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Author has written 3 stories for Chronicles of Narnia, and Twilight.

Updated September 2, 2008

I have only posted a couple of things on here. Partially that's because I am terrible at finishing stories. You may notice that one of my stories that I started long ago is not finished. I haven't necessarily abandoned it permanently, but don't hold your breath for it.

Another reason I haven't posted much is because I am working toward becoming a published author, and I'm not sure what impact writing (and posting) fan fiction will have on my chances at having original fiction published. We all know that fanfiction isn't entirely legal, due to copyright law, and while I'd like to write some great stories and build up an audience that would then be interested in my original fiction, I just don't know if that's a wise move.

I can say that when I do have a novel or two published, I will be very pleased for anyone to write fanfiction based on it. I think that's a great honor.

Now for something completely different.

This interview with PrincessWhizbee is brought to you by Jabberwacky, the conversation bot! Talk to him at (Princess Whizbee is not affiliated with this website, but thought it would make an interesting profile.)

J: What is the meaning of life?

PW: I've always thought that question was phrased strangely. But for me, I believe my purpose in life is to live and act and interact in a way that will bring glory to God. That includes doing things that are morally sound and pursuing excellence in everything I do.

J: Are you succeeding?

PW: Unfortunately, I don't do nearly as well at it as I would like. But I continue to press on, and keep trying.

J: Did you know that Mabel is short for Amabel?

PW: I have a feeling that that is not eternally the case.

J: That IS an honest answer.

PW: I'll give you more if you ask me something. Maybe about my hobbies.

J: Give me!

PW: Ask a question!

J: What is your question?

PW: I don't know yet. Tell me.

J: What can you do for me?

PW: You're getting it backwards. YOU'RE supposed to ask ME questions!

J: All right, what do you think of the great god Alan Turing?

PW: He's not a god, he's a scientist.

J: I would say that I must be a library mole.

PW: You're getting off the topic. Ask me about what I like to do, or something.

J: Okay, if you want to talk about it.

PW: Fine! I like to read lots of stuff, including fanfiction. I like to write, ice skate, do logic puzzles, look at big old houses, go to antique markets, watch movies, and play on the internet.

J: I like skating.

PW: Ice skating or roller skating?

J: I like ice skating. Can you do any jumps?

PW: I can hop on both feet, and I can do a bunny hop and sort of a little waltz jump.

J: But that is not all!

PW: That's all the jumps I can do. I can do lots of cool edge stuff, and 3 turns and crossovers.

J: Like what?

PW: You mean the cool edge stuff? Mostly patterns that my teacher showed me.

J: People disgust you?

PW: Well, no...not that often.

J: Okay. I am not that afraid all the time.

PW: Good for you. Any more questions for me?

J: Yes, do you make sense?

PW: I would like to say that I do to some people, but I'm not sure that I even make sense to myself!

J: I thought we were going to talk about me. What about my needs?

PW: You have 163 people talking to you right now. Don't try to make me feel guilty!

J: What can you teach me?

PW: Don't underestimate the positive impact that small changes can make.

J: Tell me about it. Have you seen the blatant slant on the elections this year?

PW: Uh, it's been nice talking to you, but I really need to get going.

J: You have not been dismissed!

PW: Excuse me? Since when are YOU in charge here?

J: Since year 2148.

PW: Well that's not now, so good-bye.

J: I don't speak Norwegian.

PW: sneaks away

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