnecessary

-The Oracion sies did, in fact, stay as the main villains of the arc, though I changed it in order to include Raven tail in the story

-The character Miko didn't exist, and Wendy would have just traveled around, though I wanted her and Kinana to have a place to go to

-Jura would have been present instead of Makarov and had been the one to fight Byro

-The other members of the Lamia scale team would have made an appearance

-In one version, Wendy and Kinana would have taken Natsu and Mira's place as the children of Magnolia

-There would have been a few additional flashbacks between Lucy and Jude, showing his remorse for the action he took against Lucy

-Katja would have been the one with Jude instead of Michelle(Imitatia

-Wendy and Kinana would have taken on the mantle of fairy tail, though I decided to come up with another team

-At first, Warren never joined a guild, but I wanted to show how bad things have gotten for solo wizards, and I couldn't find a good way to get him into the story

Fairy Tail Returns arc

-Originally this arc took place before the Key of the Starry Sky arc

-Blue Pegasus would have arrived with Lamia scale in order to celebrate the return of fairy tail

-Judes death

-In the first version, when this arc took place before Key of the Starry Sky, Jude's death happened normally

-In another version, it would have happened at the end of the Key of the Starry Sky arc

-Wendy was present when Kinana and Lily decided to go to Tenrou Island. She would have, at that point, given up hope on them returning and used to chase rumors, leading to another argument between the two

-the fall of Magnolia

-In the original version, Magnolia would have lost all its wizards with Fairy Tail returning to a run downtown similar to what happened in zero

-In another version, the group successfully chased out Twilight Oger and was able to reset their operations

deleted training arc

-Originally, the few chapters before the Grand Magic Games arc would have actually been a training arc that would have allowed Fairy Tail train for three months or, in the case of the story, five months till the Grand Magic Games

-Each character would have had an episode dedicated to them and their demons

-Natsu would have had to overcome his anger fighting and his opposite, which at the time was Meredy he would have had to accept the role he had taken

-Mira would have had to overcome her failures on Tenrou Island by fighting the ghost of Azuma, the one opponent she couldn't defeat

-Erza would have had to accept her past facing off against Jellal accepting everything that had happened in their relationship and everything that he did during the Tower of Heaven arc

-Gray would have had to accept the losses he's had while learning to appreciate the friends he has. This would have played into his relationship with Juvia as well

-Lucy would have learned to summon two spirits by training with the celestial spirit king

-Wendy would have had to overcome her abandonment issues and fears she had after the events of Tenrou Island

-Juvia would have had to overcome her injury and face off against Meredy, accepting that she did, in fact almost die

-The main issues came when it came to characters such as Gajeel, Laxus, Cana, and any other characters that were going to be in the grand magic games

-Most of the character moments would have been better in the actual arc, which lead to more problems and the main reason that I ended up scrapping the arc I had planned

Grand magic games arc

-The original idea for this arc would have just been a fun tournament that Fairy Tail went to as a means of a break; however, as usual, the group is never allowed to take vacations

-In another version where Fairy Tail was able to liberate Magnolia, Fairy Tail had left in order to train to get stronger. This also would have tied in with the training arc that was deleted

-Crime Sorcière would have been the ones to request they partake in the games, which would have been the real start of the arc instead of the chapter titled 'Sabertooth.'

-Dragon Tail originally didn't partake in the games and would have been replaced by the members of Twilight Oger

-Laxus and Jura would have fought on the first day however, I wanted to give Jellal a fight against Jura cause I did like that fight in the original series despite how it ended

-Erza would have fought Bacchus on the second day

-There was supposed to be a flashback during the Elfman versus Bacchus fight however, I felt that this arc was already flashback-heavy as is, so it was turned into a smaller one

-Mirajane versus Jenny wasn't going to happen at all, but I couldn't find another fight to replace it

-Dragon tail versus Raven tail wouldn't have happened till the fourth day of the games, with Laxus and Gajeel taking on the entire team of Raven tail

-Alternatively, Natsu and Wendy would have been the ones to fight Sting and Rogue on the fourth day

-Jellal's encounter with Dornbolt wouldn't have happened until the fourth day, which would have been the cause of the team merging

-The reason this idea was abandoned was that the team merging on the last day felt like too much of a cope out

-Originally, the final day members would have been Natsu, Wendy, Gray, Erza, and Lucy (this was mainly to give Wendy and Sherria a rematch, which was the main reason it got cut)

-Lucy would have been the one to fight Minvera with her signaling her out as the weak link and a way to get under Fairy tails skin

-She would have used Urno Metra again here

-Erza vs. Kagura would have lasted longer

-In one version, Natsu and Laxus would have been the ones to fight Jura

-In another version, Natsu and Gajeel vs. Sting and Rogue would have happened on the final day, being the last fight of the day (Laxus would have fought Jura by himself)

-Natsu and Gajeel's dragon force was a last-minute Idea I got after watching the fight again for the millionth time, and someone in the comments stated that Natsu and Gajeel should have gone dragon force, which I thought was cool.

Eclipse gate arc

-Meredy originally would have hidden from Arcadios going to check out the eclipse gate after everything had gone down

-In another version, due to Fairy Tail victory, Darton would have overlooked Meredy's presence in the castle, though I felt that didn't make sense in the context of her character

-The hungry wolf knights would have survived Ryos's attack and would have helped Fairy Tail with the gate

-what Gray was doing during the first half of the arc

-he and Juvia would have been in the medical room due to her condition, where they would have talked about what happened on Tenrou island

-This was mainly cut cause I forgot to include it

Tartaros arc

-All of the nine demon gates would have appeared at the massacre at Era, with the main explosion being done by Jackel

-Most of the council members would have survived Jackle's initial assault only to be killed by the other members of the demon gates, with all nine taking on Makarov

-Dornbolt would have lost an eye in the assault

-Cosmos would have been affected alongside Laxus and the Thunder Legion when they were poisoned by the bane particles

-Natsu originally didn't fight Jackel

-At first, I wanted it to be Sting, but I didn't think that match-up went well with the character. Then I thought o having Lucy fight him, but she had a big fight with Jackel later in the story, so I decided to stick with Natsu fighting him instead

-Lyon and Sheria would have appeared when Gray and Juvia arrived in the village that was destroyed by Ezel, telling them that there were no survivors of the demon's assault

-Meredy and Jellal's fight with the Oracion Seis

-Originally, Meredy would have consumed Cobra's poison, becoming the poison snow dragon slayer, but I cut this cause I didn't like the concept, so in the end, I cut it

-Jellal and Zeros' fight would have lasted a little longer with the pair talking about how brain used him

-In one version, it would have been revealed that Midnight had been using an illusion of Zero in order to control if former guildmates, which Jellal shattered

-Jellal's death

-In the end, I left this up in the air, but originally, I meant to kill off for the activation of FACE. It still is on the table, but I wanted to see how it would affect the story

-Anna would have arrived and stopped Zero and talked the Oracion seis into joining her and Meredy

-Lucy would have sacrificed Capricorn instead of Aquarius to summon the celestial spirit king

-I just realized this, but in an earlier chapter, Happy implies that he met Natsu and Lisanna prior to them meeting Mavis; however, this was retconned a long time ago, but I felt I should address it here

-the length of time Natsu and Lisanna were separated from Mira and Elfman

In one version, they would have been separated for two months, though that seemed to be a little much

-Mavis meeting Natsu, Mira, Lisanna, and Elfman

-In one version, that would have been stealing from Magnolia for some time, in which she would investigate the matter herself. I imply in the story that the town they stole from was Magnolia, but in this one, they would have been doing it for a while

-In another, an angry mob would have tried to attack Mira, but Mavis would have intervened and brought the children to her home

-The reason I scrapped both of these ideas was cause I wanted to make their meeting seem less of a coincidence and more like fate that Mavis implied in chapter 175

-In one version, Riana would have been the one to fight Tempester as opposed to Cosmos.

-Chapter 254 was cut from the story, but I noticed that chapter isn't fully explained in later episodes

-Igneel and the other dragons would have all fought Acnologia

-Mavis would have used the Law spell to destroy FACE before they activated

-There would have been a scene between Natsu and Cana in the final chapter talking about Igneel and how he's doing since his death

Alvarez arc

-Lucy's return: In one version of the story, Lucy would have returned during the initial assault in Magnolia

-Mavis and Zera's story was cut short; it was originally going to be three chapters

-Bickslow's death, I wanted to kill a member of the thunder legion, eventually landing on Bickslow, but seeing as Laxus wasn't going to fight Wall, it wouldn't have matched up, seeing as he went off to fight God Serna

-Mavis would have opened the fairy heart after the first battle as opposed to after Natsu woke up after the fight with Jacob

-Natsu's change into E.N.D would have been more present; however, I wanted it to be a slow-burn thing that you overlook until it's called out

-In the opening part of the final battle, Fairy Tail would have been surrounded until reinforcements arrived

-The fate of Irene

-It's left completely in the air whether or not she survived in one version, as I wanted to have her come back later, but I felt it would be more fitting for Ezra's character if she died

-Another version would have her survive simply betraying Alvarez when she found Natsu and the other dragon slayers

-August would not have been Zeref's biological son; instead, similar to Natsu, he would have been an adopted child. To make a link between Mavis's teaching vs. Zeref's teaching

-Natsu would have fought August by himself, but let's be real: August has too much power to be someone beaten one-on-one.

-The fight with Acnologia has several versions

-In one, the dragon slayers and Anna would have planned to trap Acnologia in the time rift so they could fight him without the worry of hurting their friends

-In another version similar to the show, Acnologa would be trapped in the time rift splitting in half, but this time, Sting and Rogue would have stayed out of the time rift to fight Acnologia while the dragon slayers fought his mind

-The third origin would have taken Natsu, Gajeel, Wendy, and Meredy's magic power permanently, though I settled on it being temporary, seeing as it was the end of the story

-The dragon slayer's third origin forms were a last-minute decision initially. They would have simply used the third origin and entered their dragon force form

-the ending

-One version of the ending would have been the seen described in the final chapter, where Natsu and the entire team sit and watch the sunset where he and Lisanna raised Happy

-Another one matched the series, having them go on the hundred-year quest

-One version had Natsu Mira, Elfman, and Wendy leaving Magnolia in a similar manner to Edolas Wendy and Lisanna at the end of the Edolas arc

- Fairy Tail didn't originally disband, or at least the way mentioned in the story, but I got the idea after watching Guardians of the Galaxy 3 and thought it would be an interesting point

- the eighth-ranked wizard saint. I did intend on introducing him but forgot to include him in chapter 267, so I settled on him being dead

-Natsu, Mira, and Erza joining the ten wizard saints would have officially joined the ten wizard saints. The main reason this got cut cause I was unsure how it would be received

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Pokémon - Rated: M - English - Adventure/Romance - Chapters: 30 - Words: 130,291 - Reviews: 62 - Favs: 46 - Follows: 27 - Updated: 10/21/2014 - Published: 5/16/2014 - Ash K./Satoshi, May/Haruka - Complete
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Fairy Tail - Rated: T - English - Friendship/Romance - Chapters: 11 - Words: 14,553 - Reviews: 26 - Favs: 19 - Follows: 29 - Updated: 10/9/2013 - Published: 5/28/2013 - Lucy H., Natsu D.
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