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OK, general stuff about know, its not really easy sounding clever and witty, so I'll settle for random and delightfully quirky. Sound good? Yep, thought so.

Now, about me...the most relevent thing that anyone who cares to read this needs to know is that I LOVE reading anything, from long novels to lots of fanfiction. Also, I tend to get very obsessive over just about shows, movies, books...which probably explains why I'm here in the first place. Onward to the obsessions...

As far as televison goes, I would have to say House, JAG, and Bonesare the greatest thing to happen to primetime TV. JAG going off the air made me incredably sad, but the ending was awesome! I'm definatly a Harm/Mac shipper all the way, in case you won't be able to tell by the few bits of fluffyness I post here. House is the currently on TV, must watch every week obsession that is now scaring my family and friends. I love House so much, though I have to say that I need to huggle Chase and Wilson. Every chance I get. That being said, my ships on there can be varied with my moods, though I'm a pretty constant House/Cameron shipper, though I would love to see Cameron/Wilson (though I don't know how it would work on the show). Bones is my other not-so-guilty pleasure, and I am a Booth/Brennen shipper all the way. The girls got more will-power than I do. I'd have jumped on him at the shooting range in the pilot. (Said that out loud, did I?Oops) Angela/Hodgins is also too cute for words.

Movies...well, my ongoing love is Lord of the Rings (this of course goes for books too, obviously..) Adore every character it is possible to adore, even the ones that never made it into the movie. (Elladan, Elrohir, Tom Bombidil...ok, showing my geekiness...don't care.) Though Legolas and Aragorn are my main men.

Current movie obsession is definatly Phantom of the Opera. I am in love with the Phantom, and believe a good hug from me would do him a world of good. "Music of the Night" is about to kill my repeat button, but I don't care. I need a crazy, obsessive, sexy stalker with a mask and cape of doom in my CD player. Really. Shipping there is definatly Erik/Christine, mostly because I think the girl was nuts. I try to understand (or, as my sane friends say, accept its a movie/play/book) but anyway...

For books, Lord of the Rings is definatly a major, as stated above. I also have a serious case of Potteritis for which I will not be getting treatment. Ships there are Ron/Hermione all the way, as well as Harry/Ginny and Remus/Tonks. Oh yes, and Sirius/Me or Fred/Me, because I love those two too much to give them away.

Scared yet? Probably. Its all good. Just read my stories as they come up. I love you all.

"You know, in some cultures, it's considered almost rude for one friend to spy on another. Of course, in Swedish, "friend" also translates into "limping twerp". - James Wilson, House M.D,

"You can think I'm wrong, but that's no reason to quit thinking" - Gregory House, House M.D.

"I don't know what that means." - Temperence Brennen, Bones.

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