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Author has written 5 stories for Digimon, and Avatar: Last Airbender.

Avatar update:

Ok, I know some of you who have read my avatar story "A Man Honor" have been expecting an update for quite a LONG time and I haven't given it to you. Please, before you jump into conclusions, I havent really abandoned that story.

Now what do I mean by that, well it means a lot of things which I will explain shortly, please keep in mind that if I ever were to abandon stories, I would tell you so you dont have to check constantly, and someone could continue it if they so wished.

So here's the bottom line, the main reason I havent updated that story is because the next chapter(s) were deleted from my computer do to an unexpected corruption on my PC, which I had to reset completely from scratch because of that . A lot of my files were deleted, important ones too, so it wasnt a pleasant experience, but this happened a while ago.

I haven't have the time nor the interest since then to continue since it was a lot of lost data and I have other responsibilities in my life, including college and jobs. To tell you the truth, interested reader, I had a few chapters down the line finished or finishing and I wasnt too pleased when it all got deleted.

Don't get me wrong, I have started, yet again, to do the next chapter manually from scratch just at a slower pace. That's gonna be a pain but I promise that they will come out. I can't say with certainty when but I will if all goes well, if not I'll tell you about it.

By the way, the poll that I took asking for people's opinion of wether I should of make the story Mature got an overwhelming yes, wow!

I just got to say, if you were one of those who voted, you definitely want to see some physical action dont ya! haaha!Well good news! I did make it M, so you will be enjoying that one in all of it's entirety. So stay tuned!

Also, this new Digimon story I created is just something that I came up with and I just had to write it down, I dont know were it 's gonna go on the long run, but again, if all goes well (fingers crossed) it'll be long and interesting too.

Also remember again, I always like to keep stories close to canon, it's definitely a lot harder than freelancing, but it's definitely more rewarding if done correctly!

Welcome to my profile good people, my name is "BIIIPP" huh? I said my name is "BIIIPP" well, I guess I must of censored myself a

while ago so I wouldn't make the mistake of telling you lol

My focus in stories here is a variety, which I will talk about more as you read on, but it's mostly anime. I love anime.

And yes I am a Beta reader, I guess you could say I'm a vet around here, what will all the stories i've read (probably a thousand, no kidding) and writing stories myself, So if you want a seasoned reader and writer, Im your guy.

UPDATES: I've started writing some avatar story, in Honor of my love for the show I thought it would be appropriate if I continued I just love it what else can I say? I'm a guy with few words lolz

anyway these are the pairs I've done or will do for avatar, I havent yet seriously considered coming back to digimon or going to another anime I love dearly. Tell you the truth I dont know really, my mind can come up with something crazy at any given day so stay tuned!!

Avatar: the last airbender-->



ZukoxTy Lee (why not right?)

ZukoxAzula (just for the note, It's just not romantic love, but a rather really shaky brotherly love thing, or as in the case of my story, a redemption one by Zuko. But who knows, Im crazy some times lol)

ZukoxJun (Oh yea baby Jun is a hot mama uh-hu, And I think that she will be in my next story, maybe I dont really know, besides there arenn't nearly enought stories about them when it was completely obvious the anime makers where hinting them together in the show, seriously what a bunch of bastards)


SokkaxSuki (well, I dont know really, Suki is all good and all but I just dont feel it with her and sokka, or her at all! If she has to she'll be there with sokka though)

MAYBE SokkaxToph (although I dont really know if Toph is a liable romantic character, she cant see and she's a mean girl! lol but she's fun to write about as a side character so in that sense yea, sure)

AangxKatara (another classical one, I wouldn't write a story with them as main characters though, just too boring and there's literally hundreds and hundreds of stories about them, but they would be there as side characters, and they are most certainty a great couple)

AangxToph (maybe MAYBE, but always just supporting characters in a future story perhaps)

Uh I suppose this one was coming -_-

ZukoxKatara (or Zutara) Now, let's switch gears here for a second. I was an American Dragon fan too back in the day and Jake and Rose are a pretty romantic together, it's not to say that Zuko and Katara wouldn't go cute together as well, it's just that people out here are obsessed, OBSESSED with this paring. So much so that even the developers added their mini spin off in Book 3 of a Zutara, there's even more stories about them here than there are Kataraang. Now I'm pretty sure they would of been great, had Aang's character wasn't in love with Katara. And ofcourse you cant take out Aang he's the main character. So what I'm getting to here is yes, a Zutara is liable (since the developers hinted at it so much lol) BUT it's a tricky pairing When you do a Zutara you have to be careful you dont spray off their characters to the wind, people around here go crazy with them, . No, no no no no no, If I ever make a Zutara, it would make sense lol. Huh what a mouthful.

And yes I only plan on making Zuko and Sokka main characters for any future projects I do, I just feel such kingship with them

As far as any other story I might do around here, But most likely wont. BUT will read from time to time.


TKxKari ( I LOVE this pairing, and I've attempted making 2 stories in the past that didnt go too well, they were my very first stories.. However my third one is a Takari)




ANYONE really with TK, man this guy is my fav I swear. Exept of course male pairing with him yuck!

That's another thing I forgot to mention, I don't do Yaoi or Yuri, it's just not romantic for me, (what that is for anyone who doesnt's speak Japanese, it's a boyxboy and girlxgirl thing). Now I'm not saying being gay is a horrible thing, personally I support anyone who is and they want to be open about it without fear. If you live in america you know what I'm talking about, And no before you think it Im not gay I just respect people's equal and free right to express themselves without fear or prejudice.

anyway continuing, these are the other stories I usually enjoy around here, all of these: movie, anime, cartoon, game, book ALL are great and you should check them out if you havent,

Samurai Champloo,

Yu Gi Oh (I used to watch the original when I just a kid, although the GX series is HOT too, HI KAIBA!)

Naruto (no brainer)


Harry Potter (who woudn't, It's just addicting)

Star Wars

One Piece (although I havent read one in quite a while, I should start now!)

Kingdom Hearths (One of the most amazing games ever made in my opinion, just awesome)

Then I could list all the anime I think are worth watching but seriously I'll be sitting here writing for hours.

So in conclusion, when I'm feeling up to it, You'll see Avatar, you'll see Digimon. I Cant do anything else really, I would have to go back to reading and watching the other ones and all and I just dont have the time.

Cause I'm the type of person who like's to stick to the original story, and go on from there with my spin off. And I like to be as accurate and simple when I write a story as possible.

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