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Hello all! I thought it was maybe time for a change, so I'm fixing up my profile. Stuff about me...well, I'm eighteen, I love cats and psycological dramas, I am confused about what I want to do with the rest of my life, and I'm a sucker for a great romance story. I am notorious (according to myself) for coming up with really good ideas, but not being able to write them the way that I want. To be honest, and quite ironically, the writing I have posted here is some of my worst. I'm a little bit of a perfectionist, and my ideas overwhelm me until I eventually have to move on to something else--and thus never fnish anything. I am working on this, for anyone who cares, but it's all up in the air. The powers that be say that focus in writing comes with age, I just hope I'm not eighty before I finally get it!

That said, I write for so many fandoms that I'm pretty sure every reader would at least recognize one of them. It's anyone's guess which fic from what fandom I will end up finishing, so I guess I'm just unreliable like that... f(^_^;)

When I get writing more, I will definitely have more up (as well as a better idea of what exactly I will be writing). And I guess that's my status update.

A few things I feel I should say though:

1) I really dislike OC's. I know, I know...that's being very general with my dislike, but the thing is--OC's rarely serve a purpose save from being a Mary Sue and/or fulfilling the author's desire to put themselves in the universe they're writing about. There are a few exceptions, of course, but under no circumstances do I like OC just...makes no sense for your Original Character to date/marry/be with someone in the actual storyline. No exceptions.

2) I really like Yaoi. But I would classify myself in the second class of Yaoi fangirl. As I see it, the groupings are like this. The first class just loves the idea of guyxguy smex, and thinks that two bishies together is hot (given, any Yaoi fangirl likes this, but not necessarily to the extreme). The second class, on the other hand, likes Yaoi couples when they stand out particularly as having complimentary character traits and enjoys the forbidden romance part as well as the smex that may/may not be there. I'm a romantic, though. If it's just two random guys and no plot...I'm not into it at all. :(

3) Homestuck

Well, whatever, Lol. That's me right now. Boring, annoying and crappily thrown together. Let's just call the above an artistic representation of my psyche right now, mmkay? ;) Well, back to writing...


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Flow reviews
Three years since Jellyfish formed, Kuranosuke's life has never been better. He's surrounded by haute couture, beautiful women, and the biggest names in the industry. And he's in love. One problem-she's in love with his older brother. KT
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