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Between June 16th and July 12th, 2011, there is an internet auction being held on LiveJournal, here - Help Super_Robyn!

Robyn is a young, fellow fan (only 23), who is in the final stages of bone cancer which spread to her lungs. She's been fighting this since 2007, but they've told her that they're pretty much out of treatment options now. She's had a long held wish to visit New York one day, and she and her sister are going to go at the end of July. As most of us know, New York is an incredibly expensive place to visit, so the auction is an attempt to defray some of the cost and to give her the absolutely best trip possible. It's kind of like Make a Wish (for which you have to be under 18), but as a fandom effort.

You can find my offering for it here but, quite frankly, there are far better authors offering works than myself, and you can check out all of them here or look through all of the various categories here in the main community. If you decide you want to bid on something but don't have an LJ and don't want to create one, you can send me a message here and I'll talk to the community moderators about working something out.

Any support you can give is enormously appreciated and so is passing the word along to others. Thank you. :)

A few of us got together recently and created an archive for Chloe Sullivan stories:

The Sullivan Chronicles

It's a project to try to gather as many Chloe oriented stories as possible and preserve them before numerous fics get lost in the wake of the ending of Smallville. Many other characters from the show have comic book or movie fandoms that will continue to have current source material which will, most likely, keep stories focused on the Smallville versions of them from disappearing. But, as an original character, Chloe's stories will not be as easily absorbed into those ongoing sites. It would truly be a shame to lose some of the amazing stories that have been written about a wonderful character we've all loved so much.

So, if you have the opportunity, please pass the link along. We want to keep as much Chloe around as we can. :)

If you're here because of my Chlex stories, check out Naughty Seduction. Seriously, this is absolutely the place to go for anything Chlex related. It's got a great community, hundreds of wonderful stories, an engaging chatroom, fun filled competitions and more. Even if you multi-ship and aren't strictly a Chlexer, if you're even remotely interested in the pairing you won't be disappointed with the quality of the site. A lot of people think that Chlex just doesn't have much of a following; believe me, they do but we're just all over in our own little oasis on the net. =)

I try to keep my stories within the ratings limit for FFN. That means that I sometimes have to edit out things that I include in versions of the stories on other sites. Mostly I just remove sexual content that won't affect the plot. If that content does affect the plot, then I generally rewrite the chapter to include the plot points while just alluding to the more adult material. However, for those of you that are old enough and would like to read the unedited versions of my stories, they can be found at The Sullivan Chronicles or at my LJ fanfic archive, Skauble's Skribbles. But seriously, there's really not that much of a difference and I'm honestly not talented enough at the more adult aspect of things to necessarily make it worth your while to check it out.


I basically write for four ships -

Angel/Cordelia - Angel the Series

Chloe/Lex - Smallville

Chloe/Oliver - Smallville

Chloe/Clark - Smallville

Hopefully my list won't grow because I'm already way behind on updating as it is.

My homepage link will take you to my LiveJournal.

Author's warnings:

1) I only write shipper fics. If you don't like any of the above ships my stories will probably not appeal to you.

2) I generally start a story at a certain time frame within the show; after that I go where my plot takes me. Canon beyond that point means little to me and I will use or disregard the events that follow at my discretion. So if you need everything to conform to the major events of either show, that's cool, but my stories might not be for you.

3) Sometimes stories have twists and turns in them that I can't divulge beforehand without lessening their impact. What I can do is try to label them in a way that readers can better decide if they want to read on. So, if a story is labeled with angst, for instance, know that there will be angst involved.

If you feel that either the FFN labels or any that I may include in the story itself are not appropriate or thorough enough, please feel free to contact me. I've been contacted before and was very grateful for it. So while I can't guarantee that I'll make specific changes, I certainly won't be upset.

4) I wish I was better at updating, but I'm not. Sorry.

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