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Author has written 13 stories for Danny Phantom, Code Lyoko, Teen Titans, Harry Potter, Hannah Montana, and Naruto.

Hello! I'm Ravi! I have very little to say, since I just so happen to not be interesting. Go figure. I write, hence me being here. No matter what topic I write under I have a sarcastic Character, because they make things funny.

I have a Harry Potter Story on Hold (I just saw Order Of The Pheonix BEST... MOVIE... EVER...) The name of my story is Summers Secrets. It's a RonxHermione. Because I've read the books..

I have a New Hannah Montanah! It is from the Twilight series. A friend of mine gave me the idea. The plot slapped me in the face when my cousin was diagnosed with the same thing Lilly Has. It has a rushed ending.. But truth be told, I was getting unatached with the story. I had a tragedy happen, and it reminded me of that.

I have a few Code Lyoko, the new Season is AWSOME... I have Avril song fics before she went prep. (i don't mean that to offend anyone. even though it's true.) I have a new Code Lyoko, actually. Lost Moment, Lost Cause. It's a Yumi/OC Yumi/Ulrich. The stories on Chapter 8, and just kicking off to something enteresting.

I have a few Danny Phantom (Danny and Sam better get together soon. If they don't I'm gonna be mad) The DP story I'm most proud of was my first fan fic ever. It's called "Bleed" A song fic from a song by Anna Nalick.

My Favorite books are

Harry Potter: Goblet of fire (only because of the Yule Ball)

Harry Potter: Half Blood Prince (only because of Ginny and Harry I HATE Lavender Brown)

Twilight (I started reading this book after I finished my other Two Twilight stories. My stories and Twilight have nothing to do with each other. This is about vampire love. It is a GREAT book)

New Moon (second book in twilight series.)

Odd Thomas (Dean Koonts)

The Watchers ( I love Einstein. Novel by Dean Koonts.)

My favorite Bands are

Three Days Grace

Three Doors Down



Linkin Park


Green Day

Thousand Foot Krutch

Day Of Fire

My Favorite Rock Songs are

American idiot

What I've Done


Breaking The Habit

Freak On a Leash (featuring Amy Lee)

Broken (Featuring Amy Lee)

Coming Undone

Move (Thousand Foot Krutch)

Cut and Move (Day Of Fire)

Run (DOF)

Faint (Linkin Park)

Favorite (cringe) Country songs

Teardrops on my Guitar

Whisky Lulaby



Favorite Anime;

NARUTO (I like ShikamaruxSakura Shut up! It's possible!)

CODE LYOKO (YumixUlrich)

Favorite Cartoon

TEEN TITANS (RavenxBeastboy I ehat Terra)

DANNY PHANTOM (SamxDanny for those who don't watch DP Sam is a girl)

Favorite Movie Series


Favorite TV show

HANNAH MONTANA (olliverxlilly)

Proof that I obsess over things that I like.

Hermione and Ron (HPDH ch 31 page 625 I HIGHLIGHTED it) And I'm smiling RIGHT NOW!

Naruto; I have two headbands, Sound and Sand. I cried when my leaf head band was stolen. I bought a thirty dollor hanger for my wall, just becaue it had the same Love symbol Gaara has on his forhead. I have fighting dreamers tatooed (permision granted by my legal gardians) on my ankle. I am OBSESSED with Shikamaru! I'm smiling RIGHT NOW! Me, and my friends role play as our own Characters.. My real life guy friend plays Shikamaru.

Teen Titans; For the past three years I've been Raven for Haloween. I wear my cloak for fun, or when I'm cold. I have a beastboy poster on my cealing. I am smiling RIGHT NOW! I have figurines that I refuse to take out of the box. Not because they'll be worth money someday, but because I'm scared to death I'm going to lose one of them. I dedicated a whole five subject notebook to ideas on Beast Boy and Raven stories. I had to buy a NEW one, before finding one I liked enough to post. I smile whenever Robin and Starfire have a moment on the show. I went into a state of depresion when Cartoon Network canceled Teen Titans.. I dedicated three months and two hundred dollars on the original comics GO GAR AND RAE!

Code Lyoko; I'm excited when it comes on. Even when it's a rerun. I almost DIED when Ulrich kissed Sissy..TWICE! I was amazed when they first went into the virtual sea. I was PISSED when the return to the past interupted Yumi and Ulrichs kiss. I cried when Yumi died in the snow! Even though I knew she wasn't really dead. Jim is so funny! He's been everything, but he'd rather not talk about it. Odd got that disco thing of his, and everyone thought he was cool. I laugh everytime Aelita and Odd flirt, and when they kissed to make Nicholas and Herb bug off, I think they forgot they're suppose to be COUSINS. I've been planning Sissy's death since the first time I saw this show.. I'm smiling RIGHT NOW!

Bella and Edward; I cried so hard when Edward left Bella my TEACHER sent me to the nurses office. I was so strangely GIDDY when she found him again that the nurse thought I was bi-polar. Thinking about how great a love story this is makes me feel bad for every boy who will NEVER live up to Edward. Thinking about Edward, I am smiling RIGHT NOW!

Flames, And The People Who Think They Are Good Enough To Give Them

I don't care if you flame my stories, I love to write, nothing or no one will change that. I would prefer if you didn't flame me, I think that if you don't like some ones writing, you should just tell them politely. Calling them names and cursing at them doesn't make them look bad, it makes you look bad. I've only been flamed about twice, and both times I laughed. I find it funny that someone would take time out of their life to tell some stranger they've never heard of before that they suck. If you ever get a flame, just read it carefully actually think about what their saying, Here's one of my flames that someone gave a new story of mine;

"May I ask you a personal question? Yes? Su-f.u.c.k.i.n.g-perb. Here we go: (The flamer is afraid to say the bad words)
What did you smoke, snort, or otherwise spray up your nose that made you think
that you could write?
(gasp Drug refreance. Not so original, but it took the flamer awhile to think of that, so he/she must be proud.)

I am curious(George).

It must have been something damn good. Spray paint? Lighter fluid? Acid? (The flamer must not have been in school long, the things listed cause unconsciousness within the first three to five minutes of inhalation.)

Because you have to know that no normal human being believes the douched-up
excrement (A big word! That's what a thesaurus is for!) you posted for all the world to see is actually a good story.

No normal human being tells the English language to bend over, grab its ankles
and wait to be violated by the horrors you call “writing”.
(A sexual reference to the English language. The flamers proud of this as well. Very uncalled for, very gross.)

No normal human
being thinks that people on a fan fiction site want to read something that
diarrhea out of my dog’s a.s.s (Scared of the bad word.. Again..) could write better.

And no normal human being thinks that getting “omg! u r such a go0od wrighter!11!1!” (many people review like that, mostly because it's how people talk online. So it looks like the flamer hasn't caught up to the 21st century yet.) reviews from
inbred circus freaks (Inbred circus freaks, very overused. Anything with the words inbred and circus freaks is common. Not that good an insult. This proves that the flamer is; A: Unoriginal B: Running out of things to say, and C: Pushing the flame more towards racist hate crime.)

actually (It's fruitless to emphasize actually with stars. Little dashes, maybe, but stars. No) makes them a good writer.

Therefore, I must conclude (Finally! You think the flamer would have stoped repeating him/herself by now!) that you were pretty f.u.c.k.e.d-up (Must I repeat it? the reason the flamer doesn't spell out the curse words is simple. He/She is afraid of being turned in, and getting in trouble.) on something
to post it here. (This little conclusion seemes to be repeating everything the flamer has just said about three other times; it's the same drug refreance.)

At least, that’s what I hope, if I am to have any faith left in the rest of
(The flamer informed you that he gets faith in humanity from fan fiction on the internet.)

In case you just can’t see the message behind my philosophical ramblings, (There's the thesaurus again. Rambling fits, this flame is anything BUT philosophical. This flame is neither calm nor unflinching. It's twitchy and rude.

I’ll put it into words even you can understand: (I doubt the flamer even knows what he/she's talking about.)

YOUR STORY IS S.H.I.T. (Again? Really?)

F/R" (What a lovely name..)

If ever you get a flame, do what I do. It's a lot more fun than sulking. Plus, no person can tell you what your capable of. There will always be some jerk who thinks their shit doesn't stink. You have to either ignore them, or do what I do. Out smart them. If you love something, don't give up just because someone thinks your bad. Like my Mimi always said, "With every person rooting for you to fail, there's always four more cheering you on."

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Sort: Category . Published . Updated . Title . Words . Chapters . Reviews . Status .

Lost Moment, Lost Cause reviews
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