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Author has written 4 stories for Game X-overs, Megami Tensei, and World Ends With You.

Hello, and Welcome to Me!

I'm not much of a writer. Although I enjoy it, I can only write a chapter before suffering heavy writers block. I enjoy giving reviews as well. I know that when I'm writing stories, reviews are what determine whether I continue or not.

Anyway, I like Original Flavor Fan-Fics the most. For those of you unaware what that is, it's when a Fan-Fic has a feeling (Or Flavor) similar to that of the original. I don't read many shipping fan-fics, unless it's a pairing I really like. Well, here is some personal information...

Some say that I'm a little soft when I'm reviewing stories. Sorry about that. But sometimes I misword a review and say something along the lines of 'You screwed up horribly and you should kill yourself'. (BTW, if you're reading this and it seems familiar, YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE. Sorry about that, I should apologize. But dude! She was going to shoot him!) Er.. Sorry. A little off subject here, aren't we?

Favorite Games

Shin Megami Tensei Series

The World Ends with You

Favorite Pairing

Seta Souji x Naoto (Persona 4)

I don't normally write romance-fics. My talents don't sway in that direction.

Fan-Fic Currently Working On:

The True Killer

Journey through the Afterlife

As far as my others thus far, they are dead, and, unless I decided to pick it up in the meantime, don't bother with them. Sorry. (>i~i)

Also, thanks to those contributing to my fan-fic "Journey through the Afterlife". My story needs reviews to live. While we are talking about that story, I'd like to apologize in advance if I kill off your OC. It won't be because I don't like you or your character (Unless it's a really, REALLY, bad character), I just like giving the readers the vibe that anyone in the story can be erased. Just remember that there is always next week!

Also, before anybody asks, YES, I view books, movies, shows, and games besides the two listed above. I just like reading those fan-fics the most.

So IRL I go by Kier. We'll be on a first name basis only because there is just something...unsettling...about using my full name.

More about me as a writer, I'm into epicness. I also dig cliches, sometimes. Somethings just don't die, like when a villain bursts into evil laughter. They're cliches because they're true, damnit.

In general, I write to fast. Not like theideathatIwriteinaveryfastmanorleavingmeunabletospeelcheckorputspacesbetweenmyletters kind of fast, but I tend to get rush events instead of savoring them. When you read actual books, you know that an author can spend a full chapter talking about how someone's eyes look weird or how they watch you in your sleep. But I can't milk that much. Actually, even worse, sometimes I DO milk over small fragments, and skip over important ones. For example, while the main subject of this section is about me personally, I spent a majority writing about this.

By the way, ignore the scary man in the picture. It's not a spoiler, he's just here for the cabbage.

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