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Back on my bullshit.

Time Streamer is now hosted on my AO3 account because I cannot remember how to use this silly website. Might upload it here later when I have the patience. Will be on a tentative twice monthly update schedule.

Legacy of Kain: Notes for Newcomers
This is a rather complex series, so here are key concepts that might help you if you're new. There's a lot to take in here and trying to understand everything all at once is probably bad for your health. The information below is intended to be used as a reference or cheat sheet, not as an introduction to the fandom. For that, you should simply read my stories. :)

Vampires - A prominent race in LoK, they are at the center of Nosgoth's history. Humans despise and demonize them - but their origins and role in Nosgoth are much more benevolent than they appear. Some noteable vampires include Kain, Vorador, and Janos Audron, the latter being the last of the Ancients. Before Nosgoth's recorded history, Ancient vampires were one of the most powerful and beautiful races in Nosgoth. When the Ancients banished the Hylden (plural) with the Pillars, the Hylden cursed the Ancients with blood thirst, immortality, and infertility, transforming them into the parasites Nosgoth knows today. In Nosgoth's past, vampires were hunted almost to extinction by a group of holy warriors known as the Sarafan. There were two major vampire crusades: the first was the Sarafan Crusade and the second was Moebius's Crusade: the latter left Kain as the last vampire in Nosgoth. During the time of Kain's empire (between 600 and 2,000 years after the corruption of the Pillars) vampires have become apex predators and most of humanity has been enslaved to feed their blood thirst.

The Council - The Council, led by Kain during the time of the Empire, consists of Kain's six eldest sons, the leaders of the vampire clans. They were all turned about 500 years after Kain's birth. From youngest to oldest, they are: Melchiah, Zephon, Rahab, Dumah, Turel, and Raziel. The clan leaders consider themselves brothers. Raziel was executed by Kain under suspicious circumstances about 1,500 years after Kain's birth. He is reborn as a vampire wraith 500 years later, upon which he embarks on a quest to revenge his own death. Many of my fics explore his quest for vengence and relationship with his brothers and Kain.

Vampire Wraiths - Wraiths are born when a vampire's soul spends too long in the Spectral Realm. Instead of feeding off of blood, the vampire's soul adapts to feed off of other souls. Raziel is a unique wraith with the ability to travel between the Spectral and Material Realms. He was supposedly created by the Elder God after Raziel was executed by his maker, the vampire Kain, but his true origins remain uncertain.

Hylden (AKA "Unspoken") - They are the bad guys. The Ancient vampires banished them to the Demon Realm aeons ago and they have been trying to destroy the Pillars ever since. They have enslaved or otherwise brainwashed demons into working for them. The Hylden will do anything to escape the Demon Realm, even if it means destroying Nosgoth. They are responsible for key events in Nosgoth's history, including the corruption of the Pillars.

The Realms - There are three Realms in Nosgoth: Material (the physical world of the living), Spectral (the immaterial world of the dead), and Demon (the native home of demons and place of banishment for the Hylden, sealed off by the Pillars). The Material and Spectral Realms overlap, meaning that the Spectral Realm is a twisted version of the Material. Despite this overlap, they generally do not interact in any way, although some ghosts can manifest in both realms. Unlike ghosts, when Raziel manifests in the Material Realm he gains a physical body.

The Pillars of Nosgoth - The Pillars are as important in LoK as the One Ring in LotR. There are nine Pillars: Mind, Dimension, Conflict, Nature, Energy, Time, States, Death, and most important of all, Balance. Each Pillar has its own Guardian. Once a Guardian assumes their role, their Pillar grants them an unnaturally long life so that they may serve it for as long as possible. Two prominent Pillar Guardians are Moebius the Time Streamer (Time Guardian), Nupraptor the Mentalist (Mind Guardian), Mortanius the Necromancer (Death Guardian), and Kain (Balance Guardian). As a group the Pillar Guardians are known as the Circle of Nine. Each Pillar chooses its Guardian at birth. The Pillars maintain a magical barrier which keeps demons and a race called the Unspoken (or Hylden) out of Nosgoth but are also tied to the health of the land. They were constructed by Ancient vampires prior to the Hylden's curse. As the Pillars were originally intended to be served by vampire Guardians, the Ancients began passing on the curse to humans (since Ancients were no longer able to be born naturally). The humans eventually rebelled during a revolt led by a young Moebius. Vampires were hunted down and humankind eventually forgot about the Ancients and the Pillars' true purpose. After the Pillars became corrupted, this barrier weakened significantly. The corruption and destruction of the Pillars are two of the most important events in Nosgoth's history. The Pillars were destroyed by Kain at the end of Blood Omen. During the time of the Empire, Kain builds the Sanctuary of the Clans around the ruined Pillars.

The Sarafan Order - A monastic order of paladins and priests created to serve the Circle of Nine and combat the vampire scourge. They were made up entirely of humans. Led by Malek the Conflict Guardian, under the guidance of Moebius and Mortanius, they were active for an unknown period of time, possibly centuries, and began their decline around 500 years before Kain's birth. Some prominent members included Head Inquisitor Raziel, Second Inquisitor Turel, and Warrior-Inquisitors Dumah, Rahab, Zephon, and Melchiah, during their human lives.

The Neo-Sarafan - Two hundred years after Kain destroyed the Pillars, a new Sarafan order was created, led by a being known as the Sarafan Lord (who was in fact a powerful Hylden). On the surface, they sought only to protect Nosgoth and destroy the vampires. In reality, their goal was to build a device that would allow the entire Hylden race to cross-over from the Demon Realm back into Nosgoth. This would have ensured Nosgoth's eternal corruption. (They also wanted to enslave humans, but this is a minor point, as Kain would do this anyway once he founded his empire.) The Sarafan Lord was defeated about 400 years after Kain's birth, by Kain, and the Neo-Sarafan died out soon afterward.

The Corruption of the Pillars - This event occurred because the then Balance Guardian, Ariel, was murdered by Mortanius while he was possessed by a creature known as the Hylden Lord. At the time of her murder Ariel was in a romantic relationship with Nupraptor. Her murder caused Nuprapor to go mad and his insanity infected the Circle, causing the corruption that would bring down the Pillars. Kain, who had just been born to take Ariel's place, was also infected "at the moment of [his] first cry." Ariel's spirit returned to the Pillars and found herself trapped there by the corruption, powerless to restore them and unable to pass on. Thirty years later, Kain, now a vampire, was convinced by Ariel's spirit to kill the other Guardians so that new, uncorrupted ones could be born. However, in order to cleanse the Pillars completely, Kain would also need to kill himself. By refusing to sacrifice himself, Kain destroyed the Pillars and condemned Nosgoth to a state of decay and corruption.

The Reaver - The Soul Reaver is the most powerful sword in Nosgoth. It is inhabited by a soul devouring entity and was forged in part through a time travel paradox. The Blood Reaver is an earlier, less potent version of the Soul Reaver that devoured blood prior to its habitation by the soul devouring entity. The Reaver was forged by Ancient vampires. Its destiny is intertwined with Kain, Raziel, and the Pillars. Throughout the games Kain has wielded either the Soul Reaver or the Blood Reaver while Raziel has been symbiotically bound to the wraith blade - a spectral version of the Soul Reaver.

Time Travel - Time travel is a major theme in LoK. In most of my stories I measure time based on Kain's human birth, because it coincides with the corruption of the Pillars. Time machines are called "Chronoplasts" in this universe. Under normal circumstances it is impossible to change the past through time travel. However, there are exceptions (see Paradoxes & The Wheel of Fate).

The Wheel of Fate - Both the cycle of birth, death, and re-birth, and the entity responsible for determining the fate of all living (or unliving) creatures in Nosgoth. It is totally amoral and presided over by the Elder God, also known as "The Hub of the Wheel" and Raziel's "Benefactor." Kain and Raziel spend a large portion of the games trying to alter their destinies. Kain is destined to be the Scion of Balance, the Balance Guardian who returns the Pillars to vampire Guardianship, and Raziel has a dual destiny as both the Hylden and Vampire Champion. He is simultaneously destined to destroy Kain and redeem Kain. He is the only being in Nosgoth who can choose his destiny, although his choices are apparently limited.

Paradoxes - Under ordinary circumstances freewill does not exist in Nosgoth. All living things are guided by the Wheel of Fate with very little wiggle room. When two identical objects meet in time and space a temporal distortion is created; essentially, a wildcard event. This is one of the few times when fate can be significantly altered. Past and future incarnations of the Reaver have met many times over the course of the games, usually resulting in an altered timeline. Raziel is the only creature in Nosgoth known to naturally possess freewill. How and when Raziel acquired freewill is up for debate, but it apparently happened after he became a wraith, possibly due to his possession of the wraith blade.

Notable Paradox 1: The Reaver Paradox - Possibly the most important paradox in Legacy of Kain. Through this paradox, the wraith Raziel comes to be imprisoned within the Soul Reaver. It is a cyclical paradox that occurs over and over again. Chronological order: in the Sarafan era, Raziel the wraith goes to the Sarafan Stronghold and murders the Sarafan Inquisitors (including his human self) using the Blood Reaver; Raziel's wraith blade fuses with the Blood Reaver; turning on its master, the wraith blade devours Raziel's soul and pulls it into the physical Reaver, creating the Soul Reaver; 1,000 years later, Kain finds the remains of the Sarafan Inquisitors and resurrects them as vampires, including Sarafan Raziel; 1,000 years after this, the vampire Raziel is executed at the Lake of the Dead; re-born as a soul devouring wraith, Raziel kills his brothers for revenge, devours their souls, and chases Kain back through time to the early Blood Omen era; Raziel restores the shattered Soul Reaver and uses it to kill Kain; seeking answers to his destiny, Raziel travels back in time to the Sarafan era and meets Janos Audron, who is protecting the Blood Reaver; Janos is killed by the Sarafan Raziel, who also steals the Blood Reaver; Raziel travels to the Sarafan Stronghold, kills the Inquisitors, and is absorbed into the sword. Raziel's role in the Reaver Paradox grants him freewill, as while he is attached to the wraith blade, his twin soul, he is quite literally a walking paradox. During the events of Soul Reaver 2, The Reaver Paradox was interrupted by Kain's Paradox.

Notable Paradox 2: William's Paradox - This paradox occurs in Blood Omen. After taking the Soul Reaver from Avernus Cathedral, the fledgling vampire Kain travels back in time 50 years to assassinate Prince William, whom is known as the Nemesis in the present. He hopes to prevent the war started by the Nemesis by assassinating him while he's young. Unbeknownst to Kain, Moebius the Time Streamer has armed William with the Soul Reaver. When the two Soul Reavers meet, Kain's Reaver shatters the one used by William, allowing Kain to assassinate him and change history. The Soul Reaver shattered by Kain is later repaired by Raziel in Soul Reaver 2, ensuing that the Soul Reaver will be whole when Kain finds it in the future. Chronological order: Moebius gives William the Soul Reaver; William is assassinated by Kain; William's shattered Soul Reaver is placed in the chapel of the Sarafan Stronghold, where it is found and repaired by Raziel; the Soul Reaver is moved to Avernus Cathedral where it is found by Kain; Kain travels back in time to assassinate William.

Notable Paradox 3: Kain's Paradox - This paradox occurs in Soul Reaver 2 after Raziel has repaired the Soul Reaver. Kain and Raziel meet in the Sarafan Stronghold. He gives Raziel the Soul Reaver and explains to him that he must make a choice: kill Kain now or spare his life. With great effort, Raziel spares Kain's life. History is altered by leaving Kain alive. Later, when Raziel is about to be absorbed into the Soul Reaver, Kain is alive to save him, thus leading to the events of Blood Omen 2 and Defiance.

Notable Paradox 4: Raziel's Paradox - Temporarily freed from the Reaver Paradox by Kain's Paradox, Raziel uses this opportunity to seek his destiny. He imbues the wraith blade with elemental powers from forges located in the Vampire Citidel, eventually leading to the creation of the Spirit Reaver. At the end of Defiance, Raziel sacrifices himself to the Reaver, fusing with it and purifying Kain of the corruption that infected him at his birth.

The Games - The chronological order of the games - starting with the corruption of the Pillars - is as follows: Blood Omen, Blood Omen 2, Soul Reaver, Soul Reaver 2, Defiance. BO takes place 30 years after Kain's birth, BO2 400 years, and SR 1,500 to 2,000 years. SR 2 takes the characters back in time to three respective eras: the year of Kain's birth, 100 years after Kain's birth, and 500 years before Kain's birth (the Sarafan Era). Defiance takes place partly in the Sarafan Era and partly in the BO era.

All Blood Omen Cutscenes

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