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Hello I am a fun loving anime lover I try and make stories but i am rteally lazy like shikamaru and am carefree like naruto so I don't update usually I love to help my friends though and watch these things.

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I am waveblader I will try to write more stories and for those of you who are my friends call me Kenshi i don't feel right posting my true name sorry

i also know who tobi is and no he is not obito he is madara uchiha if anyone payed attention to the manga chapter when he said MADARA UCHIHA and the recent chapter tells that madara was dead as well and he stood on top of madara's head in the valley of end he is officialy madara Uchiha and is stronger than itachi because he told pain about sasuke same chapter as when pain was talking to the hooded guy and if you put two and two together you will see tobi standing there. Also he is the founder of the uchiha clan and is much more dangerous than pain even since he commanded him. So anyone who reads this page know this

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I think i love the fact that i can write stories and currently i am only doing oneshots until i make five of them then I will update my first story.

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You want to know who your real friends are? Screw up and see who's still there- (A good one!!)

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Maths can really kill people. Trust me. (SO HELL YEAH!!)

"Reality is almost always wrong" - Dr. Gregory House

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07.29.08 Archangel is currently paused and most likely will not be completed.
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Mp3 shuffle reviews
its my version of the popular i-pod shuffle. i don't have an ipod so that's why its mp3. the stories go with the songs. so it may be couples or it may be a fight. you can never know. most likely sasusaku naruhina shikatema nejiten saiino and the like.
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