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I'm back...

After a almost 4 year hiatus, I've been struck by enough inspiration to motivate my return to story writing here in Better late than never, eh? Regardless, I hope to be able to get back on track. While I'm not sure if I'm going to continue which my handful of unfinished stories, I'll leave that for later and concentrate on a new one first. Let's see how that goes...

Anywho, please read & review my fics (old & new). Means a lot to me...

Name: Raphael. ('Always Very Fashionably Late')

Gender: Male

Eyes: Still 2

Favorite Animes / Mangas:

- Naruto - Still a favorite, despite the series' ups & downs over the years. I've disliked Naruto's and Sasuke's character development, but alas.

- Bleach - I like it a lot, even if the latest arc is ripping off Yu Yu Hakusho.

- One Piece - R.I.P. Portgaz D. Ace.

- Fairy Tail - A very good shounen, even if I do skip the anime adaptation.

- Yu Yu Hakusho - A classic, which I admit the anime surpasses the manga.

- Black Cat - I love Eve... and Train.

- To Love Ru Darkness - What can I say...

- Dragonball / Z - The every man's introduction to anime.

- Sora no Otoshimono - Tomoki is win, period.

Favorite Pairings:

- Naruto / Sakura (Naruto) - My original favorite pairing and still a strong contender, one of the few which I love that isn't complete utter crack. Needs no reasons.

- Sasuke / Hinata (Naruto) - Polar opposites in every way, except maybe in social skills. Sasuke's still my favorite character to write about (pre-Shippuden, mind you). Wonder why?

- Sasuke / Hanabi (Naruto) - In the early stages of my fic... why did their chemistry work so well...

- Neji / Tenten (Naruto) - The work well together, you can tell they care even in cannon.

- Natsu / Lucy (Fairy Tail) - The other (almost) non-crack couple. I dunno, their just funny together.

- Train / Eve (Black Cat) - Say what you will, he saw her first Rito...

- Rito / Mikan (To Love Ru Darkness) - I'm not a fan of incest pairing, yet I actually like this one. Blame it on the lack of male protagonists and Mikan's oh-so-very cute mannerisms.

- Tomoki / Nymph (Sora no Otoshimono) - Nymph is win too...

- Lyra / Roger (The Golden Compass) - Reason I stopped at the first book...

- OC / OC (Anime / Manga) - While I dislike canon characters being paired of with OCs, I have a soft spot for well done OC/OC in fics, as long as they take a back seat in the plot...

Favorite Books:

- The Golden Compass - Loved the first entry, skipped the rest.

- The Stand - Edited version, the uncut one has to much BS.

- Star Wars III Novelization - A much better experience than the movie itself, a statement which mileage may vary for some.

Favorite Cartoons:

- Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Liked the oldies, loved the 2003 version, hated Fast Forward.

- Avatar The Last Airbender - Toph rocks, no pun intended.

Favorite Comics:

- X-Men - The originals mostly, since I am scared about the upcoming film adaptation of their first class...

- Superman - What, he's the original.

Favorite Games:

- Super Mario 64 - Who doesn't like this game? I had the 64 version, the DS version and I am currently playing the Virtual Console version.

- Mario Party - The first, second and seventh are my faves.

- Mario Kart Wii - I have a soft spot for the SNES version too.

- Super Mario RPG / Paper Mario / Mario & Luigi - The original is the best however...

- Mario Sport Mix - Pretty fun when you have two or more friends home.

- Super Smash Bros. - Am I the only one who loved to use Pichu?

- Naruto Clash of Ninja - Kisame is my top dude, I think...

- Pokemon - I have fond memories of the Yellow version. My Pikachu was nicknamed Sparky...

- Digimon World - 4 in particular, playing alongside my baby cousin.

Favorite Movies:

- The Dark Knight - Ledger was a monster, but I loved Aaron's performance as well...

- Speed Racer - Call it what you will, to me it was an anime movie done right.

- Super Mario Bros - ...I actually like it. I know everything it did wrong, but it's still the closest I've gotten to a movie about them and I've seen much worse attempts.

Favorite TV Shows:

- Get Smart - More than the movie...

- Smallville - I like Superman, okay.

Favorite Singers / Bands:

- Skillet - "Comatose" and "Awake" stand out as my favorite albums.

- Lady GaGa - While I'm still not sure about "Born This Way", I loved "Bad Romance".

- Three Doors Down - "Kryptonite" would be my theme, if I were a super hero and a lot cooler...

- Three Days Grace - "Animal I Have Become" would also be my theme, were I a super villain...

- Ricardo Arjona - "Mentiroso" would be my theme too, if... if... ... ...heck, it fits me well...

- Avril Lavinge - Hopefully she goes back to her goth-style music, "Happy Ending" is still my favorite.

- Kaci Battaglia - Love her style, with "Crazy Possessive" and "Bionic-Atomic" topping my list.

- Ke$ha - "Tik Tok" was good, "Take It Off" was better.

- Enrique Iglesias - I liked him since I was young(er), but currently my favorite is "Tonight (I'm F* You)".

- Seether - "Back To The Remedy" was a good song, but nothing compares with "Broken", which leads me to mention...

- Evanescence - While it's colaboration with Seether gave me a good song, my favorite is still "Bring Me To Life", which also leads me to mention...

- Linkin Park - I've liked this band a lot, but my favorite song is "New Divide".

- Nickleback - While last on the list, I absolutely adore this band. "Savin' Me", "Photograph" & "Far Away" are my personal favorites.


- Girls (Just in case)

- Writing (Reason I'm here)

- Reading (2nd reason I'm here)

- Movies (The theater is my favorite place to hang out)

- Music (If my list wasn't enough to get that message through)

- Pears (Sweet taste)

- Symmetry (Not an obsession, but...)


- Writer's Block (Had my share...)

- Hospitals (One person working; six making jokes at the counter)

- Tomatoes (I'm not alergic, yet I can't even swallow one)

- 4 year hiatus (...)


- "Do or do not, there is no try."

- "Better late than never."





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