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Here is an overview of what I like: generally most anime series, but my favorite at the moment is Digimon, and Digimon Tamers. Frontier was so-so, Pokemon for the Ash and Misty romance fics, and several other things too. My favorite Digimon couples are Daikari, Taiora, Rukato, Jyomi, Kenyako.

Update: 3/7/04

Believe me, when I say that if you hate me, I hate myself about ten times worse. Its 2004, when my last update December 8, 2002, with a conclusion promised within a week. Instead, no new chapter or story for over one whole year. Yep, my opinion of myself is pretty low, and I have been checking my reviews periodically so I know people have been ready to lynch me/send Digimon after me.

I can offer 4 reasons as to why I seemed to have drop off the face of the fanfiction community (and broken so many promises). 1) School, of course, but this doesn't explain the summer and Christmas breaks silence. 2) Depression. Yes, I've been having major mental problems, and I've been questioning my self-worth a lot. Frankly, its hard to write a happy ending when I *almost* feel ready to jump off a building. 3) Writing style. I've gone through quite a few writing (and mental) changes, so I barely recognize my own work from 2 years ago. As such ,there is no way I could fit an appropiate ending together now. 4) My muse is very capricious and strange, and it just wouldn't give me enough good ideas to write an ending for All the Difference in over 2 years. Apparently, being introduced to too many new animes did that.

These are reasons, excuses, whatever, but the aforementioned are why I couldn't fulfill my promise.

Now, as for the fics-

I've removed All the Difference. It was a mess and an embarrassment, and served no purpose. I hope someday to rewrite it, but... well, I'm not going to bother making a deadline, as I know I would just break it, and I don't want to break any more promises to any readers that are left.

My only promise is that someday "All the Difference" *will* be back. Someday. Don't know if it'll be during this decade, but...

In the meantime, I might write other fics and maybe even publish them here. As I said, my muse is very strange, and sometimes when it gets inspiration, I just have to write them, or I can't concentrate on anything else.

Digimon Tamers: Phase II- Not likely to ever come back. Lack of interest and I already have enough angst over All the Difference to try to bring this back.

Lost Destiny is somewhat of a side project. If I ever get another burst of inspiration on this fic, I'll post new chapters, but I can't control the muse.

To anybody who's bothered to read this far- I thank you for your time and attention, and I cannot apologize enough for my crimes. i hope someday to make up for it, but following my new resolution, I can't say when.

If you're still reading, then I would also just like to add that even though Digimon the anime is over, (and Chronicle can't seem to get off the ground at all), Digimon will never die as long as the fans keep alive the memories in their hearts. Sappy, I know, but I'm feeling nostalgic right now.

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