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I’d like to say that I was out doing something special, that I was out changing the world, that I was standing up and shaking the heavens. I want to tell all of you that I was having the most incredible, life-changing experience and it completely pushed writing and fanfiction out of my mind.

I’d like to tell you this…but I’m not.

So anyway, I promised that I’d see Blue Lighting and the Bear through to the end, and I intend to keep that promise. It’s only something like twenty or so chapters anyway.

I hope you’ll all bear with me through the long absence. I do appreciate the readers, even when I don’t express it very well.

Good. On to the things that I was doing instead of writing.

Current Game(s) I'm Playing Instead of Working on my Fics

Disgaea 3 - That was fun...too much fun. That's probably what started this whole slide.

Yggdra Union - Loved this one too.

Tales of the Abyss - Three good games in a row! No wonder I wasn't doing any writing.

Wild Arms Xf - And this would be the one I'm on now.

Current Book That I'm Reading Instead of Working on my Fics


(No, that’s not a book. He’s an author. He’s a German author. He’s a German military historian who just happened to write a four volume series about the art of war. And you know those Germans, they’re very thorough. And Delbruck’s very thorough for a German. Not to mention the fact that he wants to argue with every other military historian who’s ever put pen to paper. This man’s footnotes would make a book! And I’m reading this for fun, not school! I must be insane.)

Current (and Planned) Fics

As an aside; I (usually) write epics, not (except in the rare cases where they clobber me over the head ) one-shots. Also, I don't write explicit sex. My fics do have some violence and suggestive themes, though. Be warned!

Legacy of Silver

I wrote this first chapter a little more than a year ago and have been sitting on it ever since. As an author’s note, this takes place within the same world-frame as Survive and begins in the year without a summer. For the moment, this will only be updated sporadically, as it is something I’ll be working on only when I’m having writer’s block with Blue Lightning.

And no, I don’t intend for Legacy to come anywhere near the length of that.

Blue Lightning and the Bear (Suikoden II)

D'oh! Review responses never gotten to! I'm not sure I know enough words in enough languages to express my embarrassment. Also, I don't know when the next chapter will be written, but I'm going to try for a week, like the good old days.

Survive (Suikoden II)

Posted. This turned out to be darker than I anticipated and, after a careful review with my proof reader, I've decided to give it an M rating. It also turned out to be a lot longer than I first anticipated. The story is complete. I don't intend to expand on it in any way; I have too much more of Blue and Bear to work on.

Schedule: Complete. Nothing further shall be added.

The Last Charge (Suikoden II)

Hmmm. It must be time for my yearly one-shot. If this piece is too melancholy for you, I apologize. It links in ways to Blue Lightning and the Bear, but I’m not certain that it’s fully canonical with it. It’s an experiment that I wrote in a full-out burst. I won’t tell you to enjoy it, but I hope you find that it’s good.

Schedule: This too is finished.

Final Disclaimer: Me not own anything. Me not own Suikoden or any of the characters associated with the games- Konami does. Me is not making any money off the fics I post here. In fact, me is wondering why I don't just go and write my own stories and make some of my own money. Anticipating Persona 4 (that'll be a time sink) and Ar Tonelico 2 (proving just how shallow I really am).

Have a splendid day.

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