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About Me:

Last edit: Dec, 3rd, 2010.

Visiting after a two-three year hiatus. Glad to see some things haven't changed, haha. I won't delete Camp DANGER or Roadtrip with Vortex since they have somewhat of a meaning to me (dude, it's my youth right there) As for Ultra Date, it'll be left on semi-hiatus.

While I have other interests now, JN is something I'll never forget, and good fan-fiction is still amusing to read. I doubt I'll stick around for long though.

Hiyas, I'm a former JN obsessed fan; yet I linger around its fanfiction out of habit sometimes.

I'm no longer focused on fanfiction writing, and working on stories of my own creation, since I plan to be a writer or journalist in the future. (a girl can dream, right?.)

The fact that JN was canceled, was surely saddening. ): (I was actually looking forward to at least a spin off. -glares at Nickelodeon.-)

I work on my fanfics when I find inspiration and time though, and I'll gladly review your story if you do the same with mine!. (don't see it as an eye for an eye thing, I just don't have time to browse through the pages of JN-fiction any longer. @_@)

My favorite authors are: EL CHUPACABRA(I remember pulling off an all nighter to finish a story of his! So sad he deleted his work..) and GaDS2000(who can maintain the actual characters of JN, while being incredibly creative with his plot lines?. yes, surely him.) Check out my list, though. There's a lot of talented writers from JN fiction. (:

Recent Pen name changes:

- Emerald t.e.a.r.z - Changed to Fictional Hobo

Rants about the Stories:


Ultra Date : This was originally meant to be a tribute for the under appreciated, SL couple. But, adding JC seems inevitable(what can I say? JC fans are scary ;.;) To end its hiatus, I had to remake(-shifty eyes-) maintaining some of its original plot, yet also making some changes. It is now on, semi-hiatus. 8D Until I am hit with inspiration once again...The story, is basically an adorable paradox of an entirely commercial holiday; also known as 'Valentine's day inspired fanfic' don't get me wrong, though, I am in no way trying to post another one of those ''fluffy'' stories. ~.~ Like I mentioned before, it's mostly SL, but, I've decided to give some attention to the adorable llama loving boy, and of course, the two bickering know-it-all's. I'm guessing you're wondering how it can be called a date, if Carl is thrown in there as a third wheel. Again, one word that defines this fanfic, adorable paradox. (oh snap, that was two words.)


Camp Danger : I wrote this back when I was a cutesy 11 year-old, so the faults made me cringe. As most of my readers have probably noticed, english isn't my first language. It's got OOCs, crazy villains, a strange invention and two mysterious managers...Yes, I had a kick-ass imagination. (: - Fic is officially dropped. Regret deleting the original, I don't keep the older drafts. Thanks to everyone who read the story while it lasted!.

Road Trip With Vortex : Ah, this is a fun one. It has got its mistakes, but I'm happy with how the plot is turning out. I'm probably editing the first few chapters(without deleting the entire story, since yes, I have a tendency of doing that.) and eventually working on an update. (Note the eventually) The story is focused on the JC pairing, while introducing Cindy's dad--who isn't given much thought in the series--and Jimmy's Dad--prone to causing comical troubles.-- SLness is also thrown in there, with humorous antics, thanks to our beloved Sheen. - Same as Camp DANGER. I was never very much attached with this story in the first place, but I'll keep it here. Again, thanks to the people who took time to read it, and sorry I will leave it unfinished!.

'Omg, you had more stories though! Like, what happened?.' - I deleted the stories I deemed as garbage. Or over-done, or annoying, or that simply, took all my will to update. You know what?. Don't ask.

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