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Author has written 17 stories for Naruto, Street Fighter, Ragnarok Online, and Bleach.

Xairylle is an arachnophobic mushroom moogle with barely any sense of direction.

She loves writing, drawing, anime, cosplay, photography, expression and the internet.

I support the following pairings!!

○ IchiRuki // HeeroRelena // ByakuHisa // IshiHime // SasuSaku // LightMisa // KyonHaruhi // LelouchCC // NatsuLucy // ○

I love Kurosaki Ichigo.
I love Kuchiki Rukia.
And I love IchiRuki.


So please don't ask me to write IchiHime fics or fics pairing Ichigo and/or Rukia with anyone but each other.
I like IshiHime, though.

Yes, I do requests but I don't accept them all.

I have nothing against Yaoi but I don't write it. Please don't ask me to write Yaoi. I have no idea how male-to-male relationships work.
The only Yaoi pairing I think I like (not necessarily love) is MiyataIppo but I don't think that's enough exposure for me to write Yaoi.

Not that I'm popular or cocky or in over my head. I'm doing this because people ask and because I don't want to keep people wondering since I don't check my mail often (sorry!!). Uchiha Xairylle now presents to you...


Will you continue *insert fic here*?

Yes. As long as I haven't taken it down, it's going to be continued. I know it's been YEARS but I still plan on continuing it. The drafts are here and there but I really don't want to upload anything half-assed. I'm sorry to have kept you waiting.

I sent you a message. Why haven't you replied? Do you hate me/think you're all that/ignoring me/snobbish?

I'm really sorry. I don't always check my mail and other stuff so I'm sorry but I WILL reply to your message as soon as I see it. Others might know that I used to even reply to reviews but now that I've got other things to do, I'm not that available to do those stuff anymore. I'm getting around to doing those stuff again... If I ever get to clear up my schedule.

Why haven't you accepted my friend request on *insert site here*?

Most probably because I don't know who you are and that you came from FF.net. Spammy bots adding me on social networking sites scare me. Please bear with me. Thank you.

Do you have other places where you update stories?

Only on FF.net. I have an account on FicWad but for an entirely different purpose. If you find that account, you'll understand why. T_T

I want to ask you something! I need a reply! How can I contact you?

One option is FF.net. Another is on FB. Won't post FB link anymore. Learned my lesson already. *weeps* I also have a deviantart account : http://xairylle.deviantart.com

Koishitau. Tatakau. Mamoru.


Cheerios, Cookies and a whole lot of Bankai Love!

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