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Okay, about me (I'll keep this brief, because seriously, who cares? :D) - I'm 19. Female. Bisexual. Bilingual (Spanish and English. However, I won't be writing anything in Spanish - I get enough of that during my job, sorry) Agnostic but spiritual. As far as my writing goes, I'm terrible at making up stories. I vastly prefer character interaction and development over compelling plots. It's just my personal style - and something I should probably change if I ever want to make anything serious out of this hobby. Fortunately, I don't :D! Also, I write porn. Sorry. Sex is just a reality in adult relationships, and as I said, relationships (platonic or otherwise) are my central focus.

Now, as for my preferences: (in other words, the stuff you'll probably see me writing about)


Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro. EVERYONE should read it, it's character development at its finest. It centers around a young high school girl (Yako) forced into becoming a detective by a mystery eating demon from Hell (Neuro). It has the simple charm of a murder mystery manga, but it evolves into a seriously heartwarming tale about the girl and humanity in general evolving into something even the demon comes to respect and admire. It's also hilarious and completely subverts the stereotypical anime "Don't hit girls! But guys, that's free game" jokes. Brutally. Specifically on poor Yako. From this fandom, I ship Neuro/Yako and Aya/Yako.

Pokemon Special. Oh, man, am I glad my friend managed to talk me into reading it. The best arc was easily Hoenn, and I admit I haven't read much past it, but damn did I enjoy everything I have read so far. The absolute nerd in me greatly appreciates the Pokemon aspect of it, and the characters are so likable. Especially Ruby and Sapphire, I loved their relationship together. It took gender roles and smashed them to pieces, with Ruby being a fabulous fashion designer and Sapphire being a seasoned battler, both of them trying to prove to the other that their way is the better one. So adorable. I ship those two together, obviously, but I also enjoy Blue/Silver and Red/Yellow.


Skies of Arcadia. Amongst the age when games were trying to be hardcore and serious, this RPG came out with cheerful optimism and stunningly bright graphics, and the characters are so damn lovable. The story's nothing to write home about, but it's just so charming that way. It's simplistic, and more focused on the main characters and exploring the world in a grand pirate adventure that has me replaying this game on an annual basis without getting bored. It also completely avoids the dreaded love triangle mess with the main guy (Vyse) and two heroines (Aika and Fina). Actually, the game pretty blatantly expresses that all three of them are down with the threesome gig. It's hilarious and charming. So yeah...VysexAikaxFina. Represent ;D

Heavy Rain. All right, polar opposite of Skies of Arcadia's vibrant charm in the form of a horribly depressing noir murder mystery! Woo! Despite its plot holes and flaws in general, I fell in love with this game hard. The game itself actually kidnapped me and forced me into writing about it more than I've ever written about any fandom in the past - I swear, I had no say in the matter. I've got Stockholm Syndrome pretty damn hard for it. OTP?...Blake/Jayden. How this game managed to make me write a slash couple is beyond me, since I usually wrote fluffy lesbo fics all day prior to my kidnapping. But it did. Someday I'll escape its grasp, but I'm kind of hoping that metaphorical knight in shining armor leaves me locked away in this tower~ (I also enjoy Ethan and Madison together, but I felt the game fell flat in building the two up. So I try to make it go a little deeper. When Blayden lets me. It usually doesn't, it's so needy and controlling)

I also adooore Zelda and Mario games to pieces, but obviously I don't play those for the same reasons I play the above mentioned.


If it has Neil Patrick Harris, Nathan Fillion, Helena Bonham Carter, and/or Brad Pitt, I probably love it; Fight Club, Firefly, and Dr. Horrible's Singalong Blog being my favorites. Also - ADVENTURE TIME WITH FINN AND JAKE. Best show ever. Even the obvious sexual innuendos aside, it actually sends some great messages out for kids. Especially the gender swap episode, that was a great message to little girls everywhere that you don't have to wait to live your life with a guy if you don't want to. Loved it. (Which isn't to say I don't absolutely adoooore the sexual innuendos, however~)

I don't bite, by the way~ If we like the same shit, odds are I'll like you. Send me a message and I'll add you on AIM and/or Skype, but I do work the graveyard shift so actually...I might bite, if you for some reason catch me during the morning hours. Haha. And of course, I love giving and receiving reviews, so drop me a word if you like anything I write, and I promise I'll do the same.

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