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Name: Gemma
Aliases: G-Lou (twitter)
Tumblrs: LivingInHeadcanon / GemmaDoodlesThings (art/writing blog)
AO3: G-Lou
Occupation: Graduate freelance costume designer/constructor
Birthday: 11 January
Location: North East England

Major Fandoms: Mass Effect, Dragon Age, Assassin's Creed, Discworld, Doctor Who, Halo
Minor Fandoms: A Song Of Ice and Fire, Dexter, House, RED, Resident Evil, Witchblade

Genre: my speciality is a blend somewhere between sci-fi and fantasy. I am characteristically unable to write one without the other.

Links to stuff related to my fics - links referenced in the author's notes of some fics.

Assassin & Vanguard
#20 Tremble -
you can find my rewritten version of the romance scene here.

God Of The Machine - with LoboDiabloLoneWolf
In progress

On Co-Writing
Occasionally you may find me popping up around LoboDiabloLoneWolf's fics, and her around mine (if I ever get anywhere!) because we work through things with RP sometimes, and find ourselves with each other's characters sneaking into our fics!

On The Practice Of Find/Replacing Character Names
It has come to my attention, mostly via Tumblr, that there's a lot of people (in the DA and ME fandoms particularly) who think it is OK to paste a person's entire fic into word, and find/replace the first name of their custom protagonist (Warden, Hawke or Shepard in this case) with the default name. THIS IS NOT EVEN NEARLY OK. Imagine it with art: it's the equivalent of taking a piece of fanart someone has worked on for hours and photoshopping the default Shepard over their face. No. Stop That.

On The Default =/= Canon Debacle
I've also had personal experience with people deciding that because the male version of a character is 'default', therefore a female version of that character is 'innaccurate', 'not canon' and therefore 'shouldn't be used'. This is DOUBLY not ok and this is also sexist.

Default means default, not Canon. Only in games is the default setting seen to be the only way to use that thing. Bet you don't use the default settings on you laptop or your phone or your iPod.

Roleplay games like Dragon Age and Mass Effect allow for the customisation of characters, as do plenty of others - and I as well as many others intend to write about their custom version of that character. So here I am saying this:

If you do not like reading stories about customised Wardens, Hawkes, Noble Six or Shepards, my fics are not for you.
I am writing MY characters in MY story for MY enjoyment; I have absolutely no obligation to write what YOU want

Find/replace their names if you like. It's not going to make them any less custom. You'd have to rewrite the entire fic to remove Alena Shepard's blonde hair and green eyes and British accent and background. You'd have to rewrite the entire story to 'fix' my Wardens.

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