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Author has written 4 stories for Final Fantasy VII, and Kingdom Hearts.

I am:

-Really greatfull to everyone who puts up with me
-Plagued with writer's block eighty-five percent of the time
-A lover of all fanfiction and pairings(except for ZexionDemyx and AxelRoxas)
-A rabid fangirl of video games, anime, books, tv shows, movies, and the planet pluto
-Really lazy

For those of you who've gotten an e-mail from me: I am well aware it says my name is 'Katelyn Heheh.' ...Here's why. I created that e-mail when I was seven. My mother told me not to put my last name in it(???!)... so I didn't... but it wouldn't let me go without putting a last name in there. Pity I couldn't come up with something more original.

What I've learned: Never listen to your mother.

What's going down: Sudon'tku deleted due to general disinterest and no idea how to continue it. Will be rewritten and revised eventually! I have more stories I'd like to write and complete before I start Sudon'tku up again. It'll probably be under a different title, as well. Look out for it in the future. Probably early '08.

Attention! Important news!: G0D and myself are going back and editing the original 17 chapters of Ongaku Niji. Hopefully it'll be funny and less embarrassing(for me. I'm quite a bit(ADAJKLED) wiser now than when I started it. I know how to write better, too).

http:///art/Ongaku-Niji-fanart-69358548 !!!!!!!!

OMG. Fanaaaaaaaaaart. Wow. I am seriously speechless atm. XD

Kamikaze-no-ryuu drew fanart of my fanfiction. You have no idea what kind of time paradox that is going to cause. Still, that's amazing and I wuv Kamikaze-no-ryuu forever.


Generally, Ongaku Niji will be updated on the weekend, as to give me and G0D time to work on our other fics. Everything else varies between daily, weekly, and monthly.

You see how well I keep to this scedual.

Cowritten stores:

Ongaku Niji
Coauthor: Guardian 0 Devil
Summary: When a chibi mass murdering general shows up in our world, what happens? Obliteration by cuteness, that's what.
Status: Next chapter WILL be updated eventually.
Pairings: Oh god.
Category: Games, Final Fantasy VII

Ongoing Stories by Passe:

Traduzioni Luminose
Summary: Again, I'm lazy. D:
Status: AAAAAH.
Pairings: RoxasZexionRoxas
Category: Games, Kingdom Hearts

Original Characters:

I have a total of nine million original characters as of yet. Profiles? What's the point?

My stance on OCs is pretty clear. Every OC is a Mary Sue to somebody, I've accepted this fact. You probably should too. If you believe my OC is a MS then that's your opinion. I respect it but will continue with the story whichever OC is featured in. I openly welcome you to flame me privately or publicly. I'll probably delete it but everybody deserves to have their opinion heard. A-thank-yew.

BTW, my self-instert is possibly the most unintentionally MS character you'll ever find... Whoops?

Inner Passe:

I have a habit of insulting people in my reviews without really meaning too(sometimes I mean to, but that's beside the point). I'm getting better at it(not being a bitch) and don't do it as often... but in the event that I do, forgive me:B My brain and hands don't always agree with eachother.

The thing about it is that I don't think my fanfiction is better. Quite the opposite. I think I suck. I know I suck compared to serious writers, but I know I can do better. This is why people have such hard times with me in flame wars. XD

Example: "Yeah. Well, your fanfiction is worse! I've never seen such stupidity." "I KNOW. SOB. I can't figure out how to process the words I think into type. It's so frustrating sometimes! You have a better grasp on words than I do(points out choice adjectives)... Maybe you can explain to me what you do..." Etc, etc.

It's really hard to fight an enemy that's already surrendered.


I went through youtube and got most of these from panel videos.

"Roy Mustang looks dead sexy... in a MINI-SKIRT!" - Poor, Poor Vic Mignogna.

"I still can't kick my own ass. :(" - Travis Willingham, of fighting Roy Mustang in the FMA video game.

"I wrote Izzy and Tentomon as a gay couple..." - Jeff Nimoy, of Digimon.

"Got it memorized?" - Axel, Kingdom Hearts.

"I'm still out here!" - Reno, Advent Children.

"Roxas... put your pants on." - Quinton Flynn, in response to a request.

"...He just wont DIE!" - Vic Mignogna, of being Broli's VA.

"The butter twins, they love their BUTTER!" - Quinton Flynn as Dr. Riddles during a con.


"I'm covered in beeeeeeees!" - Eddie Izzard, on beekeepers.

"What are you reading? The bible according to St. Bastard?" - Eddie Izzard as a pope.

"Super size me!" - Kyon, Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu

"Run! Run away!" - Demyx, Kingdom Hearts

"RAWR! I ARE THE VAMPIRE!" Vincent Valentine, Ongaku Niji

"It's just that anything I do cook tries to eat me." - Emmie, Ongaku Niji

"I'm really evil when I want to be. I once kicked a puppy..." What I didn't tell them was I was kicking it out of a car's path." - Unknown. I thought it was me, but now I'm pretty sure it's not. XD

"What we need is a little distraction. You got an atomic bomb?" Murdoc, A-team.


"You look like sunshine dust!" - Kuro-kun to my former Gaia avatar. Squee.

"Hair:o" - L, Death note.

"This seems to be getting more and more random." "Correction. This is getting more and more deep." Snake and Otacon, during a save screen.

"We've managed to avoid DROWNING!" "GOOD JOB!" - The most hysterical line in MGS2. Raiden(performed by the always wonderful Quinton Flynn) and the General. IDON'TKNOW.

Raiden: ...What'd he say?
Otacon: That you're a weak, simple-minded, stubborn fool. n.n
Raiden: A-a weak, simple-minded--
Otacon: Ah, don't worry. He didn't mean anything bad by it.
Raiden: Nothing bad? What could possibly be worse than that? That lying, useless, backstabbing, mincing son of a--
Otacon: Raiden, I'm his friend. I know him better than anyone else. I know he's not that kind of guy.
Raiden: Yeah? So what?
Otacon: And, by the way... there's one more thing you should probably know about Snake.
Raiden: What?
Otacon: He's right here.
Raiden: ...Next to you?
Otacon: Yep.
Raiden: Did he hear...
Otacon: Every word.
Snake: ...
Raiden: ...I'm... uh... I'm just gonna get back to the mission now.

-PUNKED. Otacon, Raiden, and a brief Snake cameo. MGS2. The way the VAs deliever this preformance is PRICELESS. Especially Quinton Flynn's '...Next to you?' You can find footage of this on youtube.

"Liquid dies so many times. Seriously. Trapped in a crashing helicopter, hit in the face with a missle, punched off the top of Metal Gear, caught in a capsizing jeep, and finally poisoned to death...and then he shows up in the sequel." - Someone on youtube.

"Deep inside, I think everyone wants to treat people nicely." - Atoli, .hack

"YOU ARE NOT THE FURY." - Me, while confronting THE FURY in MGS3.

"They have drugs for people like you." Me, after having Snake dodge THE FURY'S giant flaming head. WTF. Kojima. WTF.

Me: What's wrong with Canada?
Turkypants: What ISN'T wrong with Canada?
Me: Touche.


"I thought it was sad but also majorly wtf cause they threw in that huge thing of Otacon being molested by his stepmother and it's like oh this is so sad WAIT WHAT OTACON SLEPT WITH HIS MOM WHAT GO BACK." - Zarla, deviantart


"You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means." Inigo Montoya.


Get ready for it...

"MWETEOW!" - Sephiroth, Ongaku Niji.

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