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Author has written 6 stories for Without a Trace, Yu-Gi-Oh, Metal Gear, Supernatural, and Magnificent Seven.

nick: shunkaha_


(why am I posting my lj adress? Because I like to answer to reviews here on my lj. Yes, I am weird. So watch out for "to the reviewers" posts on my lj

THE ROAD SO FAR: (and GOD, that is so cheesy I had to do it XD)

Female. (Yes, female. I know that username is confusing, but it sticks.)
- older than 20, younger than 30. (Take your pick.)

- I haven't written ANYTHING in over a YEAR! Jesus. So, well xD I am back. I can not promise that I will finish everything that I've started, but I'll definitely try. Yes. Also, my lj has been resurrected from the dead. So if you have been there recently, try again now XD Let's just say it was time for something new.

Mhmm... What's there to say about myself? I love drawing, so I got me a little corner over at DA, link is in my lj. Err.. I love writing, so I do that every now and then. Mostly my own stuff, but from time to time it's fanfiction.

BUT BE WARNED!! For some reason I am NOT able to write happy go lucky stuff or loooong stories with an actual PLOT. I once tried writing something long, but argh... it died. It's still here on, but it's over 2 years old and rotting. Sooo, whenever I REALLY write, it's mostly short, moody, creepy, a bit on the dark side.

The fandoms I like to take a peak at are/were actually rather weird. Because you know. Argh. Don't ask.

- Magnificent Seven. PERIOD. I am not going to discuss this, it just IS. XD It was my very first fandom years ago and the first fandom I actually wrote fanfiction for. If you know the blackraptor archive, search "save me a place". That was me, writing something... dark, moody, blah xD BUT it was nominated for an award back then. That kind of still freaks me out Oh, and then there was this loooong thing that is "rotting". Yeah. Hello TTTB. You guys must hate me :(

- Random Fandoms (meaning I love to read stuff, but I don't write myself):
Fastlane (hey XD I loved that show!), TFATF dies in shame, back in the day the X - Files (I was a Ratnick, so what?), Without a Trace, LEVERAGE (YES!! Achem.), Angel (aaah the good old days), as I already mentioned, S1 of Heroes and... now my brain hurts. I will update this later.

I have recently been lured into another fandom by... err, for several reasons. One: my sister. She kept on bugging me to actually watch SUPERNATURAL because she liked it. And I was like "Meh, whatever. Everybody goes crazy about that show, not my kind of thing." Two: the music. My taste in music is a little weird also and one of my all time favorite songs is Bad Company. When I googled it out searching for the lyrics some time ago, the links lead to a Supernatural Episode recap and ... mhm. Let's just say the rest is history? XD Out of the blue it hit me and I watched seasons 2, 3 and 4 (up to "Jump the Shark") in one go. And err... my brain melted. Yeah. That's my story and I am sticking to it. The result is that..

... I am writing SN fanfiction o.O ... dies And since this is me, it's dark, moody, creepy stuff. You have been warned.


Err... nothing XD See ya!

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