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Hey Everyone! this place is not new to me i've really known this place for 2 years now but i've never really thought of making storys on here well if you want to know about me Look Down Plz -

Age: 14

Gender: Male

What I Like:Anime,Manga,Books,Japanese Stuff,Japanese RAMAN!( that stuff rocks!),SkateBoarding,Swimming,Jumping on my trampoline,Staying overnight with friends, Friends staying over night,Having BBQ's,Having Party's and Watching over my 9 year old sister Jennifer( cause shes nice and doesn't throw Fits ),and going to HOLIDAY WORLD! ( that place is AWESOME we went there and stay'd at a Cabin It was very nice I met alot of People My age and at the Park we wouldn't shut up and we kept Jumping around It was so awesome!).

What I Dislike:Stupid People,Stupid Story's,People that don't do there HomeWork,People that dont like Anime and Manga,Storys that make no Sense,People that dont belive in demons( THERE REAL WE ALL KNOW IT!), and Preps.

What I look/Wear: I have Short Black Spikey Hair with Red streaks in it, Blue Eyes,I Always wear a Black Naruto shirt,Green Baggy Pants, I wear black sandles in Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter I wear Red Nike's, I always have one a Naruto Forhead protecter ( Sometimes Leaf But always Sand -), And i Always have on my Gaara Dog Tag ( my PenPal in Japan got it in 1999 and sent it to me the same week he got it for me I haven't taken it off since), and i Look alot like Ed from FMA but taller and cause i'm skiny ;.

About Me: I Love Anime And Manga,SkateBoarding,Swimming,and jumping on my trampoline , water Ski-ing when I go on Vacation when we go to A tropical place I always Bring my Surf Board, I'm Very smart i get Straight A's, I like to Read and Hang out with friends and every Saturday Night My friend stay over night and we all watch naruto we had the BEST! new years it was awesome I learnd how to Play "GO" and all that other stuff and We did alot of Japanese stuff but we mostly just Played Around and I got to drink Sake Japanese Sake it was good but I almost got drunk but luckly I didn't -, and i'm also Gothic.

Anime/Manga that I love:Naruto,FMA(FullMetal Alchemist),Blackcat,Alien VS Samuria,Yu Yu Hakusho,.Hack/Lengand of the Twilight Bracelet,Inuyasha,Shaman King,Hikaru no GO,DeathNote,Viewtiful Joe ( dont Ask ),Teen Titan's,Rave Master.

Favourite Anime/Manga Characters:Gaara,Hinata,Tsunade,Edward Elric,Alphonese Elric,Scar,Envy,Kagura(AVSS),Shugo,Sango,Kagura(Inuyasha),Kuruama,Sai,Akira,Hikaru,Horohoro,Ren,Jun,Yoh,L,Joe,Silvia,Raven,Haru,Elie,Plu.

~~~~~~~~~~Storys i'm Working on~~~~~~

Naruto Story's:

Drop's of Jupiter:She was Happy,He was Cold-hearted, She loved him, He hated her, now it's the other way around. Remaking in Progress

Konoha Hot Spring's: Tsunade send's everyone to Konoha's Best Hot Spring's,will Love Bloom,will Hatred Fallow, will Sasuke stop being such a jerk? who know's. Pairing's: NaruHina SasuSaku NejTen GaaLee TsuJira AsuKure Konohamaru/Jennifer(OC)GaiAlice(OC) KibaKage(OC) ShinoAkuta(OC) KishTema(OC) KankurouKane(OC) ShobetsuKazuma ( editing in proggress )

Inuyasha Story's:

You Said You Love'd Me:Inuyasha Goes to Kikyo...again...doesn't he know that it brake's Kagome's Heart?...What Happends when Kagome's PenPal from America come's to Tokyo to see her...will she pick Inuyasha or Kazuma? Kagome/OCInuyasha/Kikyo Sango/Miroku Kouga/Ayame WARNING! THERE WILL BE LEMONS IN LATER CHAPTERS!

FullMetal Alchemist Story's:

Love In the Office:Edward comes to see Roy his Secret Lover In his Office...and thing's get pretty Steamy. WARNING LEMON'S IN THIS STORY!

Zodiac Sign: Ram

Friend's: Jimmy: He has Black hair and Yellow eyes and hes a loner kinda he's usually very Quiet, Katty: shes nice and punk she loves to pull prank's on people theresnot alot to say about her she has red hair and blue eyes and shes Jimmys girlfriend, Akashi: shes nice when she want to but she likes to fight and shes also in my team and she has brown hair and green eyes, Jennifer: shes my sister shes also 9 years old but smart for her age she has brown hair with blue highlights she also has blue eyes, Alisha: my oldest sister shes 18 and Goth shes a tomboy just like Katty,Akashi and Jennifer she has green highlights in her black hair and has purpleish blueish colored eyes, Kasaki: Japanese boy hes a ninja and has black hair and brown eyes, Mason: Hes18 years old into anime and dates Alisha he has green eyes and red hair.

Friends on here: Tainted-timing, Sakura's Hope, Hinata's Dream.

Family: Little sister, Big Sister, Oldest Sister, Mom.

Notes to friends:

Sakura's Hope:

Sorry That I haven't been on my stupid laptop broke and I finally got it fixed and now i got it back! and the reason why I took off the Konoha springs fanficis becausei'm redoing it!

Hey I'm finally back and for good this time!

and i also have a girlfriend and shes on here her name is Tainted-timing!

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