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Author has written 18 stories for Ouran High School Host Club, Hana Yori Dango, and Harry Potter.


If you've landed here, please feel free to send me a private message to ask any questions about my current works. I continue to work on my stories as I have time, but I am also a busy woman with other priorities that sometimes interfere with my writing time. Because of that, there are stories that will have far-distant updates, perhaps my most obvious one being The Portrait of Sirius Black which sustained a wait of almost 10 years between its beginnings and the final updates that ended it.

I am updating my stories information below to share where I'm at in my stories. Please feel free to message me with any questions. I will continue to try and update as I have time. Thanks for visiting!

And if you're curious, since I rarely update this space with anything but story information, let me share just a couple stats about myself -

I am a woman in my 30s, a wife, a mother, and a Halloween baby. I currently am a stay at home mom, which is rather nice, and I'm blessed that my husband can work a job that takes care of our family so well. Other than that, I have many, many different interests, but I'd rather not clutter up my profile page too much. If you want to know what fandoms I enjoy, take a trip down my favorites lists, and as always, I'm a glutton for reviews. Feel free to leave me reviews to ease my self-conscious writer's heart!

Stories Information:

Or So They Say (OSTS)--The first Ouran fic I've posted on this site. There's a lot more drama to be had in this story, and poor Haruhi has a big choice to make between Tamaki, Kyouya, and the twins. This story is rapidly growing to epic proportions as I mix the past with the present and try not to give away too much. I have a choice between writing my side stories or simply leaving it to the readers to decide how these relationships came about. However, I do have histories for each pairing I've made. Continuous, ABANDONED

How To Show Love--This is my first Hana Yori Dango fic, and it's not continuous in terms of the chapters. I wanted to examine how different characters show love. It's a four-chapter series of oneshots based around four different couples. Continuous, completed

Going Gently--I wrote this angsty story about Tamaki and Haruhi. I'm not usually an angst writer, but this concept of death wouldn't leave me alone. I'll warn people of minor character death here, but it's all part of the poem's influence on the story. Oneshot

Facing Oz--I couldn't get the idea about Kyouya being Oz out of my mind, so I attempted my first ever KyouHaru fic. This is a light-hearted fic where Haruhi compares her Ouran friends (and enemies) to characters from the named movie and makes a stunning realization of her own. Oneshot

Don't Forget the Hunny!--Yet another Ouran fic, and this time I feature one of our most lovable side characters: Chika! Haninozuka Yasuchika never understood his brother and has always considered him an alien being; finally Chika decides to confront a member of the host club about his brother. What happens when he meets not one, but two crossdressers? Oneshot

Htelobbihs: Can You Say It?--This is the first all-out mystery I am attempting, obviously in the Ouran fandom, set two years after the start of the manga/anime. Haruhi has been kidnapped, and Ayanokoji has the clue to help the hosts start their search. As they frantically try to figure out what's going on, more of their former and current classmates come up missing. Can the hosts find all the kidnapping victims before they run out of time to rescue Haruhi? A TamaHaru (among others) fic. Continuous, COMPLETED

Smashing Pumpkins, A Kaoru Story--My most popular oneshot. Another Ouran fic, this story is mainly about Kaoru and generally told from his perspective. Tamaki and Hikaru are getting annoyingly frustrating with their inability to understand or admit their own feelings for Haruhi, and Kaoru finally decides to stop the pumpkin-carriage, essentially smashing the pumpkin with a date with Haruhi. Oneshot

Cracking the Fandom--Ouran, again. A crack fic answering the question: What would happen if the hosts found out the rest of the world had a fandom based on Renge's doujinshi? Set in Ouran world, not the real world! Includes analysis of fanfic terms (on Kyouya's part), introduction to forums (for the twins), writing romance fics (go Tamaki!), discovering Ouran doujinshi-based chat rooms (with the cousins), and exploring fanart (a Haruhi area--not sure). So far, I have no plans for OCs coming in with the exception of some of the (nameless) writers of fanfics based on the doujinshi. I also haven't come up with any pairings for this because I want it to be a comedy and not a romance... we'll see how that goes! Will be updated sporadically! Continuous, ON HIATUS

Arrested Motion--My first foray into the Harry Potter fandom, probably not my last. It's a bigtime future fic concerning the great-great-great grandchildren of the Golden Trio and the interesting question of why wizards created charmed portraits in the first place. Oneshot

A Hitachiin Plan Never Goes Awry-- Yet another Ouran story, short and sweet. I promised myself I would write a HikaHaru story, and this is the one. As Hikaru gets a sudden blinding realization, he determines to convince Haruhi to date him. When she doesn't think he's serious, he takes it as a challenge and makes a plan to prove her wrong. Besides, a Hitachiin plan never goes awry, right? Only when Haruhi is involved, but in this case, the result isn't what you might expect. Oneshot

Chasing Innocence-- My first OSTS side story, an obviously Ouran tale. This story goes a bit in depth about Mori and Chizuru's relationship. It will be a total of three chapters long, short but sweet and detailed enough to give an idea of how the two got together and married. Continuous, ON HIATUS

Lord Voldemort's Muggle Studies-- Another attempt at Harry Potter fanfiction. This is a short, drabble-ish type story concerning a connection I found between Lord Voldemort and one of the scariest tyrants of history. Oneshot

If The Worst Should Happen--Another Harry Potter story, go figure. They never expected a Muggle illness to affect Wizards, but when it hit him, it was more than she could bear. At his grave, can she heal from the pain of being left behind and left alone? Perhaps his letter can give her the comfort she craves. Oneshot

Memoir of a Moaner--A Harry Potter humorous story about our favorite ghost: Moaning Myrtle. Years after her death, no one can remember much about Myrtle's life. When she gets the chance to tell her story, Myrtle goes at it with the same enthusiasm she shows in terrorizing lost first years who wander into her stall in the girl's lavatory. Oneshot

The Portrait of Sirius Black--A Harry Potter chaptered story! My first ever, so we'll see how it goes. Hermione Granger has never read a novel quite like Oscar Wilde's The Picture of Dorian Gray, and something seems off about how uncannily magical Wilde's world is. When she uncovers a stray clipping from the Daily Prophet, Hermione's convinced something else is going on. More research and several talks with Phineas Black's portrait gives her some insight no witch should ever have, and now she's aiming to practice her new skills... on a certain Marauder's unsuspecting portrait. Continuous, NOW COMPLETE, SEQUEL TO FOLLOW

The Second Sixth Year of Sirius Black--SEQUEL to The Portrait of Sirius Black - must read that first to understand/follow along! This story picks up from where TPOSB ended and takes us on the journey of the second half of Hermione's sixth year as she and Sirius adjust to the side effects of the incantation she performed to bring him back. While trying to dodge the endless questions of her peers, pass her classes, and spend time with the friends she's been neglecting, Hermione also learns there's something truly suspicious to Draco Malfoy's disappearances all year! Continuous, STILL UPDATING!

Prisoner 79934: Ginevra Weasley--What happened in the Chamber of Secrets was a secret, so of course, the entire school heard about it. Unfortunately, so did the rest of the Wizarding world, thanks to one Lucius Malfoy. Now Ginny Weasley has been dubbed the Heir of Slytherin and is imprisoned in Azkaban for her role in the horror unleashed on Hogwarts. As she learns what her new normal behind bars will be like, Ginny wishes and hopes for relief, and for release from her prison. But will it come from without or will it be in an unlikely relationship on the inside? Continuous, STILL UPDATING!

Bust It Wide Open--A fic exploring the Statute of Secrecy from the perspective of Squib Shelby Turner. Shelby grew up in a magical family alongside her cousin Rita Skeeter, and both girls took similar paths, albeit in different worlds. When Shelby returns home after becoming a successful journalist and finds that she's still living in Rita's storied and award-winning shadow, she decides to enlist her fiancé, Thad Flint, in a scheme to capture the greatest story of all time and share it with the world. Will she blow the biggest secret in history and expose the Wizarding world to Muggles? You'll have to read to find out. Oneshot

.O.O.O.O.O.O.O.O. Sorry for the general madness and length of my profile! Thanks for reading, if you did, though!O.O.O.O.O.O.O.O.O.O.O.

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