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Pictures for Disenchanted

Portrait: Rannik
Portrait: Cion
Pictures Copyright/(c) swedish-fish. All Credit goes to her.

My Characters ~ Brief-ish Bios

Rannik's Portrait
Portrait Credit to Swedish-Fishes
(C) swedish-fishes 2008
Rannik is by far my most favorite character ever. She is calm, cool, and collected, and emotionally mature beyond her years. At only twenty years old, she is weighed down with many responsibilities; mainly leading the idiotic Eragon and his friends to rescue Katrina from Helgrind. Bits of her past are revealed every now and again, but don't worry; all will be explained very, very soon. She suffers from an intense terror of the Ra'zac, though she rarely lets it show. Her entire life had been spent avoiding death and danger--even her own family has tried to get her killed

She lives her life in a constant state of awareness and makes life-or-death decisions on a moment's notice. The poor thing has never known loyalty or love, only betrayal, death, and hatred. Eragon really irks her, and she finds herself drawn to Murtagh the second she meets him. (Admittedly, she wanted to kill him at first.) She has been on the run from her village, Cochkney since the age of fifteen, and has since spent a majority of her life running, being captured, escaping, and running some more. Because of this, she knows certain parts of Alagaesia very well, and if the perfect guide.

Sometimes very harsh, she seems heartless and unwilling to open up to anyone. She doesn't trust easily, and is wary even of those who think they are her friends. She had been sold out so many times, it's hard for her to trust; after all, what's to keep a person from killing her for a few pretty coins? Slightly paranoid, all she really needs is someone to love her. She really longs for human companionship, and finds herself unconsciously seeking it in Murtagh, who comes to her for the same reasons. She stands at about 5'5 1/2", and has dark skin and very strong legs, along with a horrid scar on her back and chest. Her dark golden skin, coupled with deep brown eyes and dark hair gives her a very unusual look. Her right arm is very near crippled; the story behind it is unknown as of yet.She is not the most skilled with a sword or even a bow, but give her a knife or simply her hands and she'll kick some serious butt. Oh. And she thinks Murtagh is sexy, and Murtagh also likes her hands.

Cion's Portrait

Portrait Credit goes to Swedish-Fish. (c) swedish-fishes 2008
Cion is another of my characters. I like her too, just not as much as hard-core Rannik. She is dorky, clutzy, and sometimes moody, but she is also Eragon's best friend. Too bad he forgot her while he was away becoming a Rider. Did I mention the fact that she is in love with him? She's know the guy since her diaper days, and he her. At the young age of seventeen, she is only a few months younger than the eighteen year old Eragon. She fights with him often as the story continues on, but he somehow always makes things right between them.

She is also the daughter of Quimby the Carvahall baker--remember him? He got eaten by the Ra'zac, and so she wants nothing more than to see them dead. She is quirky and jealous of Arya, though she rarely lets it show. She often finds her feelings hurt by Eragon, and he can never seem to figure out why. She is a couple of inches taller than Rannik, though still shorter than Eragon and Roran. She has light brown hair, light skin, and hazel eyes. Eragon finds her very pretty, though she is just the average baker's kid.

At around forty years old, Terrynn is a handsom man with a strong build and weathered face. He was rescued by Rannik, along with Katrina and a few others. He stands at about 5'11", and is very intelligent. He seems to be the leader of the prisoners and is very understand to the "broken souls" Rannik and Murtagh. Eventually, he becomes like a father to Rannik.

Another prisoner rescued by Rannik. She is an elderly woman, and a lot like a fortune-teller. She knows a lot about who Rannik and Murtagh are on the inside without really ever speaking to them. She is in her sixties and looks far older, her eyes losing their vision. She is snappish and bitter, but many often come to her for words of wisdom. She refers to Rannik and Murtagh as "a pair of proken souls who will find each other in the end". No one seems to understand her words until the most obvious moment possible.

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