The white dragon rider
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Author has written 3 stories for Dragon Tales, IGPX, and Avatar: Last Airbender.

Sex: Male

Age:16 (I can drive finally! I'll be the one in the crashed red car on the news)

Race: White

Lives in: Small hick town in CT

Likes: Video Games, Makeing up stories, Shooting, Daydreaming, Watching stand up comedy, Listening to music with my mp3 player that only has52 songs since I can't get it to work right

Dislikes: The KKK, Reporters, MATH, Writeing, My cat who keeps walking across the keyboard when I'm typing, People who won't stop complaining about video games, Anyone who sues video game companies for stupid reasons

Fav. Animals: Dragon, Rhino, Swordfish

Favorite color: Green

Fav. Song: Live and Learn (Sonic Adventure 2 Theme)

Quote: School prepares you for real life Video games prepare you for everything else.

Fav. Games:

Grand Theft Auto VC and SA (I don't like liberty city It's too gray and depressing for me)

Sonic Series :

Sonic Adventure 1&2

Sonic Heroes

Shadow The Hedgehog

Sonic Riders

Sonic Wildfire when it comes out later this year

Final Fantesy 7 and 10

Kingdom Hearts 1&2

True crime (LA is still better to me)

MegamanX all 6

Super Smash Bros Melee (Brawl has been announched)

Destroy All Humans (Mindless destruction = Fun)

Sims 2

The Movies

Can't go wrong with a good first person shooter or Rpg

Fav. Shows:

Dragon Tales (It's a kids show but with TV shows like they are now It's the only one where you can go five minutes without haveing a victorias secret (she has no secrets)commercial showing up or haveing a news story about 100 people being killed somewhere)

Sonic X (I would like to see theSonic X characters meet the video game characters, I think the video game versons would be alot stronger)

Full Metal Alcamist (God I can't spell that right)

Evanangilon (Another impossible to spell one)



Avatar: The Last Airbender

Zatch Bell (I love the Shion girl they had)

All Grown Up

Rocket Power (I wish they'd bring it back)

Web Junk 20

Daily Show

Mind Of Menchia

Chappel's Show

Comedy Central Presents?

Spider Riders

Eureka 7

Fav. Movies

Godzilla Series (All of them)

Adam Sandler Movies


Home Alone 1,2,3

Land Before Time Series

Lilo and Stitch

Pirates Of The Carribean 1&2

Possible Planed Fanfics: blank for now

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